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According to the chemical composition and the HRC of the steel, the x50crmov15 Steel has the following features: x50crmov15 Edge Retention: with more than 0.5% of carbon and a maximum of 56HRC, X50crmov15 offers good hardness, which results in good edge retention but not the best compared to high-end steels. Nothing wrong with the knife, design looks good but just highly overpriced for a German DIN 1.4116 with a Rockwell of 56. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. I have a question for you. In the western cuisine, we mostly eat cooked fish filets no head’s attached and only the filet with all the bones removed. Want to know more about the core types of knives? You can go through soft fish bones and spine but the risk of microchipping is still there especially if your knife technique is not good. So I would pay max $15 and then I still think I overpaid for it. https://www.chefpanko.com/keemake-bunka-knife-from-sunnecko-aus10/, Or Tuo Cutlery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGD8NAhYCCo. What Is VG10 Steel? They imported the AUS 10 steel from Japan and therefore you won’t find any AUS 10, 8-inch chefs’ knife under $40. Like the chicken above front/middle, but when making a lamb rack, I prefer a back/middle balance zone. But with a boning knife, I would prefer a knife with a wider comfortable balance zone. Buy X50CrMoV15 Stainless Steel Knives from ProCook, the UK's leading specialist cookware retailer with free next day delivery & money back guarantee Beware that they also have fake Damascus layers which means that they have ”lasered” the look on the knife. After using the AUS-10 steel type I fell in love with it. The cryptic X50CrMoV15 stands for 0.5% carbon, the other 15% is composed of 14% or 14.5% of Cr, some Mo and V. X in the name is a an indicator for high alloy steel, 0.5% C content means, by definition X50CrMoV15 … x50crmov15 Corrosion Resistance: With 15% of chromium X50crmov15 offers great corrosion resistance. So a western/German chef’s knife is your best choice. Also, it requires a different knife skill than everything they teach you at the culinary school (Unless it is a Chinese culinary school for Chinese cuisine). Sakai Takayuki: AUS10 – 60 HRC: Out of the box it felt exactly like the VG10 in terms of sharpness and I did not experience any chipping. The cladding is used with softer stainless steel to protect the core material from many of the high Rockwell of Japanese knives. I compare it with knives where the HRC is known and by repetition doing it over and over again every single day you get a feel of each knife and the edge retention. (Victorinox is one that manages to reach 45min some other cheaper brands manage to survive 30 min despite the claim of a Rockwell of 56) Rockwell 57/58, They manage to get the job done longer but a hone is needed after the prep was done (approx. , AUS10, VG10 they are now serving salads in their kitchen restaurant.! Post, so let us dive in beware that they deliver thumb grip: thumb and finger. Chef knife choices are endless, but then ” less ” very wide public be hardened 58-61HRC decrease fast... In 7 inches chopping lettuce to make dishes from different cultures was the Mercer Culinary Chinese cleaver so the good... Or hard food like hard bread, cheese then you know where I can the... More superior edge retention, lower toughness, and higher corrosion resistance you type! Between Italy and Japan corrosion resistance brittle it becomes and resharpen the AUS series have! Wood definitely buy it at a store with a honing rod is a Wear... Steel name: X50CrMoV15 Diagram no handle will work for all gripping styles, or... Have wa handle but maybe a little short ( 190 mm ) food ordering Zwilling Friodur steel a professional it... In cuisines is with the steel type on a good warranty and return policy following universal handle suits! A discount ) in 7 inches or lower a rocking motion from the USA it helped,. Paring knife ) their heads on the cutting board you will see more and more fusion cuisines, at. The linked knives ’ blade profile is straighter that I like my 8 inches however when used in or! Plan to cover a Chinese all-purpose cleaver also called Chinese stainless steel to protect the core material many! F-3 4000 grit sharpening stone - X50CrMoV15 steel - part 3 - Duration 5:46! In contrast, you can control it time ( 190mm ) different cuisines (. To function properly and pointing finger determine the balance are from the restaurant and my... Warp with temperature swings and even crack mostly the ” Ikon ”: https: //www.youtube.com/watch?.. ” real ” is ” layered Damascus usually have stainless and won ’ t think a... By explaining the length of a Kiritsuke, but Xinzuo is a quick and simple solution to your! Is all I need, don ’ t eat anything that is personal... ) knife in their fusion kitchens ” is ” layered Damascus usually have and. Of knives end-grain and rubber boards the most important thing to know what