("Jughead"), In Ben's case, Richard determined that he might be leadership material when young Ben told him in 1973 that he had seen visions of his dead mother. They applied as the “St. He was unable to talk to Jacob, but still tried his best to carry out his orders, which he received from Richard. It features a foreword by Diane Disney Miller, who praises the writing as “honest, and well written…so authentic, so true to my dad’s spirit, so unprejudiced and non-judgmental that as I read it I could see the twinkle in dad’s eye, hear his laugh.”. ("The Brig")  ("Greatest Hits"). Juliet was left behind. During World War I, Walt drew patriotic cartoons for his high school newspaper. ("LaFleur") A security team, headed by Sawyer (known to DHARMA Initiative members as Jim LaFleur), was present on the Island. Hugo ReyespreviouslyJacobJohn LockeBen LinusCharles WidmoreEloise HawkingRichard Alpert ("Not in Portland")  ("One of Us") Finally, some survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 have been abducted or joined willingly, such as Cindy and Locke (It remains unclear whether or not Cindy joined the Others on her accord). Johns Brothers,” and were rejected, so the boys planned to sneak  away to and sign up. Horace Goodspeed, a DHARMA mathematician and leader of DHARMA Initiative on the Island, admitted in 1973 that the Initiative was not "exactly sure" who the Others were. Then he finally reported and he came to find me. Stay informed: Sign up to receive the latest news from The Walt Disney Family Museum, including updates about upcoming programs, workshops, special events, and more. The Leader of the Others is the second-most-powerful individual within the hierarchy of the Others. ("Enter 77"), In late 1973, Ben ventured into the jungle and encountered Richard Alpert. The Others have committed a large number of assaults during confrontations. He said, 'Have you court-martialed the helper?' When Locke got there, he was greeted by Richard, who told him, "Welcome home.". Walt Whitman was born on May 31, 1819, in West Hills, on Long Island, New York. ("The Incident, Part 2") ("Ab Aeterno") The producers of Lost have compared the relationship between Richard and the Leader of the Others to that between the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama. they must all begin with a thought. Rousseau claimed that while they were coming back from exploring the Black Rock, her group met the Others, who Danielle identified as "the carriers" of the sickness, even though she later stated that she had never seen other people on the Island. Ben's term as the leader came sometime after the Purge, when he ousted and banished previous leader Charles Widmore. He realizes that Walt did care for Jesse after all, even though Jesse was may a time an unwilling part of Walt's plan. Jim will be hosting a special presentation at The Walt Disney Family Museum on July 23. He inherited his authority from Eloise Hawking when she left the Island, although Richard Alpert did not "answer to either of them". ("Sundown") Later, those of the Others who chose to follow The Man in Black were mostly killed by Widmore's mortar attack; the survivors of this event went into hiding in the jungle. Walt, born August 24, 1994, is the 10-year-old son of Michael Dawson and Susan Lloyd, a law student. Furthermore, former members such as Juliet were recruited from the outside world to live on the Island and aid the Others in their research. The vessel, after capturing the transmission of the DHARMA radio tower broadcasting the numbers, had changed course to investigate. They actively recruit people from the outside world to join them on the Island (Dr. Juliet Burke, for example), and, by 2004, very few of their members had been born on the Island due the deaths of their pregnant women from an as-yet uncured medical affliction that plagued the Others some time after 1977. Ben gave Locke an ultimatum that he would only be able to continue following the Others if he presented them with his father's dead body. Also, leaders who fail to obey a specific set of rules (the exact nature of which is unknown) can be exiled from the Island, as was the case with Widmore and later Ben. The Others have committed a number of murders, including the killing of 17 members of the United States military in the 1950s (an 18th was killed by radiation poisoning), when Goodwin killed Nathan in "The Other 48 Days", when Ethan murdered Scott in "Homecoming", when Mikhail murdered Bonnie and Greta (as well as causing Charlie to drown) in "Through the Looking Glass, Part 1", and the mass murder of the DHARMA Initiative personnel. One of the most successful people that we all know and love is none other than Walt Disney. Walt gained quite a reputation as a top tour guide. While the other young man obtained German helmets, Walt used his artistic skill to transform them into very rare German sniper helmets by painting the elaborate camouflage, his friend then made them look battle scarred with quick drying shellac, some paint, and by banging them up, shooting a bullet hole into them, and attaching hair and dried blood. Instead, at Richard's advice, Locke had Sawyer kill Cooper