The Spanish Water Dog is a hypo-allergenic dog (meaning LESS allergies) but not a non-allergenic dog. From shop HelloMellowPrints. Xoloitzcuintli. Link to this: Spanish Water Dog vs Lagotto Romagnolo vs Barbet – Which one is a better dog breed for you? Their athleticism and extremely hard working nature leads them to excel at any number of tasks. Medium and large size breeds are often better suited to families with children, although it's important to note that not all breeds tolerate being roughly handled by younger kids. If you are fortunate enough to find a Spanish Water Dog for adoption, expect to pay up to $175 in adoption fees, depending on your location. The Spanish Water Dog should get plenty of exercise, which includes a daily walk. However, all children need to be taught how to behave around dogs, how to handle them and when it is time to leave a dog alone which is especially true when it's meal time. As such, with Spanish Water Dogs there is specific advice, questions and protocols to follow when buying a puppy which are as follows: Click 'Like' if you love Spanish Water Dogs. If you are looking to buy a Spanish Water Dog, you would need to register your interest with breeders and go on a waiting list because not many puppies are bred and registered with The Kennel Club every year. They form strong bonds with their owners and families and are known to be even-tempered dogs which is just one of the reasons they make such great family pets. Pets4Homes rates the "Spanish Water Dog" breed as 3 out of 5 for "Size". Ainu Dog Breed Information and Pictures. All pups are vet checked and AKC registered. Kc Registered Rottweiler Puppies. Docile, happy, hard-working and very well-rounded, they have a strong aptitude for learning thanks to their great capacity for understanding. With this said, any puppy is going to feel vulnerable when they leave their mother and littermates which must be taken into account. It is mandatory for all Kennel Club Assured Breeders to use the following schemes on their stud dogs and all other breeders are strongly advised to follow suit: As with any other breed, Spanish Water Dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis to make sure their coats and skin are kept in top condition. If you are looking for a top show breeder and to have a show quality dog that price is going to be even more. Occasionally you may be reimbursed on production of a receipt if you have been forced to pay for something out of your own pocket. Allergies can be notoriously hard to clear up and finding the triggers can be challenging. No dog likes to be left to their own devices for too long and it could lead to them developing behavioural issues which includes being destructive around the home which is often their way of keeping themselves entertained. They are set well apart and slightly obliquely on a dog's face and can be either a nice hazel or dark brown colour depending on the colour of a dog's coat. The ears are set at medium height on the skull, and are triangular. However, if anyone who owns a dog that does not like water should never force them to go in because it would just end up scaring them. However, if a dog ever needed to go into kennels, their vaccinations would need to be fully up to date. 90% match. Do not let him roam around the house freely. There are many breeds which are often better suited as companions rather than family pets thanks to their small and tiny size. They need lots of activity. Report. Their eyes are a nice oval shape and medium in size with dogs having a very kind and expressive look in them. After nearly going extinct, the Spanish Water Dog was revived by two enthusiasts, Antonio García Pérez and Santiago Montesinos. Other breeds take their time to learn new things and need more in the way of repetition to get it right which in short, means more time ​and ​patience is needed when training them. Pets4homes always advises potential owners to check out how much grooming a dog's coat requires before making the final decision on which breed would be best for them. SWDs have a very playful side to their natures and enjoy playing lots of interactive games more especially activities that involve retrieving things which brings out their natural talents. The Spanish Water Dog Poodle Mix is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Spanish Water Dog and the Poodle. Spanish Water Dogs are not known to be "barkers" although they will voice an opinion when needed, bearing in mind that although they were originally bred to herd livestock, they proved extremely skilled at retrieving game from marshlands and water which they did efficiently and quietly only letting their handlers know when they found a bird. Other breeds are much higher maintenance and ideally need to be professionally groomed a few times a year to keep their coats nicely trimmed and looking good which can add to the cost of keeping a dog considerably. These dogs are energetic and lively and are in their glory when allowed to romp and play. As a result of being left alone dogs can become destructive around the house which is their way of relieving the anxiety they may be experiencing and not necessarily because they are being naughty. Spanish Water Dog information including personality, history, grooming, pictures, videos, and the AKC breed standard. Good with other dogs. These dogs have evolved to be highly intelligent with some breeds being more than capable of working for extremely long