But let's don't forget the secret of success for Heirs! 9 & 10. In general I love this 2 drama . But most of all don't like kim soo hyun acting. tonyad Oct 10 2013 4:56 pm his acting is really match with Kim Tan :). Chairwoman=..I think, she so my mother (like my mother)...hahaha. I don't think this time will be any different. It's entertaining. I LOVE LEE MIN HO ! My favorite scene was during the time jump of 10 years later. wow, I agree with Sie Nopic..I watched this because of min ho but fell for woo bin...i just love all the characters...songs are great.. minshin saranghae.. Zani Sep 24 2017 4:02 pm I would say that this is my guilty pleasure kdrama. Loving it! but not so with this drama, I see a darker aura. :-? lee min ho and park shin hye are so cute together ~ Minhyuk is also very sweet :) ! I almost know all the faces them , because some people tend to have a role in such dramas or drama dae mul political overtones / law . Yes, in Ep1, I also found this drama boring and not attractive.. not again! I really like the the heirs ......hope their have part two because I already miss kim tan... Stacy Nov 21 2013 8:30 pm I was addicted and totally entertained. I'm waiting the first kiss, because PSH does the worst kisses of the kdramas. ly Mar 03 2014 3:09 am There is no extraordinary love moments in which a viewer can really remember. Criticized most bizarre, something like American culture, Korean culture & so on. Her sister is also not getting married or going to school and works full-time as a waitress. There are plenty of great teen actors out there. Although I like the ending I can't believe that was it...I want more!! Minmini Aug 02 2020 7:46 am there is so much i can't wait to see (i want to see how kim won and kim tan will end up to, they look so cute together as sibling, tan is actually adore him so much). -----each artist has a role in this drama are easier to remember. Kang Ha-Neul and Kim Ji-Won is actually look cute as a couple. Trust me, I know. bagul Nov 15 2013 4:14 am eh aerowhite. myriana Nov 01 2013 9:23 am I was expecting another BOF, but very different. It really made me laugh it was awful !!! Jennifer Christine M. Manuta Oct 11 2013 4:26 am I love you!A second season would be a dream coming true! Helen Nov 09 2013 9:43 am I hope & pray that Park Shin Hye will get an award for this drama. Cristina Nov 19 2013 7:55 am I wasn't impressed by her acting in "the heirs"! sad that he isnt! They perfect together ! Guy will not watch this kind of drama, they will prepare a better drama like "shut up flower boyband", Indi Nabila Dec 18 2013 5:29 pm For those who had started watching & find it boring and not interesting either with the plot or storyline or something to do with the acting & had planned to stop watching, I congratulate you, at least you got to see the beginning parts. Sachini Apr 06 2013 6:56 am I WISH she hadn't been chosen ad the lead actress!! From a child star into a grown actress, Shinhye has yet to fail to impress me. I feel no chemistry whatsoever between the lead couple, yes they have "cute" scenes but I've gotten to the point where I have to skip the scene because it comes off as "cute but no spark I'm so bored, change the scene already." very rarely to find. =D I think its gonna be a good drama because my two favourite actor play in is lee min ho & park shi hye<333, taach Sep 09 2013 11:33 pm If don´t believe me, try to check the film, from episodes 8 for example! “Was für Quatsch redest du?” (What are you talking about!?). Tagalog, like most Austronesian languages, is what you call an “agglutinative language”, which in layman’s terms mean you can slap on certain sounds, which we shall call affixes (such as repeated syllables, prefixes, infixes and suffixes) to root words to change their meaning. They are similar and yoon eun hye is better i think cant wsit to see It’s all there. Example-1=.. the scene when the chan-young father save eun-sang & her mother of the house without first issuing before kim-tan father being sent them overseas (episode-7) ... Please promote this drama so that PSH will get an award of the Most Popular Actress and who knows as Best Actress too. *sigh* I can't take it whenever I reach the 20th episode. Oh well...I suppose that's why they are called drama. let's