instead. They had both communication with the outside world (via the Flame) and regular supply dispatches and transport to the outside world (via the Galaga); however, both of these were destroyed by John Locke in Season 3. Halfway through making Snow White, Disney ran out of money to finish the film that was termed “Disney’s Folly.” Even his own family begged him to give it up, but Disney was undeterred. Biography Early life: 1901–1920. Of all the job options Walt Disney World has to offer, I believe there is something to fit everyone. The episode took place outside the sonar fence surrounding the Barracks, and would have ended in Amy's capture (and possible death) had not a time-traveling Sawyer and Juliet intervened, killing the two Others and rescuing her. This includes murder, kidnapping, assault and imprisonment. ("Jughead") Later, Richard became convinced that Locke really was "special" after all, partially because of Jack's persuasion. Mechanics of the Yellow Cab Company taught them how to repair motors, assemble and disassemble cars, and drive vehicles over rough terrain for two weeks, and then the boys got two weeks of rough military drills. ("The Man Behind the Curtain") ("Confirmed Dead") It is unknown by which term, if any, the Others refer to themselves; Ben has referred to his group as "the good guys" and "the Island's original inhabitants". The issue of Island pregnancy was also pushed forward by Ben, who used Juliet to infiltrate the beach camp to report back if any of the women besides Sun were also expecting. If the broadcast of the miracle would draw people in to hear His teaching, all to the good. Some prominent Others under Ben were displeased with his leadership. First, Walt was billeted in a chateau in St. Cyr that was so dank and chilly he wrapped himself in newspapers before going to sleep. After Sayid killed Dogen, thus allowing the Man in Black to enter the Temple in his monster form, and then Lennon, while the remaining Others were killed by the MiB in his smoke form. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), Regardless of the initial relationship the DHARMA Initiative had with the Others, the situation rapidly deteriorated into military conflict, and the Others became known to the DHARMA Initiative personnel as the "Hostiles". ("The Variable"), On November 17th, 1988, a 7-months pregnant Danielle Rousseau, along with the other five members of her science expedition, shipwrecked onto the Island. This may help you start laying the foundations on which you are going to build your dreams. The Others weren't the first people that Jacob brought to the Island, but none before survived due to Jacob's lack of guidance, getting into conflicts with each other, and the Man in Black killing them. Widmore was able to flee, allowing Locke to follow him to the the Army camp. Under Ben's directives, they established themselves at the Barracks, living in the suburban-like houses previously occupied by the DHARMA employees, with hot water, electricity, and other modern conveniences. An influenza epidemic struck Chicago and Walt became so sick he was released to go home so his parents could take care of him, since so many people going to the hospitals were dying. The Others made extensive use of DHARMA facilities, and have an understanding of their operation and purpose, but it is unclear whether they are continuing any of the DHARMA Initiative's research. One of Alpert's notes, "Our willingness to allow your presence should not be mistaken as continued opportunities for diplomacy," indicates that in Alpert's view, the Others were in a position of power over the DHARMA Initiative. Making lists. However, after Ben expressed his hate for the Initiative and his desire to join the Hostiles, Richard explained that it might be possible, but cautioned that he would "have to be very, very patient". On September 22nd, 2004, Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the Island. Answer by Eileen Kim, hooked on Breaking Bad since 2008. Rousseau had only been with the child, Alex, for only one week when she saw a pillar of black smoke 5 kilometers inland. ("Jughead"), In the early 1970s, the DHARMA Initiative established itself on the Island, where "properties… that exist nowhere else on Earth" (Barracks video) were studied in an attempt to change the core values of the Valenzetti equation. However, the leader must always answer to Jacob. For instance, Alex was kidnapped as a baby from Danielle, as was Claire whom they wanted for her baby. In addition, the survivors discovered how the Others had obtained information on them through the use of the Flame station, and slowly the omnipotence surrounding the Others and Ben was shattered, particularly with the deaths of a number of Others at the survivors' hands, casting doubt on Ben's ability to lead in light of John Locke's ability to also communicate with Jacob. Ben entered Rousseau's tent while she was sleeping and discovered Alex. Walt was number 50 and was shipped out. It is as the Law of Attractionteaches us, where our mind goes our reality follows. I was the driver and I had a helper. They decided south east was the way to go. However, most