If you have nobody on focus, it'll drop the judgement on your own target instead. Aura. The flavor text reads: "This is not just a favor, but a divine one, like helping someone move a couch with a fold out bed!" Divine Favor is a rare Paladin spell in Hearthstone. 99.49% (1379) Ultimate Sacrifice. /run local b,d,p,r,a=GetBlockChance(),GetDodgeChance(),GetParryChance(),GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL) a=1/(.0625+.956/(r/122.9625)) ChatFrame1:AddMessage(format("Unhittable: %.2f%% Avoidance: %.2f%% Defense %+.0f rating",b+d+p+5+a,d+p+5+a,r-689)). Note: in groups you'll burn thru your mana faster than you might want, because you'll be giving yourself alot of instant heals. Targets the nearest enemy in your fov if: you have no target; your target is friendly; your target is dead. Button 1 is left click and button 2 is right click. Use: Casts Avenging Wrath and Inquisition increasing Holy Damage by 50%, Zealotry and Crusader Strike to recover all Holy Power lost in Inquistion. just leave the "" in the macro :) If your target is an enemy it will cast Judgement of Light on it instead. And then we get to Illumination and Divine Favor. Classes. Blizzard's auto selfcast and selfcast-key works. Everytime you get a crit heal, the mana cost of the spell is refunded and Divine Favor … It will then pop off Divine Favor and Divine Illumination, catching and clearing any UI errors. If you are targeting any DPS or a tank, this casts Judgement on their target (hopefully an enemy). Game: WoW Classic WoW Retail ... Divine Shield; Divine Favor … After the showtooltip part,type in a name of your mount or something you want to use as a icon,the default is Crusader Aura. Hitting the macro once casts the spell on yourself. You can use this macro for every spell you have and it free's up a lot of time and attention so you can focus on interrupting and CC's in arena. I played a Holy Paladin from launch to around AQ 40. Triggering this macro will guarantee you start attacking regardless of any cooldowns on your Crusader Strike button. One click macro to change aura and mount, replace Retribution Aura with an aura of your choice. Because paladins are less caste sequence and more "first come first serve" using a /castrandom macro works quite well and is less likly to break then a castesequence macro, just hammer this key (or mousewheel it like spanky) and let it cycle through your abilities as it sees fit. Vanilla WoW Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Previous caveats other than flight dismount and length of macro apply, Macro takes dual spec into account (I was annoyed at having to reset my aura when in secondary spec). Divine Favor. Divine Favor is a paladin ability learned at level 62 for those with the Holy specialization. Note: The mounts Summon Charger and Golden Gryphon can be chanced to other mounts. This can be used with any spell. Pressing it again will cancel the BoP if cast on you (get rid of the BoP on yourself to resume DPS or if the BoP was accidental). Or use your Summon Charger where you cant use your flying mount. BoW -> 5/5 Illumination -> 1/1 Divine Favor -> 2/2 Imp. It will also remove the error emote your character makes if Divine Favor is on a … If unmounted in a non flyable area, will cast crusader aura on first click, Summon Charger on second click, Next you need to specify the slot that corresponds to your mounts. If your next ability is on CD and you need to switch targets, just pushing the ability won't do anything until it activates. This macro will first use Divine favor (if your target is a friend), then cast Holy Shock, resulting in a guaranteed critical hit. Riggins-ysera 3 August 2019 00:26 #1. Zone sensitive random mounting with auras: Taking lessons from the Smart Mount macro above and using GoGoMount to reduce the number of characters required. When Hammer of Wrath procs, it auto-casts, whichever attack is on cooldown will get cast. Use: If you are unmounted, it will mount you on a random mount and cast Crusader Aura. Divine Favor can then be played to draw several cards for only 3 mana, allowing the paladin to gain significant tempo and/or board presence with virtually no drawbacks… Either make 2 macros like this, and remove the FoL from your group macro, or edit the macro before and after each group. Of couse you can also use it to heal yourself or a friend but it's … Click with alt to summon Golden Gryphon and turn Crusader aura up. The macros below this line have not been validated to work in 3.1. This macro will on 1st key press summon mount, on 2nd it will change aura to Crusader and on 3rd it will dismount You AND change aura to Retribution. Alternatively: "Show the proper tooltip. After that it will automactically switch back to your last target. Click button to summon charger and turn Crusader aura up. If you do not have a focus target this will return nul and do nothing. When tanking a single target, you can spam this alternative main castsequence to maximize the threat. Instructions: Replace "Devotion Aura" with your most frequently used aura. ", For instantly switching between single target and aoe. Please keep in mind that WoW Classic is built off of patch 1.12 balance and design, which means some aspects of Classic classes differ from Vanilla. Making a macro Faldir's Cove26, 82 is a small natural harbor on the southern shores of Arathi Highlands near The Drowned Reef. Otherwise, [if I can fly AND I'm not pressing Shift], cast Golden Gryphon then Crusader Aura then Retribution Aura." 1.80% (25) Spreading the Word. 0.29% (4) Darkest before the Dawn. The idea is that those 2 