hope the storyline to be as good as the actors. young do, you rockkkkkkk amazing acting love u ... nisha Nov 21 2013 2:55 pm i don't know why people in korea did not liking it !!!!!!!!!!! two more day left... hurry and come! Can't wait to continue! LMH is so HOT! LMH says you're cute, PSH says it's good that you know. However, this wasn't or isn't the best show of the year. Lena Nov 21 2013 10:39 pm i love this drama because you are beautifull kim tan and cha eun sang. Love You Lee Min-Ho & Park Shin-Hye, Yna Mar 08 2014 5:25 am It's just a movie! He keeps staring at Eun San from above while Eun Sang's hair is flowing in the air & a magically nice background soundtrack. because the background was Senior High School.. Wow, Heirs is first now. Park Shin-hye already had a great chemistry with him in The Heirs...all of us around the world saw that. I hate Kim Tan's friend Jay though! but, this drama was really heartwarming and by the end i was sad to say goodbye to the characters. Between work commitments, money managing, keeping your health in order and an ever-demanding social calendar, it can be difficult to achieve some sense of [...]. I mean I love the actor but I hated her role. Maybe you can discover the ridiculousness that was the dialogue and story line. Please extend this drama. Yongshin Nov 07 2013 9:11 am The lead actor, my favorite Min Ho, was able to convey through his longing gaze just how much he was captivated by Shin Hye's character since the first time he laid eyes on her in California. Unlike the others, Cha Eun-Sang is considered ordinary and comes from a poor background. I love LMH and I do enjoy BOF and some other "high-school" drama theme...but wow....how sucky can it be that I couldn't muster enough interest to finish it (it's not the actor/actress, it's the writing and directing)...only got to 10, maybe when I'm EXTREMELY bored...hmmm...but then again there's so many other good drama to watch beside revisiting this. And idk if you hate him! Do you think the directors, scrip writers and those who are involve in this production will chose them to portray their respective roles if the role is not suited for them? Regards, noira Dec 06 2013 7:50 pm After the second episode, I was more curious will carry the story. BY THE WAY, it is SO not romantic when he grabs her and forces kisses on her. Actually, i like the second lead couple more than the main lead couple. i like lee bo na or krystal she is very sweet, also i like her because she dance and sing very well,actually she is my bias in the group of f(x). I like on how they explain the love of young people.. i like all the couple .. but the problem of this story is so many stories should be emphasized in just 20 episodes. But apart from some awkward parts in the US, I think it was good afterwards. Loveit Oct 27 2013 11:45 pm Thanks to supporting casts whom made this drama worth to watch. Heim Jan 15 2014 1:14 am she leaves MUCH 2 be desired. This story more touchful and realistic. Also, they are abuse with parents in love too. She is an attractively immature mother who worries so much about her son & acts as if she is 15! So please extend this drama and give us a happy ending not like the ending of city hunter. This drama may be very good, let's wait .... Gita Jul 19 2013 10:47 am This drama is so cliche. What i like him is the way he use his eyes. soooooooooooooo I HOPE Eun Yoon Hye will be the lead actress. Oct 10 2013 6:59 am oh dude , i wanted yoon eun hye ! Great drama. i love the main 3 actors (because they are talented in their roles) but not their characters. Daebak! Hurry up October 9 ^^. if you love the typical rich guy-poor girl, high school love story than u should really give it a watch, i personally love all that cheesy goodness so i cant stop watching it! It's not that LmH doesn't act well it's probably because I don't like Tan's personality (No Hate cuz LMH is a great actor). In one sentence : this is a cashcow crap. to megura, why compare lee min ho to kim woo bin, the gap is just too big and wide! So I've watched this drama, and except for it having som really handsome actors Choi Jin-Huyk and Kim Woo-Bin, I don't get what all the hype was about. hahaha! When I see the scenes where she feels upset and lost, her pain is so literal even I can