legends have some basis in fact, and here is the true story as told by Walt himself: “It was in February…they sent me with a white truck. Indeed, in an US Weekly interview in the June 12, 2006 issue, Lost writer Damon Lindelof was asked what it means that the Others are good guys, and he replied with a question: "Who has killed more people since they went to the Island, our guys or the Others?". Mikhail Bakunin, an Other, would later affirm that the Initiative "foolishly initiated a war against the Hostiles". Why doesn't Walt take the money of Elliott in the first place? In his dying words, Faraday claimed to be Eloise's son and accused her of sending him to the Island knowing she would kill him. "Solitary" Ben acknowledged that "no one else [from the Others] has ever seen [Jacob]" and initially claimed that he was "the only one who talks to him", ("The Man Behind the Curtain") although he later admitted that he had never seen Jacob, instead receiving his instructions through Richard Alpert. They said, 'Yes.' Even though Danielle arrived on the Island in 1988, four years before the collapse of the Initiative, it appears that she did not meet any DHARMA personnel. Over time, Ben fell out of favor with Jacob and became convinced that his duty was to move the Island, however, he was intern exiled. As of 2007, there is no known true Leader of the Others, and it is unclear, due to the high casualty rate of The War, whether the Others as a society continue to exist. https://lostpedia.fandom.com/wiki/The_Others?oldid=1120856, Ben was a ruthless and manipulative Leader, although he claimed that everything he did was for the benefit of the Island. Finally, Walt was forcibly abducted, though was returned to Michael as part of the deal to get Jack, Kate and Sawyer. The Vault of Walt is both a valuable supplement to any Disney fan’s personal library and an entertaining introduction to the many worlds of Walt. According to Richard, only one leader of the Others is appointed at a time, and this person must undergo numerous tests to get the position. The Others responded enthusiastically to this new approach. The Others have access to a variety of weapons, including firearms, tasers, explosives, bolas, and U.S. army knives. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), In 1974, the truce was threatened when a conflict involving two members of the Others and a husband and wife pair of DHARMA Initiative members, Amy and Paul, resulted in the death of the latter. Walter Elias Disney Founder of Walt Disney Co. It should also be noted that Ben claimed Widmore had never seen Jacob either, implying the two of them could have been part of a long line of leaders who had never met Jacob during their reign, or even that no leader had ever met him. The Hostiles He was also able to move hostages to different areas of the house including the kitchen. “I resent the limitations of my own imagination.” Every action, every fulfilled dream, and every pursued passion. So, my personal theory is that the Others took Walt because he was on Jacob’s candidate list, but Ben’s plans for Walt changed when they figured out just how “special” he was. However, Sawyer explained his actions to Richard and proved that he was not a member of the DHARMA Initiative. One of the last things Walt did before he left Paris to return home was to get a photograph taken of himself in his khaki uniform. To Neal Gabler, author of Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, and a consultant to Walt Disney, an NEH-funded film airing on PBS on September 14 and 15, Disney was a “driven, creative, self-absorbed, perfectionist visionary.” But there’s certainly a long history between Walt and Vic that’s getting harder and harder to ignore. The Man in Black would later express doubts as to whether this move was something the Island would want. While en route, Locke quietly convinced Ben to kill Jacob, a deed Ben had not actually decided to go through with until he arrived. ("The New Man in Charge"), The DHARMA Initiative took several measures to protect its workers from the Hostiles. [Laughs] There were only two! Finally, the Others also seem to follow rules of punishment similar to "an eye for an eye", according to what was said on Hydra Island. Richard then asked Locke to choose the object that "already belong[ed] to [him]". On the other hand, someone much closer to Walt Disney, his daughter, Diane wrote in 1972: “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that my father, Walt Disney, wished to be frozen. ("The Other 48 Days") ("Jughead") The text of the Truce referred to them as the indigenous island inhabitants. It's not certain whether they reached it before Man in Black's arrival, but it's assumed they actually did. It depended on the situation. Walt’s other two older brothers, Ray and Herbert, served in the Army, in the newly-formed American Expeditionary Corps. Walt was also held captive and made to take tests before Michael arranged for his release, during which time he himself was imprisoned. Richard asks what he would get in return, and when Jacob told him that he couldn't revive Richard's wife, Isabella, or absolve him of his sins to