castsequence commands will alternate to produce smooth mounting and aura changing. Divine Favor works best in a high-speed deck with lots of cheap cards. At the bottom of the text box, there's a scroll bar to see the rest of the macro. Quickly followed by Hammer of Justice with Command-Judement released = An additional 400ish dmg (crits for +100% … PS: Inquisition NEEDS to be with 3 charges of Holy Power. Unlike the first macro, which uses 939 rotation, this macro uses ISH9 rotation: This Rotation works really well and is made up of a two button (macro) setup. Paladins are really good healers if you skill right, because if you put five points in the talent in the holy tree you get 100% mana back if you crit with a heal. If your mount is not the first one, replace 1 with the index of your charger. Since Righteous Defense does not affect Global Cooldown, has the same cooldown as Holy Shield (8 seconds), and costs no mana, pairing it with Holy Shield makes an easy one-button press to make your tanking life even easier. 69.70% (966) Blessed Hands. Note: Devotion Aura is my main spec aura and Concentration Aura is what I use for my secondary spec, replace the aura names with whatever combo you want. will work with 0 downtime, providing your. Like the macros above this one will summon your flying mounts anywhere you can use your flying mount. UI Customization A World of Warcraft: Classic 1.13 Guide by Kargoz. This can also be used with blessing of protection and Divine Protection. When a longer cooldown (≥2 sec.) On the pull, use Divine Plea, and Sacred Shield, pull with Avenger's Shield, then spam the macro, refreshing Sacred Shield every min. --Credit: Spankytanky - Lightnings Blade - Horde 05:16, 20 May 2009 (UTC). After patch 3.0.3 this line of blessings were renamed to "Hand". HolyShock/Ret gives you Holy Shock which gives you an extra 500+ damage burst with a guarantee to crit every 2 minutes using Divine Favor. You will need to have the Masque and Masque_FlatSquares addons to have the … If unmounted, this macro will cast Crusader Aura and randomly summon one of your mounts (Epic Paladin Charger or Black War Tiger in this case), with just one click. An easy way to use these macro's is to keep the bars where you keep these macro's right under, or next to your party frames. Targets your focus's target if: you have none; your target is friendly. 75.40% (1045) Light's Grace. World of Warcraft: Classic (P6: Naxx) WoW Classic. Patch 1.3.0 (patch date:2005-03-07): Fixed a bug that prevented the effect from being removed, allowing all Flash of Light and Holy Light spells to crit for the full duration. Supported frames: Standard Blizzard frames (player, pet, target, target of target, party and party pet), CTRaidAssist, EasyRaid, Perl Classic, X-Perl and Discord. This allows you to control all of your healing spells without targeting your party members or using your mouse. Allows the player to heal whatever focus targets (Ex: put focus on a boss and heal boss target). September 28, 2019 1 Comment. If it's Exorcism or Consecrate, it won't even start attacking even if they are off CD. This is because you cannot help the NPCs in question, and a macro using [help] will fail. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Divine_Favor?oldid=2746814. Category:Macros. Holding ctrl casts it on your first party member, while holding shift casts it on your second party member. Resolved an issue that caused Divine Favor … This should be working for every talent combo for Holy, Ret, and Prot. Use at your own risk. Paladin . Below the card images, you will find explanations to help you use the card optimally … Requires an addon that enables large macros (i.e. None of the macro's on this page had something for me, so I made up my own. if you /focus your tank, this enables you to make sure that your judgement always hits the target. It will cast Avenging Wrath, use any trinkets you have equipped, Cast a guaranteed Holy Shock crit, and cast a Judgement, all in one button press. This could be useful if only one enemy is attacking an ally. Palingard (talk) 14:34, July 18, 2010 (UTC). Bindpad). This BoPs your current targets target (i.e. Just add and remove mount names in which you would like. ... then Divine Favor … The spell works on whoever you may be mousing over, or if you are not mousing over anyone in particular will function as a regular heal/alt-to-focus-heal. Tested: 3.3.5 User:guitarsslave 08.September.2011. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, the spell will not taunt off of friendly NPCs, such as the ones in the Hyjal Summit. If mounted it will cast Concentration Aura then dismount. 13 and 14 are the trinket slot numbers and can be used for any macro. When re-creating a macro in Useful macros please: Tested:3.3.5 User:guitarsslave 08.September.2011. It will also remove the error emote your character makes if Divine Favor is on a cooldown. World of Warcraft & WOW CLASSIC – 8.2.5 ALL HOTFIXES. Increases your spell casting haste by 20% and spell critical chance by 20% for 20 sec. The macro will automatically cast Judgement of Light on whatever the MT is targeting. An incredibly useful macro that simply combines the Righteous Defense macro above and casts Holy Shield. As on patch 4.0.1, Sacred Shield was removed. 3.54% (49) Cleanse the Weak. You use Divine Favor and Divine Illumination, cast Holy Light on your self and you get the crit heal and you get the base cost of your Holy Light spell back in … Divine Favor with Holy Shock, adds for a mana-free 400ish instant hit - 600 crit.
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