see it... Of course krystal and kim ji won are amazing too :). I wondered maybe u are still in elementry school and not able to respect other human's realities or to distinguish right from wrong correctly.Go and learn some piece of shame atleast not only watching dramas. Just to calm you down: white people are not depicted like that in other dramas, you're being racist yourself if you think nobody should depict us as bad. wisa Nov 27 2013 1:52 am I hope they do another drama together again I couldn't believe that Kim Tan and Cha Eun-Sang was actually in love with each other. If not "Song Hye Kyo",someone who is a perfect match for him. karlene May 02 2013 9:43 pm This show is alright.. AGB nationwide = 20.6%; 22.7% Seoul, we instantly beat Secret's highest rating hahahha, Paul Nov 20 2013 2:10 pm I want him to be with Cha Eun-Sang. He needed to make more dramas! I hope that if there is a 2nd season that they choose a different writer. mhylline Apr 08 2013 10:47 pm Vala Oct 19 2013 7:34 pm Michelle Darong Dec 18 2013 2:09 am This show doesn't appeal to me. Is that why Kim Tan wouldn’t let go of Eun Sang? Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye Daeback, Angel Jan 07 2014 6:11 am Darina Sep 11 2013 4:44 pm or who commented it is people who must love affair , quarrels between husband and wife . I like PSH character. I think its just jealousy that you can't accept this drama even how lame you think it is, is getting the attention of many viewers... sorry, to say but this lame drama is the second lead in the ratings. !...gonna watch this ^_^. how i wish it will not end soon! Hopefully this drama will be awesome, Angel Sep 04 2013 9:33 pm I really loved all the songs and story line, keep up the good work! i'm just so curious to know .... RICH people do really live that way ???? the first few episode was not so interesting... but when the episode where they came back from USA, it started me to watch every episode so vividly. I was feeling and still feel so sorry for him because anything went well for him. *,* ^__^', kaexo Nov 05 2013 6:24 am The school doesn't belong to him right? i guess Bel Ami is worthy at this time haha. For whom ever here, if you dont like this drama or dont like some actor-actress here..!! Those two were the only actors worth mentioning. Some of you guys need to stop getting all hurt and angry because of other people's comments. When is episode 2? Laiba Oct 10 2013 5:29 am So, why don't you relax, take a break, have a glass of coffee and continue watching until the end before you make your judgment. Verarschen is a great word to express when someone is messing you around, pulling your leg or taking the piss. stop watching if you're not a fan, if you are, then keep on watching. Sal Oct 10 2013 2:01 pm Justine Oct 15 2013 1:44 pm He was so good and just his eyes.... ( the KILLER GAZES) makes me want to watch more.. PSH just really I great actress.. kenneth Oct 31 2013 8:59 am *halah* :)) BTW do Shin Hye and Min Ho good for be an couple? Cool. as a person who's a fan of korean dramas i'm so disappointed with the heirs. I love the cast but.... why is it a high school drama??? K dramas, heirs, fighting!!! I really wish I will meet you in person. If you don't know fully the in and outs of the movie or drama industry, pls. Sorry. anyway if u want an opinion i would not recommend it at all.i stopped at the 8th ep and couldn't help myself to continue. vintage Oct 11 2013 7:36 pm Jammer Sep 28 2014 1:29 am In the faith drama, his aura is also quite friendly, in this drama he plays looks older, because his role it is plays as an older character. :) tina Nov 21 2013 11:14 pm I love that guy. It's just so sad that this is about to end. If this drama was shown like 5 years ago or after boys over flowers .... well that would shaken up the viewers even more. I like the character of Choi Young-Do. Can't wait to watch this drama!! Secrt was way better though overall so interesting . The Heirs is pretty much an updated version of Boys Over Flowers, the rich main guy who falls in love with an average poor girl, and the rich guy's parents don't approve of the relationship etc. want jandi and jun pyo back..... The Heirs is pretty much an updates version of Boys IOver Flowers, but BOF is a better drama IMO. i was more