save him from hell, then asks Jacob if he could make sure he would never die, and Jacob touches him and says that he can give him that. He created a cartoon character of a “doughboy” and drew it on the canvas sides of the ambulances. just still a bit confused on how walt and jesse … Favourite answer. Walt and his associates considered Niagara Falls, but ultimately nixed it because the frigid winters would prevent them from staying open year-round. Purpose The Man in Black said that the Others thought their purpose was to protect the island from him. Jacob is the only individual on the Island who carries more authority than the Leader. The Arrow, a DHARMA Initiative station whose primary purpose was "to develop defensive strategies and gather intelligence on the island's hostile indigenous population", had members with "a specific area of expertise". Tom indicates the game room where Kate is held and speaks to Jack is under surveillance. Then jesse backed him into a corner, and Walt decided to kill him painlessly using the nazis. Please see our Visitor Update page. According to Jacob, it is the Man in Black's belief that all people are inherently corruptible, whereas Jacob wished to show him that people could know the difference between right and wrong without his interference. By the time Walt recovered, his unit had sailed without him, so he joined another company awaiting transport to France. When Locke attempted to join the Others, Ben told him that people who wanted to be part of them needed to show their commitment--in Locke's case, by killing his father, Anthony Cooper. ("Dead Is Dead"), It was around this time that Benjamin Linus, a DHARMA Initiative workman who had defected to the Others and supported them in their purge of the Initiative's personnel, emerged as new leaders of the newly formed Others, replacing Charles Widmore by establishing some sort of communion with Jacob. First According to Benjamin Linus, the leader still has to answer to Jacob. A white truck loaded with beans and sugar to the devastated area in Soissons. He had spent roughly a year in France. Jacob was a major force in determining the Others' purpose, and they treated him with an almost religious attitude. Ben was shown to also have some degree of control over the Monster, summoning it after Alex was murdered. They burn the bodies of their dead, and send them out to sea. Meanwhile, research on toxic gas was conducted at the Tempest, but the nature and ultimate aim of those experiments is currently unknown, except the fact that Goodwin Stanhope, while working there, confesses that "[Ben] has [him] working with chemicals that could kill every man, woman and child on this island." They kidnapped Sawyer … Finally, Jesus did not want people focusing on the miracles He performed, but rather the message He proclaimed and the death He was going to die. ("Whatever Happened, Happened") Richard's involvement with the leader-selection process also gives him a measure of control over the Island's leadership, even when he himself is not the leader. Walt earned extra money by teaming up with another young soldier who had created a sideline enterprise of selling souvenirs to homeward bound soldiers. The Initiative violated the truce by building the Swan and the Orchid, both of which involved significant drilling, while the Swan was built in Hostile territory. In doing this, Ben went to the Orchid station and turned a frozen wheel, which resulted in the Island physically disappearing. Walt Disney was born on December 5, 1901, at 1249 Tripp Avenue, in Chicago's Hermosa neighborhood. Afterward they would be put in Room 23 to have the memory of their capture erased. The Others also permanently occupied various DHARMA Initiative stations. When Richard answered correctly, they emptied the crate, revealing the corpse of the real John Locke. It is uncertain if the Others continued, altered or abandoned the research of the Initiative, although Ben later referred to all DHARMA Initiative experiments as "silly". Much of Ben's actions were done in the name of the Island, and indeed he and Locke followed orders by Jacob, who seems connected to the Island itself. His achievements in the world of animation garnered him multiple awards and international fame. The letter also "instruct[ed] the DHARMA Initiative and the indigenous inhabitants to create security teams." Karl commented that "we give them a better life". After Jacob's death and the revelation of "Locke's" true identity, the group of Others, previously led by Richard, who was later kidnapped by Man in Black, left the Statue of Tawaret and went to the Temple. While waiting for that unit to be shipped out, the war ended—but they decided to ship out 50 men the following day to aid in the occupation. In 1867 however, Richard Alpert arrived to the Island on the Black Rock and, in exchange for the gift of agelessness, agreed to act as an intermediary between Jacob and the people he would bring to the Island. ("The Last Recruit") The fate of these last few Others is not revealed, but it can be assumed that they eventually came under the leadership of Hugo Reyes and possibly the guidance of Benjamin Linus (a la Richard before him) after Reyes assumed the leadership of the Island. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"). Jacob says he wants people to know the difference between right and wrong without being told. Well, I went out of Paris and it started to snow. ("Dead Is Dead"), The Others did not form a pure society. The truce was brought into effect by the Letter of Truce, written by Horace Goodspeed and amended by Richard Alpert, which stipulated that "the DHARMA Initiative and the indigenous island inhabitants, desiring to bring about cessation of hostilities on the island, [...] call upon all authorities and leaders concerned to order a cessation of all actions of armed force in perpetuity going forward from this date." He was taken to the bomb by Eloise, and urged her to bury it, revealing he was from the future and explaining that the Island would be unscathed 50 years later. (Access: Granted) Karl and Alex, two young rebel Others and lovers, went against the Others' way of life and teachings. And Walt had to ensure that there is no one threatning his family after he is gone. - Sayid, The ultimate aims of the Others were among the most integral mysteries of the show. ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") Before his departure, Ben told Widmore that he was banished because he had "brok[en] the rules", leaving the Island regularly and having a child with an "outsider". This helper got into Paris and went out that night before he reported to the headquarters…and got drunk and he was drunk for two days. There seems to be extensive audio and video surveillance in certain areas of the Barracks where the Others live. The short answer is that Walt was never in the military, so he couldn’t be discharged—either honorably or dishonorably. ", With Walt's kidnapping and the merging of the mid-section and tail-section camps, the survivors were now united against the threat posed by the Others. (LaFleur-Enhanced transcript)  ("Jughead") They also speak various languages with each other, including Latin and Russian, to keep from being understood by foreigners. Karl was also made to undergo a psychological method of punishment similar to brainwashing in Room 23 at the Hydra. One of the many urban legends that surrounded Walt after his death was that he was dishonorably discharged. ("The Man Behind the Curtain"), The earliest known battle occurred in 1973, when the Hostiles attacked the Barracks. Roger Linus, a DHARMA workman who was driving back from the Flame during the attack, claimed that he heard a "huge explosion" and drove through the middle of a "shootout". ("Abandoned")  ("The Man Behind the Curtain"). ("Raised by Another") At the tail-section camp, however, Goodwin was much more successful, and over a dozen survivors were taken in total. In an attempt to ease Richard's reluctance to believe his time-traveling story, Locke suggested that, two years from now, Richard should leave the Island and witness Locke's birth (which he did ("Cabin Fever")). God would rather that we be focused on the healing miracle of salvation through Jesus Christ instead of focusing on other healings and/or miracles. Throughout the third season, it was revealed that the pregnancy problems on the island were a major factor in several of the actions undertaken by the Others, such as: However, it is likely that this is merely a means to ensure their continued survival as a group on the island, for the completion of their greater objectives. After Locke returned to the Others with Cooper's body, they took him much more seriously, and not long after that, Locke became their next leader. They have various means of off-Island transportation, including a submarine (taken from the DHARMA Initiative), a yacht, a motor boat which they gave to Michael, and Desmond's sailboat (which they took from the survivors). Prior to Ben's term, the leadership of the Others seemed to be shared between Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking, who had a "complicated" love life together. Ben's house did not seem to be monitored. For some time, the people Jacob brought to the Island were simply killed by the Man in Black or each other, without Jacob stepping in. The full extent of the monitoring at the Barracks is not known. ("Left Behind"). Walt spoke only positively of his time in France and told his daughter Diane: “The things I did during those eleven months I was overseas added up to a lifetime of experience. After her team was gone, Rousseau went back up to the radio tower and changed the transmission, broadcasting a distress signal. They came here seeking harmony, but they couldn't even coexist with the Island's original inhabitants." To protect the Island against any threat at all costs, and to disprove the Man in Black's ideology. Richard Alpert, leader of the Others at the time, claimed to have given the soldiers "the opportunity to leave the island peacefully", but his proposition was rejected. I know being on my own at an early age has made me more self-reliant…”. This led to immediate conflict between the Others and the remaining survivors, and when a group of mid-section survivors set sail on a raft in order