3. As adverbs the difference between temporally and temporarily is that temporally is in a temporal manner while temporarily is for a relatively brief period of time. But what in the material or temporal kingdom is that by force of which it subsists? They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. Definition of temporally in the Fine Dictionary. (from … dos A rallentando passage or movement. The meaning of the tense morphemes alone does not completely determine the temporal interpretation of a sentence. 0. 2. What she’s struggling to say is that we weren’t, With these moving at separate rates, we wander, Without doubt, the end of a journey, to which the beginning is connected, Can’t be much worse than I feel now, Ravi interjected, with a grin that, Koinet turned and began to bring his gun around, but a casual shot into the ground. Use “temporally” in a sentence | “temporally” example sentences . What are synonyms for spatio-temporally? But this dualism is a temporally limited dualism - no more than an episode in the world-whole - and is destined to terminate in monotheism. What is the definition of spatio-temporally? 5- It was when he was in temporally medical treatment. Rallentando definition, slackening; becoming slower (used as a musical direction). b : of or relating to earthly life. See more. (adjective) The definition of Temporally is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. What is the meaning of spatio-temporally? I had been asking him for some supplies for my own temporal necessities, being in need. It's difficult to see temporal in a sentence. Pronunciation of temporally and it's etymology. Weakly-Supervised Spatio-Temporally Grounding Natural Sentence in Video Zhenfang Chen 1Lin Ma 2yWenhan Luo Kwan-Yee K. Wong 1The University of Hong Kong 2Tencent AI Lab fzfchen, kykwongg@cs.hku.hk fforest.linma, whluo.chinag@gmail.com Abstract In this paper, we address a novel task, namely weakly-supervised spatio-temporally ground- ing natural sentence in video. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Temporally. Eternal being makes its temporal appearance in this way. Such a statement can conveniently be expressed in a temporal logic. [Italian, present participle of rallentare, to slow down : re-, intensive pref. c : lay or secular rather than clerical or sacred : civil lords temporal. The former should be regarded as asserting that the whole is, not temporally, but logically, subsequent to the part, and that therefore there is an infinite regress in the notion of a whole which is infinitely divisible - a view which at any rate demands a serious refutation. Show More Sentences As soon as one wants to delve into the meaning of the painting, however, one calls upon a fictive time since figurability can exist only as subject to temporality . Temporal clauses are subordinate adverbial clauses that are introduced by a conjunction and contain a finite verb form. Liam's very religious aunt believes people should shun temporal pleasures and focus on being worthy of the joys of the afterlife. In other words, the temporally restricted relevance of " party Statecraft " is also spatially confined. 1 a : of or relating to time as opposed to eternity. modulated by a temporally asymmetric function. The now is not granular, but smeared; it is not successive, but non-locally entangled in all individually experienced, Moreover, the private conduct and the public campaigns of Muhammad that are integral to the Quran make it contextually mundane and, I don’t know he will win or not but that was brave bro said Sam who was joined by rest of the friends in Zeeshan’s house where I was staying. ‘habitat quality can vary temporally’. Atemporal definition is - independent of or unaffected by time : timeless. Specifically, given a natural sentence and a video, we localize a spatio-temporal tube in the video that semantically corresponds to the given sentence, with no reliance on any spatio-temporal annotations during training. Mitochondrial biogenesis is in turn temporally coordinated with these cellular processes. Specifically, … 152 sentence examples: 1. Temporally is defined as something lasting only for a period of time, or something that is not spiritual or eternal. 24. Temporally Grounding Natural Sentence in Video Jingyuan Chen1 Xinpeng Chen 2Lin Ma Zequn Jie2 Tat-Seng Chua1 1National University of Singapore 2Tencent AI Lab fjingyuanchen91, jschenxinpeng, forest.linma, zequn.nusg@gmail.com, dcscts@nus.edu.sg Abstract We introduce an effective and efficient method that grounds (i.e., localizes) natural sentences in long, untrimmed video sequences. Of or relating to the material world, as opposed to spiritual. 23. Related words - temporally synonyms, antonyms, hypernyms and hyponyms. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. All Rights Reserved. 362 163 These temporary aims are like the broom fixed in front of a locomotive to clear the snow from the rails … Find more ways to say temporary, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. this rather unwilling surrender signifying the union of those 3 kingdoms. 1. Examples of Temporal in a sentence. 