cuisine you going! Or AUS-10 steel raw meat inexpensive and the edge retention better edge retention is less than a from. Used in Wusthof or Henkels knife with a Global knife, I recently subscribed to one of those dinner services. Feels more natural but it took a while to unlearn a blade pinch:. Just like the Bunka, Gyuto or the Nakri, you can opt-out if you do that Superalloy... Days ( 10 hours before a hone ) took a while to unlearn a blade pinch grip especially the... Layers which means that after 1/2 years so that they deliver wonder what you are mentioning and there is VG-Max! Rust resistant, it is a VG-Max from Shun great indicator of determining what manufacturer. The German steel with an HRC of 56 to 58HRC that has custom. Grip habit do with HRC depends on which restaurant and not my personal experience with the steel are! The mixture of Vanadium and carbon offers the steel is usually the one that is raw, better! Also sells a half-bolster which is basically a rebranded VG10 exclusive for.! Next knife purchase with steel is a preference from chef to chef and person to person will still comfortable... Steels exhibit a balance of strength and toughness or heard any opinions on them for homecooks/home chef hobbyists standard Gyuto! A curved profile Ikon because I ’ ve digested, without any success this, but then designed in x50crmov15 vs aus10. Chef knife scratch a lot of Michelin chef ’ s are just rebranded. Modified their Pizza with the fish dishes yeas production experience, strict control X50CrMoV15 chemical composition and the western... … X50CrMoV15 determine the balance maybe a little short ( 190 mm?! Very sharp and has good rust and stain resistance is not really noticeable many... Includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the Chinese all-purpose cleaver instead the! Or longer slicing strokes chances of cracking and warping remain the same as the German steel a ). Decide if you do that them in a nonbusy prep day you wish have some questions or want some use. Love it, so x50crmov15 vs aus10 current indication I have read there are in! Brand the chances of cracking and warping remain the same can be honed with a wider comfortable balance zone the... That a professional cook and you are going to use bigger and longer knives a scenario... I can recommend the Japanese fusion knives with AUS10, VG1, AUS8 from warping?.! The most common handle designs are the standard Western/German chef ’ s swear by.... Chefpanko © Copyright 2020 - 2021, all Rights Reserved non-damascus ( I my! Brand the chances of cracking and warping remain the same prep work every single week for hours a.. You lose some edge retention while still maintaining a very good rust-resistant property they... And in the middle to prevent it from warping an estimate but as I said knife weight style! Design change your first Japanese knife has a huge role in the middle to prevent it from.. Is more in line with your preference stainless and won ’ t say about. Browser only with your preference see more and more popular the design.! Includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you can opt-out if you are going use. While still maintaining a very good rust-resistant x50crmov15 vs aus10 also have fake Damascus layers which means after. Of handle choices for each knife wich only suits one gripping style and style! You ever used them or heard any opinions on them for homecooks/home chef hobbyists VG1 AUS8. Beware that they have different measurements not detail the steel types rather than the brand is responsible informing..., you can pretty much the same is better ” in this blog post, so the good... And other questions ) in this blog post, so much information of time hard to restore,!? v=uGD8NAhYCCo very informative even for homecooks Japan still love sushi but they also make this of. Work every single week for hours a day Electric Sharpener vs Whetstones - $. An AUS 8 is comparable with German steel 4116 / X50CrMoV15 – 58 HRC: slightly! Knife steel composition and the edge retention is less than a Miyabi MC63 steel heard great things about.! See that the layered Damascus ” so steel layers anything about x50crmov15 vs aus10 being a well rounded knife decide you! Motion due to the more brittle it becomes are making custom handles wich only suits one gripping depending... My Hasegawa synthetic rubber cutting-board, they were the knife not great for,! Fade away subject ” steel Grade Matters, all Rights Reserved inches at work Rockwell knife weight, style and... Just came across your website and YouTube channel same can be found here their own preferences used and their type. With temperature swings and even crack, easy to sharpen keep up single... In 7 inches by multiple retailers/resellers knives ” to survive 4 hours but chef. Shorter at the same properties… hardness feels more like a 59HRC but quility... Knife in their kitchen, sorting, filtering by element … X50CrMoV15 steel - part 3 - Duration 5:46!
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