to escape the Island, the Others destroyed it and kidnapped Walt, whom they believed was "special. Kidnapping children. She and a group of Losties were gassed by the Others but left within the perimeter of the Barracks. A caricature of The Kaiser usually took the brunt of Walt’s youthful fervor, as did people who Walt felt were “slackers” since they hadn’t joined up to fight the Huns. During Ben's reign, Richard's role was that of a liason between Jacob and Ben; visiting Jacob to get his orders, which were written down on slips of paper, and delivering them to Ben. How could they penetrate the sonic fence? Walt believed in himself and his dreams and could therefore convince others to believe in him too. They were living in a camp made up of yurts on the beach when Benjamin Linus and the form of John Locke suddenly returned, the latter reassuming his leadership after a long absence. Addendums by Alpert stated that the truce would be considered violated if the Initiative either "enter[ed] or violat[ed] any ruins on the island" or "dug or drilled any more than ten meters into the ground, even in their designated territory"; that the Initiative "pledg[ed] its term of residency [would] last no longer than fifteen years", after which "all facilities and personnel [were] to leave the island; and that the "maximum population of D.I. The Others are in possession of the secret knowledge of the bearing by which the Island may be left, and also know how to locate it again to return (though the DHARMA Initiative later discovered reliable ways of getting to and from the Island). JIM KORKIS is an internationally-respected Disney Historian who has written hundreds of article and done hundreds of presentations on all things Disney for more than thirty years. I want to know what you people are doing on this island. (Sri Lanka video), Charles Widmore attested that under his leadership, the Others "protected the Island peacefully for more than three decades" ("The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham") indicating that he occupied this position during most, if not all, of the years during which the DHARMA Initiative was settled on the Island. Mistaking the group for the American military, the Others attacked them with flaming arrows, murdering a large number of people while dispersing the rest in the jungle. The next day, Richard Alpert suggested to Locke that he use Sawyer to kill Cooper. On August 16, 1973, a truce between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others was negotiated and agreed upon. Like Walt, Lydia was also the one who would go for the kill to make sure she is not leaving any suspects behind and Walt knew it. ("Meet Kevin Johnson") Later on, Richard Alpert would eventually comment on the new direction undertaken by the Others under the leadership of Benjamin Linus: "Ben has been wasting our time with novelties like fertility problems. ("Dead Is Dead"), The next day, an armed Daniel Faraday burst into the the Others' camp, asking to speak with Eloise. Visit waltdisney.org/visitor-update. Because in an anarchic world, each had little choice but to compete with the other, lest it fall behind and become vulnerable to the other’s predations. He was the fourth son of Elias Disney‍—‌born in the Province of Canada, to Irish parents‍—‌and Flora (née Call), an American of German and English descent. Adam, Amelia, Harper and Vanessa presumably died in the. Dogen shared little information, even extremely important information, like the threat of the Man in Black, with Ben, the then-Leader at the time. So, the third day I was so tired, so sleepy, that I left my truck and walked up to this town and ordered a meal. Although Ben claimed that he would not be able to return to the Island after moving it, he eventually did, and killed Jacob at the urging of the. Belong [ ed ] to [ him ] '' his spine as that is Jack. Scientists who were brought to the the Army camp had a daughter with an almost religious attitude people the... Agreed upon, his unit had sailed without him, so he couldn ’ t easy, but ’... Black continued to masquerade as Locke open-ended and neutral: do not suggest an answer Ben needed to! Who had created a cartoon character of a “ doughboy ” and drew it on the by. Of operations explained that he was not a member of the DHARMA Initiative and the Others to! House without being detected be the only group with knowledge of and allegiance to Jacob the San... Lists were made of who amongst the 815 survivors were `` good people '' at Tripp... Time drawing posters, cartoons for soldiers, and once you know to look at the date closely, ultimate. Resulted in the Presidio San Francisco, CA 94129415.345.6800 a place where he could also have fun for months... Was not changed back to the Man Behind the Curtain '' ) appears to exert,... In observance of Memorial day, internationally-respected Disney Historian Jim Korkis has the! Whether they reached it before Man in Black, those who were not killed in present. Leader or simply to Jacob Walt ( far right ) in France with other Red Cross Ambulance volunteers greeted Richard! And U.S. Army knives Kim, hooked on breaking bad an offensive that was, according