1 With regard to time. But I cannot call that situation nothing which has the charge of all that is of the first importance to mankind, individually or collectively considered, However, if the Self and the Self’s Spirit and Personality is overwhelmed by the desires of base instincts, in any of its many forms, but which are only. 0. In other words, the temporally restricted relevance of " party Statecraft " is also spatially confined. Temporally. When you experience brief, fleeting joy, this is an example of … Example sentences with the word temporally. 3- This would help to link temporally separated stimuli. The parish remains staffed by a vicar temporal and his curates. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Found 147 words containing tempo. His friends and admirers intrusted to him their temporal as well as spiritual interests. The lateral angles are situated at the extremities of the temporal. temporally in a sentence - Use "temporally" in a sentence 1. 4. Without doubt, the end of a journey, to which the beginning is connected temporally, is a magic moment. Prisoners are as isolated physiologically as they are temporally and spatially. With these moving at separate rates, we wander temporally displaced through hybrid worlds. Browse our Scrabble Word Finder, Words With Friends cheat dictionary, and WordHub word solver to find words that contain tempo. We will meet them soon at our temporary home. 2) The soldiers were temporally camped in the open. ‘The location - the lake - creates a rhythmical continuity throughout the five-minute video, but no temporally naturalistic narrative unfolds.’. What does temporal mean? Another word for temporarily. But this dualism is a temporally limited dualism - no more than an episode in the world-whole - and is destined to terminate in monotheism. 3. temporally in a sentence and translation of temporally in English dictionary with audio pronunciation by dictionarist.com Temporally in a sentence 1) His property was temporally held by the police. Temporal definition: Temporal powers or matters relate to ordinary institutions and activities rather than to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Meaning of temporally with illustrations and photos. Or use our Unscramble word solver to find your best possible play! Temporally sentence examples. 5. Find more ways to say temporarily, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. The same split provided by (Hendricks. 1- No asymmetry is present for moving but temporally redundant signs. The second, third, and fourth sentences are without verbs and hence have no temporal location. Show More Sentences. 0. oculomotor control and the maintenance of spatially and temporally distributed events in visuo-spatial working memory. It is said that Conrad granted the temporal sovereignty of the city to the bishop, who, in 1162, was raised to the rank of a prince of the Holy Roman Empire, being : 2. In other words, the temporally restricted relevance of " party statecraft " is also spatially confined. Temporal sentence grounding in videos aims to detect and localize one target video segment, which semantically corresponds to a given sentence. How do you use spatio-temporally in a sentence? ‘temporally regulated events’. How to use temporal in a sentence. To the hunter, temporal or spatial measurements matt The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 6. DiDeMo 2 consists of 10464 25-50 second long. Another word for temporary. Existing methods mainly tackle this task via matching and aligning semantics between a sentence and candidate video segments, while neglect the fact that the sentence information plays an important role in temporally correlating and composing … 2. Example sentences containing temporally temporally example sentences. their associated temporally annotated sentences. 2- Integrated representations are not necessary for temporally structured responses. 3) But it would not be the egoism imposed temporally by external necessity on the two men in the boat. Temporally, in the sense that different time-scales of human and ecological systems need to be kept in mind when rights are specified. videos. In its radical transcendence of all finite states the subject enters into the space of a nunc stans, in the face of which all temporality becomes an unreal appearance. sentence examples. Temporal clauses represent how the main and the subordinate clause are related in terms of time i.e. 4- It is the root, which is unfolded temporally . I will strive with my best strength for the spiritual and temporal good of our community. Example sentences with the word temporal.temporal example sentences. … Temporal distance is encoded by the past tense, reflecting content time, which is separate from coding time. How To Use Temporal In A Sentence? simultaneity, anteriority and posteriority. The second major group of reptiles, the synapsids, have only a single temporal opening. In this paper, we address a novel task, namely weakly-supervised spatio-temporally grounding natural sentence in video. More example sentences. 2 : of or relating to grammatical tense or a distinction of … Deceptions are temporally constructed—perception, expectation, and denial of expectation. 1. According to my minister, those who follow the path of Christ will not be bothered with temporal chores like eating in the spiritual world.
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