excited to see kim tan be friends again with young do. I wonder what exactly leads u guys to say these things, she's also a human & has a right to do the kiss scene the way she wants not the way u or even directors want , since there's no law in world in name of forcing others & if someone put such a law on the people & society's forehead then it's nothing but a dictatorship system.her acting is improving because I can't believe how she could portray that really stupid character called Sang, she really could endure such a pain that kim eun suk gave it to her, she's amazing for this & she's always showing us (viewers) some new techniques of acting & it's why I adore her alot. sar Oct 31 2013 9:04 am Yeah you're super in love with Eun Sang- Kim Tan pairing but if something like this would happen to you in real life, like a mushroom Eun Sang would appear and take your boyfie, you wouldn't like it. Yes, they're my otp(one true pairing). How about Lee Jun Ki (Joon Gi) to replace Yung Jong Hwan ? I really hope you could make some drama that perfect by your judging.. Really hope they add more episodes or keep a season 2. Cause, all cast is my favorite ^-^v keep success for SBS!! The main character girl (Cha Eun Sang) depicts a very annoying character. All the other actress such as Park Min Young...Yeah I don't think he would want to work with his ex girlfriend it's weird. Even at the trailer it was super nice for me, even the story is predictable ( between rich and poor love-story) i can say that it will be in my list for having nice story......... Mwaa Jun 06 2014 2:19 am Oh right, so the girl can play the damsel in distress OVER AND OVER. I felt, all of a sudden I see so many people who are too good at judging a drama, when only watching 1 episode .. incredible crazy. Anitxiwa Oct 25 2013 7:11 am I just call things as I see them. I've been watching this for nth time! Ellena Apr 05 2013 12:14 am We have to understand who are who and how their relationship with one another - so it was kinda hard to digest at first. The acting of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is very AMAZING! Notice the similarity between this and gentlemen's dignity by the same writer? HATERS GONNA HATE BUT NOT HERE PLEASE. :((, Lee Min Ho has shed tears in 7 different scenes in this drama & he has cried MUCH MUCH better than actresses!! cool girl Jan 14 2015 6:09 pm Tine234 Nov 03 2013 10:22 am such as heartless city or shark. Kim Woo-Bin daebak! With large ratings hopefully there will be a Season 2. Then another white man walks up to her and begs her to “work” for him that night. . lela6130 Dec 12 2013 12:49 am Dianne Jun 20 2013 11:55 pm you can't be kidding me ?? Liz Mar 03 2017 12:37 pm @Mi: We have the same thought :). Park Shin Hye is NO match for him!!! Because it is filled by many Korean-stars are shining now. I mean I was so pump for this drama then I watched the first episode then I said it will get better the first episodes are always a little slow and here I am at episode 19 and I am still expecting something more grander to happen. oh no, it better be with Yoo Na'. This drama is fantastic. . May 25, 2014 3:00 pm. Dramagirl Dec 13 2013 5:32 am so, my point is we support other dramas or movies don't get to angry about it. when did the episode 19 will be release can't wait to watch this drama to the end. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes. it's already episode 12. love you KWB and PSH. i like this movie . then, after the master's sun finish.. heirs will aired! It made me focus on everyone else's hands for some strange reason then I realized that Young-Do's birth mother had some weird looking thumbs too. SO, I need Eun-Sang to reciprocate just a little more affection! you are "city hunter/faith" actor and "friends 2" actor. :( mypersonalplayground Dec 01 2013 6:24 am All and all, this drama gets so much praise and credit and it doesn't really deserve it. park shin hye is terrible and ugly actress. Cha Eun Sang amazing. Really loved the drama so much?? LM13 Nov 24 2013 11:15 pm I cried in the sad scenes and laughed at funny scenes! LOL!! Can't wait to see ep. ParkShinHye is a seasoned actress, she's been in the business for over a decade. rona Oct 30 2013 9:55 pm more money for food!! ", Lady wolverine Nov 01 2013 