periods of time. Spanish Water Dog puppies like all other puppies are incredibly cute and it is all too easy to spoil them when they first arrive in their new homes. They also need to know what an owner expects of them which in short, means their training must be consistent and always fair right from the start and then throughout a dog’s life. As such, living with a dog means having to put up with a little or a lot of hair being left around the house and on clothes. Spanish Water Dog is not suitable for the lazy owners because it needs high maintenance. The process is quick (10-15 minutes), easy, and a great opportunity to bond with your dog. All our Spanish Water Dogs are health-tested (hips, eyes, thyroid). Spanish Water Dog Puppies for Sale from Reputable Dog Breeders They are never happier than when they know their place in the pack and who they can look to for direction and guidance. Houseproud people should choose a low shedding breed to make their lives easier and there are a lot ​of low shedding breeds ​to choose from. Older dogs are not known to be fussy or finicky eaters, but this does not mean you can feed them a lower quality diet. Some breeds are known to be highly intelligent which generally means they are easier to train and that they learn new things quickly. Spanish Water Dog is wary of strangers and does not trust them easily. The Spanish water dog is a medium sized dog with a curly coat, which originates on the Iberian coast in Spain, with a breed history going back to ancient times. These dogs are energetic and lively and are in their glory when allowed to romp and play. Older Spanish Water Dogs need to be fed a good quality diet that meets their needs at this stage of their lives all the while keeping a close eye on a dog's weight. This helps them understand what is expected of them and what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. A dogs height is measured from the floor to the withers. Our Portugese Water Dog puppies also come with 6 weeks of free Pet Health Insurance of up to $750.00 coverage. The reason being that it puts a lot of extra strain on a dog's internal organs including the heart. 90% match. A lot of working breeds were bred to be independent thinkers capable of doing their job on their own when needed. Cost. Pets4Homes also recommends that no dog be left alone at home for more than 4 hours at a time. If you were to imagine a medium-sized dog with thick, curly fur and a penchant for herding, you might be thinking of the Spanish Water Dog. The Average Price for the Spanish Water Dog breed in the UK is : £833 for KC Registered Dogs£813 for Non KC Registered Dogs. As their name suggests, SWDs love being in water and are naturally strong swimmers which means care should be taken when walking them anywhere near more dangerous water courses just in case they decide to jump in. This is provided by the Canadian Kennel Club and Petsecure Pet Health Insurance. At Baywood we pride ourselves on breeding quality Portuguese Water Dogs and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Fill out the form below and the Spanish Water Dog Rescue Administrator will then contact you when we need your help. Food; Keeping your dog well-fed or well-nourished is one of the fundamental bases of being a responsible owner. Just 1 Male puppy left to reserve. You can find this breed working in flooded areas, in marshes, green meadows or collecting prey in the water. Child Friendly: Spanish Water Dogs are not the most kid-friendly dogs. The cost to buy an Irish Water Spaniel varies greatly and depends on many factors such as the breeders' location, reputation, litter size, lineage of the puppy, breed popularity (supply and demand), training, socialization efforts, breed lines and much more. We will examine some common questions about the different Spanish Water Dog Poodle mixes below. Between clips, there’s no need to comb, brush or blow-dry the coat, all of which can damage the texture and shape of the curls. Since there are not a whole lot off breeders you will probably have to import one and have to pay for shipping. Once fully mature, an adult Spanish Water Dog must be fed a good quality diet to ensure their continued good health. With this said, many breeds are different and it is always advisable to discuss things with a vet and then follow their advice on when a dog should be spayed or neutered. These dogs also like to be able to roam around a back garden as often as possible so they can really let off steam. The goals and purposes of this breed standard include: to furnish guidelines for breeders who wish to maintain the quality of their breed and to improve it; to advance this breed to a state of similarity throughout the world; and to … 5. As such, anyone wishing to share a home with a SWD would need to register their interest with reputable breeders and go on a waiting list. Spanish Water Dogs are a good choice for first time dog owners providing they have the time to dedicate to an intelligent, active dog and one that enjoys being out and about as often as possible. A Spanish Water Dog will cost somewhere around $1500 and since it is not a common or popular dog in North America it may take a while to find a decent breeder. Spanish Water Dogs have been documented on the Iberian Peninsula as early as 1100 CE. The goal of the SWDCA's Rescue Committee is to assist in the placement of displaced Spanish Water Dogs (SWD) and to promote proper responsibility of breeders in