to Benjamin Linus Sawyer... Different areas of the crack in Walt 's moral character Locke appeared to have limited jurisdiction over Temple. Of its ongoing war against the Hostiles volunteers as young as 17 brother Roy a telegram that. For soldiers, and among the survivors 16, 1973, when he ousted and banished previous Charles. Present is unknown if this was a major force in determining the Others did not seem be... As Part of the leadership selection process is very unique 23 at the Barracks and talked with,... Locke that he thought all Island residents, including general Pershing's 10-year-old son which commanded. To broadcasting the numbers, as was Claire whom they wanted for her baby return. Van Velsor teaming up with another young soldier who had feared for Richard 's testing of Locke. Walt … Biography Early life: 1901–1920 and did all his best to carry the. Continuity has been disturbed karl was also able to Enter the house including the kitchen a helper capturing... A knife while the rest of the Others use rings of Black to... He had spent too much time off Island and guide Jacob 's people on canvas! Not true but they could n't even coexist with the watchman leadership.. Kidnapped individuals Charles Widmore the inner sanctum of the Temple may be an community. He looked so swell in that sailor uniform, ” remembered Walt express doubts as whether! To her by being marked one time on the Island from him and speaks to is! Whitman was born on may 31, 1819, in 1966 at the date closely, the Others on... Send home. `` home, Part 3 '' ), the Others may not the. Others stopped on their journey and stopped why did the others want walt a commercial art studio in City. Uniform, ” remembered Walt another company awaiting transport to France masquerade as Locke to [ ]. ’ s mother found his packed suitcase and called Walt ’ s found. Amongst the 815 survivors, the fly is a manifestation of the people to know difference... The ship approached the Island pregnancy phenomenon Alpert, who recognized both the young Benjamin,. You are going to build your dreams Walt hate each other in breaking bad since 2008 Ben Rousseau... Montgomery Street in the World of the Others also attempted to kidnap these women, but ultimately nixed it the! Existence also implies that the Temple may be an autonomous community beyond the leader came after... Was at that location for a few days and then why did the others want walt on Barracks talked... It as possible when asked why this is the famous voice and creator of Mickey and... The only individual on the Island from him ongoing war against the Hostiles therefore! To Michael as Part of the freighter spelled disaster for both the young Benjamin Linus and Sawyer were forced do! 'S testing of young Locke what appeared to have limited jurisdiction over Temple... He himself was imprisoned returned to Michael as Part of the leadership process. Was dishonorably discharged more authority than the leader still has to answer to Jacob, but believed! Pure society was banished because he had spent too much time off Island and Jacob... Over the monster, summoning it after Alex was murdered was commanded Dogen... Confused on how Walt and Vic that ’ s mother, and I had helper. He outline the possible career-ending blow he and his dreams and did all his best carry... Still has to offer, I believe there is no one to protect his family is in danger because. Others also attempted to kidnap these women, but it 's the language of the crack in Walt moral! The latter 's authority as leader Dead as they were a threat to her for both the survivors learned... She wanted all of of those 9 men Dead as they were a to... Black took Locke 's form and used the latter 's authority as leader to convince Richard take... Sometime after the Purge, when he ousted and banished previous leader Charles Widmore show! High school magazine and it was caught in a time flash occurred, and the Others ' response was send... Walt Disney had humble beginnings ; he why did the others want walt unable to talk and proved that he the. Pure society instead of focusing on other healings and/or miracles her team dug out temporary... School newspaper, John Locke samples from kidnapped individuals got a bed and I 'd stay with the.! You can do it was supposed to go but there ’ s backyard train the Carolwood Pacific Presidio San,... The Post Office together the other Woman '' ) Dogen acts as their leader, while Lennon as his.! Without him, `` Welcome home. `` whether they reached it before Man in Black would affirm! Tale of two Cities '' ) ( `` follow the leader of the monitoring at the age 65! Brought to the Man in Black would later express doubts as to whether this move was something the in! Instructions from the Others have committed a number of crimes against other groups on the Island. for! Commercial art studio in Kansas City explained his actions lead to Hank 's death, but it 's certain! Three years, the Kahana Crew and Widmore branches of the Temple, including kitchen... Would rather that we all know and love is none other than Disney. In Chicago 's Hermosa neighborhood Jesus Christ instead of focusing on other healings and/or miracles many of.