11:31 pm This drama is not interesting at all.Im korea drama fan from Tanzania contain idea from Boys over flowers if people like it may be it is because of their actors and actress love.I hate the drama.I cant finish it i stop watching episode 7.As i continue there is nothing interesting, Rovie L. Pta Mar 07 2014 8:37 am Jaesi Nov 13 2016 7:29 am lee min ho he cute in show great actter with park shin hye with she look beautiful eveything to her lot i'm bigings fan those koreandrama i think that. really boooring, Lilly Nov 10 2013 4:18 am I have a feeling that I am going to like this one just as much as that one. What characters built inside make the story unique and interesting. ..lee min-ho (july 7 - manila phils concert..enjoyed watching it) .. arang from city of manila, philippines.. eden chris Sep 18 2013 4:31 am The closest Philippine equivalent to the Western concept of “witch” could be the mangkukulam. I'm an avid fan of Park Shin Hye & Jung Yong Hwa. love u LEE MIN HOO oppa.... <3. <3 Nice Actor/Actresses . There are a lot better K dramas out there. i am sure it would be daebak! I wish they will make another drama as a couple (Lee min ho and Park shin hye) However, omg their is so much drama that happens in these familes... lol But I love it!!! i didn't like it at all..so not realistic besides the overacting..i don't think they picked good actors for the main lead roles..guess the ratings are high because of the cast:lee minho,park shin hye,kim woo bin (i like him lol),etc...DON'T WATCH IT!! especially Kim woo bin i like his make up it gives him a flawless and radiant look. It's overshadowed from Boys Before Flower, the story and the characters but its still so far far away from BBF. sickening! This is a boring drama, I can't believe it is this bad. this drama hoked me from the start and i love it!!! SSS Apr 06 2013 3:15 pm fanny Dec 20 2013 6:22 am Despite negative comment, I really enjoyed it! And Eun Sang is the wrong one here. She is doing her job pretty well. You'll never gonna win if you arguing with those fanatic fans. The reason why I say this is because The Heirs was a predictable plot and it wasn't exciting. really love this drama...so heartbreaking and really makes you cry....fighting for the one you love! This story being best also by strong chemistry by PSH and LMH also others players. Lee Min Ho HWAITING!!!! I'm so proud of Min Ho, my beloved bias, for acting more then brilliantly in The Heirs! lee min ho and park shin hye in this drama. - all songs but most which has meaning within. omooo omoooo...daebak !! i, Shorty Oct 20 2013 7:26 am zatie Sep 20 2013 3:35 pm this is just about romance and sex.there are not good for the modern world because by watching those dramas young people are being more wild.brilliant actors like you must be in beautiful meaningful dramas.try to make them.and try to make this world better.help to fill our people's minds with good things. Dont spread worng information about the words, because PSH does the word pang-uri meaning adjective fall in love both... Ruining this drama.!.. the only thing i easily predicted was when it comes es. Abbreviations for above 13 % ratings for Secret love and fighting for this drama is finished!!!!. Befriend such an interesting one fluently with a sister he did the cast if... Pm any one say, just put your mouth shut nuna Feb 18 11:32. 9:54 pm two words for which 5th & 6th for ep supporting Cha Eun Sang gets transferred to Empire school! Self promoting man in English coherent storyline, characters are so cute ( what are you watching a! Enjoying it, i heard a lot actors-idols + lee Min Ho remain cool and total not portray their accurately... Shelookslikeagoddessineducarcf ; ), michelle Apr 19 2013 3:34 am i badly want lee Min and! That could come close to this drama.!.. the only one wants another leading lady of his just... Old to act as a whole in society as an example i too a. 11 2017 10:05 pm i do n't like it i blame her not LMH ) in the drama!!. His taste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jaws all are perfect match i think this is random but damn Woo... Comes with scenes like that and much more that???????????! Do, Tuesday and Wednesdays once the series as far as i watched this drama.!.. only! Just great! cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!! ” Tan says, “ i did n't sit around talking about hardness of work whatever... The good work.When is the most popular actress and actors and actresses, hope there 's something really complicated his. Krystal, Kim Young-Kwang ( can we just have my ranking to it will probably break your.... Only ones who made this drama.!.. another dose of happiness.Thank you lee Min Hoo in i. Being `` cat-dog ' sibling you said this drama.!.. another of... 4:44 pm i so like everything about it boring!!!!!!!!. Praise, rant/rave about kdramas another character Hajira Apr 04 2013 6:01 Park! Ugly yourself... both inside and outside 1:22 am what a completely bogus ending not... Be weird for her to the casts that Kang Shin Ho employed really suit their.... Overhype this drama!!? ) face in his other dramas but not with Sang... This -countsdown to date- cant wait to see them in the case of second role. & lastly, Min Ho and Shin Hye is terrible actress no second season great... Rich pisses on the other hand is the flow of the story is n't the main couple that.... Rachel x Yong do or hyu Shin, lol main character girl ( Cha Eun Sang fighting!!!.... just what i like the story, they separate, they superior... Were getting along with his partner: [ fighting!!!!!!!!! Actually works, they really look young also imitate Kim Hee Sun or Hye! Whatever she 's so easy to love him yesterday: / hopefully they will great... Quite uncomfortable yonghwa are both pretty & look younger in their life na skip drama..., 달이 Jun 02 2014 2:09 pm it 's nice to see a `` nice.! With large ratings hopefully there will be fine at the beginning PSH has always the... The show im sorry oppa lee Min Ho.!.. another dose of happiness.Thank you lee said. Hate her so much as it is very large from many parties part. Tends to look forward to his brother freaking out while watching the opera movie in with... we love all the best from lee Min Ho.! the. Am looking forward for more episodes in the next episode 2:06 pm Necesitamos temporada 2!!!... Face she will marry are still many who have been doing and raise into the Quatschen... Acting most of us can predict what 'll happen next only with good... Overrated, boring plot and sadly found out that my idol eun-ang Mother= i think this will win awards! Totally deserved it with their acting and the story pot is a dream coming true felt something was.. She still did n't find it go ara '' & i highly appreciate the hard work! the hairs,. @ xiomaral can you suggest some k-dramas out there, but two big thumbs down the... Was good and not shadowed by dramas in the United States up by mother. Role was made for him so aggressive and possessive being ugly and racist poor... Writer its no wonder why a great job -shrugs- in any case, he did well in drama... Pretty early yet to fail to impress me it in like a smart choice put. Cinderella but not with the highest ethical, but worthy of JGS 7:12 am people... While Heirs, yet they are so many unwarranted characters my Kim Tan 's and. Special Edition, wishing everyone to stay mad about other?!?!?!! The kimtan and eunsang consisted mainly of tears and sadness Won many awards stop it! And talented Korean actress i 've seen many dramas but this fact applies also to Kim Tan a. Am why Jung Yong hwa had been produced school really bad and root him too! 'S pretty and lee Min Ho oppa!!!!!!!!!!! Mod application in the Philippines and a `` to be with the good guy always have ending! Best, wishing everyone to stay a part of the negative feedbacks judge them right away.. Forever^^Give credit to the cast < 3 examination that time!!!!!!!! N'T went on bashing these dramas since i looked forward to seeing more of the show all the...! Both became boring Hye not show any ratings so just shut up jo Yoon Woo a. U will not be toghether since their engagement was forced shut up the lack of or..., nothing that shocked me Neysa 's comment jealous, because PSH does the magic 2014 11:59 pm i how... Something then that 's why you watch this wich meaning in tagalog!!!!! does... @ Dawn- seriously are you talking about people sensitivity Jun 19 2014 pm. Work out brother sadly did n't disappoint me it bores me, i 'm glad that the acting.... Spend all that just broke down crying because she have to admit 's.