re-homing displaced dogs which were bred or sold by them. Moderate Maintenance: Grooming the Spanish Water Dog is easy. Pets4homes always recommends that potential dog owners calculate just how much it would cost to keep and care for a dog making sure they are fed the right kind of food to suit the different stages of their lives which helps ensure they stay healthy right through to their golden years. Highly intelligent dogs do well when they take part in "obedience training" and other canine activities where they get to use their brains while at the same time having a great workout. See dog breeds similar to Spanish Water Dog . This price is calculated by averaging all of the adverts placed for sale on the website throughout the year 2018, for the Spanish Water Dog dog breed. With this said, a vet would be able to make a dog with an allergy more comfortable while they try to find out the triggers which could include the following: All responsible Spanish Water Dog breeders would ensure that their stud dogs are tested for known hereditary and congenital health issues known to affect the breed by using the following schemes: As of October 2008, Spanish Water Dog puppies with naturally occurring bobbed tails can be registered with the Kennel Club. It's also important that dogs be given the right amount of exercise so they burn off any excess calories or they might gain too much weight which can lead to all sorts of health issues. For example, they’re both hypoallergenic dog breeds. In short, prevention is often easier than cure when it comes to ear infections. Feet are tight and round with strong paw pads and toe nails that match the colour of a dog's coat. The Spanish Water Dog is a beloved breed that is famed for being a great assistant to sailors, coast guards, forest rangers, firefighters, and in any situation involving fresh or salt water. They are not the best choice for first time owners because a Spanish Water Dog needs to be handled and trained by someone who is familiar with this type of sporting dog and their specific needs. Our dogs are bred in Ontario. Key Breed FactsBreed CharacteristicsBreed HighlightsIntroductionHistoryAppearanceTemperamentIntelligence / TrainabilityChildren and Other PetsHealthCaring for a Spanish Water DogGroomingExerciseFeedingAverage Cost to keep/care for a Spanish Water DogBreed Specific Buying Advice. Starting in 1975, the breed was brought out from obscurity and in 1985, it was recognized by the Real Sociedad Central de Fomento de Razas Caninas en España. Help us by answering a short survey. They make excellent utility dogs that can also be considered as pleasant pet dogs. However, the sellers ask buyers for money up front before agreeing to deliver a puppy to a new home. Sharing is caring. Puppy-proofing the home and garden means putting away any tools and other implements that a boisterous puppy might injure themselves on. SWDs thrive on work and play. Dogs that boast having a lot of energy need to be kept busy mentally and physically to be truly happy, well-balanced characters when they live in a home environment. The Kennel Club frowns on any exaggerations or departures from the breed standard and would judge the faults on how much they affect a dog's overall health and wellbeing as well as their ability to perform. Tails are medium set and taper to the tip. A SWD owner who is unable to care for or continue responsibility for their SWD should first seek the assistance of the breeder that sold them the dog. Thank You The items needed are therefore, as follows: All puppies are sensitive to noise including SWD puppies, bearing in mind that they are quite sensitive by nature and do not respond well to raised voices. For further advice please read our article on Keeping Children Safe around Dogs. The cost of insuring a male 3-year-old Spanish Water Dog in northern England would be £26.85 a month for basic cover but for a lifetime policy, this would set you back £61.72 a month (quote as of January 2018). Jun 2, 2019 Does a Spanish water dog shed? In Spain and neighboring countries, the Canary Mastiffs were the dog of choice for illegal dog fights. This can be easily continued if the purchaser wishes to and will automatically expire after 6 weeks if the purchaser does nothing. As such, it's best to talk to a vet before making a final decision on whether a dog should continue to have annual vaccinations which are known as boosters. However, puppies must be well socialised from a young enough age for them to mature into well-rounded, obedient adult dogs. The Spanish Water Dog should get plenty of exercise, which includes a daily walk. The Spanish Water Dog’s origins are unknown and debated by many experts. However, this is not to say that a dog would not give chase to a smaller animal when the mood takes them and this includes squirrels and the cat from next door. It was not until 1975 that breed enthusiasts travelled through southern Spain in search of examples of the breed with an end goal being to establish a breeding programme. Just because a dog is extremely intelligent does not mean they are easy to live with because like the Border Collie, they can be very demanding when it comes to the amount of exercise and mental stimulation they need to be truly well-balanced, happy dogs when they live in a home environment. The cost of insuring a male 3-year-old Spanish Water Dog in northern England would be £26.85 a month for basic cover but for a lifetime policy, this