Anglers are experiencing unbelieveable days with some beautiful chome hatchery coho being landed. In almost all cases, swinging flies in Michigan rivers requires a section of sinking fly … Once a couple fish have been caught on a certain fly, sometimes the recipe for another fish on is just a fly change away. You will also see the first fly caught salmon ever for Franks friend and marketing director Lucas - Frank tied up a custom fly and walked Lucas through the basics of swinging flies … It is currently raining but should be clear for the … Guides on the Kanektok and Nushagak are known to tie on one of these if nothing else is working. big, small, colors? At times you can catch coho dragging a flashy salmon fly right on the surface. Cast, swing, hang the fly, and then step down. “Active” steelhead in the warm water tributary flows of the fall and spring (above 40 degrees F) are particularly susceptible to this technique. Coho Salmon Flies Beadhead Coho Blue: 10/21/2018 - originally published on Black Back Coho Streamer: 10/21/2014: Here is an easy to tie baitfish pattern that we learned this summer. You pretty much can’t enough flies when chasing coho, they can turn on and off a particular fly pattern like a light switch. Fly rods for salmon fishing in freshwater are typically 9-10ft long in the single handed variety, 10’6-11’6 in the switch and 12’6-13’6 in a spey rod. Approximately 7 to 10 foot built leader, ending in 15 pound Maxima Ultragreen connected to MOW Tip using a loop to loop connection. Then do it again until you feel a fish. Gear anglers using roe, wool and spinners are doing very well. We provide you with the best fly fishing and tying videos, steelhead secrets and online courses to help you discover your fly fishing passion! Photo: Solitude Fly Company. RIO Powerflex shooting line connected to backing with a loop to loop connection. The default rod is a 9 foot 8 weight in a 4 piece configuration. If you plan to use this fly on the Russian River or at the Kenai and Russian River confluence area keep in mind that you cannot have a hook gap of over 3/8". is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. PRO-Team: Partridge of Redditch Lagartun LTD . Our favorite flies for silver salmon., #110 1140 Austin Avenue Russian River Coho Fly I am going to show you how to tie a Russian River Coho Fly. When line and leader move faster than the fly, tension is increased and it impacts the position of the fly. By far the most common method to get gear a little deeper has been a diving plane. Wet Fly Swing is your online fly fishing and tying guide. Saltwater Fly Tactics. Fish a #3 lure in clear conditions, and go up to a #5 when the water is murky. Coho can be spooky creatures so approaching fish should always be done in a stealthy manner, whether you are on foot or in a watercraft of some kind make, sure you approach fishy spots with a bit of stealth. ‎Show Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast, Ep Bristol Bay Fly Fishing with Bryce Rushbrook - Kulik Lodge, Coho Salmon, Alaska Guide Life, Katmai National Park - Mar 26, 2020 Sep 29, 2014 - The Pink and Purple Polar Bear Punisher is a big water Coho salmon fly designed for big rivers, dark water and dark days! Use a 6- to 9-foot leader, depending on conditions. Rigged with a stout ring eye black nickel hook. This a great coho fly that I have fished for the past few years.I use this fly in clear moving pools in the river where coho stack up and are very skittish.I... P.S. Each year more anglers are swinging streamers, spey and wet flies with sink-tips thanks to the recent popularity of switch and spey/two-handed rods. Using a generous amount of flash and UV enhanced ostrich and schlappen, this intruder is sure to anger a chinook into striking the fly. . if so, what kind of flies? Generally speaking our most productive coho fly fishing water is the slower moving “frog” water. Fall is here and Coho fly fishing fanatics know that there will be fish around now in local waters. Fly Fishing 101 November 17, 2017. They are being caught throughout the system from the mouth to the upper section. Stay with that fish until he hooks up. Tying The Bruiser. The Green Fox Coho Crusher A great fly for coho and chum when it is full into the season. The river is clear and some salmon in the middle section. Work at Sea-Run Fly & Tackle. Not to say flowing, walking speed type water won’t produce fish for the fly fisher, but that slower moving water is a better focus for us. If using this fly, use floating line. An early morning, late evening or a low light day may require a bit “flashier” and larger fly than low clear water and a bright sunny day would. I understand there could be a coho season in my neck of the woods. Learn how to tie some of Andrews’ highly effective Coho fly patterns! Vary your retrieve if fish are not cooperating, every day and every cast fish can have a different attitude so changing speed and lengths of your strip can be the difference in getting a bite or not getting a bite. Swing a spinner in faster water. This low rod position gives you the best hook set and the best presentation of the fly. Slip-bobber fishing for coho salmon Dry Fly Fishing … Coho flies. The Asquith is also lightweight which will make continuous casting easy and efficient. Must-have fly pattern … They’re awesome flies and are a blast to use to catch salmon. If you are swinging flies with a sinking line, you should use a shorter leader to insure that your fly get down in the striking zone. I've used this pattern with great success for Great Lakes King Salmon and of course on Kenai River Sockeyes in Alaska. 7.5 Float/2.5 Sink Medium MOW Tip connected to Skagit Head with loop to loop connection using factory welded loops. Even if the water has … Swinging flies for steelhead & salmon can be very complicated if you are just getting into spey casting or fly fishing. These flies are often around the rivers where salmon spawn. Coquitlam BC V3K3P5 If you continue to use this site we assume that you are okay with it. A larger version of our standard intruder, but tied on a tube, the Chinook Intruder is approximately 4” in length. Flies? I've never fished for coho and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share info on: Tackle? Swinging Flies. Sep 29, 2014 - This website is for sale! Hand-painted lead eyes on a razor sharp Daiichi 2546 saltwater hook. We want a long clear section of fly line as coho in freshwater can be spooky, moody and difficult little devils. (size, color, weighted, unweighted) Technique? Email - [email protected], © 2013 Sea-Run Fly & Tackle Ltd. Site by, Get Fishing Updates and Exclusive Sale Specials on Fishing Equipment, Sea-Run Fly and Tackle #110 1140 Austin Ave Coquitlam BC. The use of UV materials and flash can also be very useful for enticing a bite. Good coho colours can be chartreuse, red, yellow, purple, blue, pink, gold, silver and copper these colours can be combined to create all sorts of fly variations. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. My favorite fly for swinging for Coho is the Purple Angel: Last year my most productive fly was a Chartreuse Spider ( with one twelve fish day): The Chartreuse Spider I tied on a short shank Octopus type hook (#4 or #2) with an SLF dubbing body and a Chartreuse Guinea hackle. The Cerise Lifter also produced Coho … However, one particularly effective method is to target coho using a slip-bobber. Also … Last piece of equipment necessary is ammo of course!! Favorite fly (as long as its pink) attached to leader with a. Loud noises, lots of movement or boats passing by can spook them and put them off the bite. When that happens it may take up to 30 minutes for them to calm back down. The flies used when swinging for steelhead are primarily baitfish patterns, leeches and zonkers. Good luck on the water and pop by the shop or give us a call at 604-931-5044 for any other coho fishing help. 2. Coho Red: 7/6/2014: This is a fly for coho salmon in the river. Site by 21 Designs. It’s especially popular in Michigan. Reels should be chosen to balance the type of rod being used we do want to try and select a reel of reasonable quality as we can have both chinook and chum salmon potentially grabbing our flies while coho fly fishing. Check out our Gear Fishing for Coho in Freshwater 101 blog post! Hex Nymphs are perhaps the best option when it comes to dead drifting. I would swing this fly with a t-14 sink tip getting it right down near the bottom, then strip it in short and fast in the tail of the swing. We should be using fluorocarbon leaders or a long fluorocarbon tippet, the invisibility of this type of line is unbeatable when coho fly fishing. April Rivers Campbell River Steelhead Fly Fishing Steelhead Gold River … Single-handed rods work too for this method but don’t have the advantage of line control and ease of casting the longer rods offer. Skagit Head connected to running line with a loop to loop connection. Simply swinging one of these fly patterns until your line straitens down stream, then a long slow retrieve will produce both Chum Salmon and Coho Salmon. We hope you find what you are searching for! For more steelhead photos please feel free to visit … The nice thing about using fluorocarbon line because it disappears in the water it will allow us to use a bit heavier line than if using just a regular monofilament we recommend a 10lb-12lb tippet. Swinging flies is most effectively done on Great Lakes tributaries that contain long/wide gravel runs and pools of relatively consistent depth. In this type of set up our lines selection should be a clear slow sinking fly line whether it be a traditional line weight forward line or one of the shooting head styles of fly lines i.e. Coho are a bit of a paradox, because they can be quite aggressive, but also can be easily spooked. Click for larger image: Stu's Chinook Intruders, Blue/Chartreuse . The key for me is … This type of water allows us to cast a fly and retrieve it at varying speeds to try and elicit a strike from a coho. Good coho colours can be chartreuse, red, yellow, purple, blue, pink, gold, silver and copper these colours can … POPULAR POSTS. If you are looking to play the Switch Rod … A guided fishing trip with Westcoast Fishing Adventures could not only provide an adventure but fast track you to steelhead & salmon heaven.
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