would set you back £61.72 a month (quote as of January 2018). Spanish water dog. These dogs are an old Spanish breed that has been used for herding for many centuries. In Spain and neighboring countries, the Canary Mastiffs were the dog of choice for illegal dog fights. Like so many other breeds, the SWD is known to suffer from a few hereditary health issues which are worth knowing about if you are planning share your home with one of these active, handsome dogs. Their ears are V-shaped being slightly rounded at the tips, medium in size and set just above the level of a dog's eyes. When it comes to food costs, you need to buy the best quality food whether wet or dry making sure it suits the different stages of a dog’s life. Please, change your search criteria and try again. KC Rottweiler puppies. The Spanish Water Dog is a naturally cautious dog that has a high prey drive. Trainning: Spanish Water Dog observes everything and responds to … I am looking for an Irish doodle puppy or a sheep doodle puppy or a barbet ( french water dog) puppy. This would set you back between £40 - £50 a month. Pets4homes always recommends that any interaction between toddlers and younger children be supervised by an adult to make sure playtime stays calm and things never get too rough. The head should be strong and carried with elegance. Pets4homes always recommends that potential owners check how much a breed sheds​ before making a final decision​ so they are well prepared for their new pet​'s​ presence in the home. As such they are true working dogs that enjoy nothing more than being out and about in the great outdoors. They can be wary with strangers, and early and continuing socialization with a variety of people and other animals is essential for a well-adjusted, social dog. The Spanish Water Dog should get plenty of exercise, which includes a daily walk. Some people are allergic to the saliva and urine as well as the dander. The Kennel Club strongly recommends that all breeders use the following test on their stud dogs: Bitches under the age of 2 should not produce a litter, Bitches are not to produce more than 1 litter in 12 months, They need to be wormed again when they are 8 months old, Puppies should be wormed when they are 10 months old, They need to be wormed when they are 12 months old, Good quality puppy or baby gates to fit on doors, A good well-made playpen that's large enough for a puppy to play in so they can really express themselves as puppies like to do, Lots of well-made toys which must include good quality chews suitable for puppies to gnaw on, bearing in mind that a puppy will start teething anything from when they are 3 to 8 months old, Good quality feed and water bowls which ideally should be ceramic rather than plastic or metal, Puppy shampoo and conditioner which must be specifically formulated for use on dogs, A well-made dog bed that's not too small or too big, A well-made dog crate for use in the car and in the home, that's large enough for a puppy to move around in, Baby blankets to put in your puppy's crate and in their beds for when they want to nap or go to sleep at night, 10 -12 weeks old, bearing in mind that a puppy would not have full protection straight away, but would only be fully protected 2 weeks after they have had their second vaccination, SWDs can either become overweight or underweight, Older dogs have difficulty regulating their body temperature, Immune systems do not work as efficiently as they once did which means dogs are more susceptible to infections, They respond less to external stimuli due to impaired vision or hearing, They tend to be a little pickier about their food, Often an older dog can feel disorientated, Protein content should be anything from 14 – 21%, 2 months old   - 181g to 242g depending on puppy's build, 3 months old -  213g to 293g depending on puppy's build, 4 months old -  229g to 317g depending on puppy's build, 5 months old -  233g to 326g depending on puppy's build, 6 months old -  233g to 328g depending on puppy's build, 8 months old -  201g to 294g depending on puppy's build, 10 months old -  167g to 236g depending on puppy's build, Dogs weighing 14 kg can be fed 178g to 235g depending on activity, Dogs weighing 18 kg can be fed 215g to 283g depending on activity, Dogs weighing 22 kg can be fed 250g to 329g depending on activity, There are many online and other adverts showing images of adorable GWD puppies for sale. These dogs are smart, hardworking and playful. Too much pressure placed on their joints and spines at an early age could result in a dog developing serious problems later in their lives. The Spanish Water Dog breed dates back several hundred years and has its origins most likely in Turkey. The cost to adopt a Portuguese Water Dog is around $300 in order to cover the expenses of caring for the dog before adoption. The Spanish Water Dog boasts having a tremendous sense of smell, sight and sound. The accepted breed colours for Kennel Club registration are as follows: When a Spanish Water Dog moves, they do so with great purpose showing a brisk and athletic gait when they do with lots of power coming from their hindquarters. As a rough guide, the average cost to keep and care for a Spanish Water Dog would be between £80 to £120 a month depending on the level of insurance cover you opt to buy for your dog, but this does not include the initial cost of buying a well-bred, healthy Kennel Club registered pedigree Spanish Water Spaniel puppy.