0 Interested. • The Spirit of ’45 Day event will be held on 42nd-43rd Broadway Plaza in Times. Pittman-Waller, an advocate of wounded warriors, is the daughter of Dr. James Edward McCormick Pittman , a decorated medical officer at the Battle of the Bulge, buried in Utopia, where O’Neill was scheduled to play at a wreath-laying ceremony. The number of veterans, volunteers, and others who served in the war is steadily dwindling; the famed Doolittle Raiders who flew over Tokyo in 1942 celebrated the 75th anniversary of that mission in 2017. But Japan had not yet surrendered and the war in the Pacific would wear on until August 14, 1945 when the Japanese formally surrendered. A unique 2nd Sunday of pandemic August to honor the Greatest Generation with a small committed network of contributors, dedicated to our decade long Spirit journey. The clear sound of taps rang out in the misty morning, bringing Alamo visitors passing by to a standstill. Since then a grassroots, non-profit movement to observe Spirit of ‘45 Day has sprung up, uniting hundreds of companies and agencies in an effort to remember those who served during World War Two. The National Spirit of ‘45 Day offers the country a reminder that the legacy of the Greatest Generation is applicable to today. This also happens in Veterans Day parades in major cities like New York, Indianapolis, Dallas, and elsewhere. San Diego, CA, August 16, 2015 Worldwide Tribute to a Generation October 12                  Tombstone, AZ Join in celebrating starting at 11:00 AM. September 23              Spartanburg, SC October 9                    Pecos, TX On July 26, 2010, Congress unanimously approved "Spirit of '45 Day" a new National Day of Remembrance to recall the victory celebrations at the end of WWII 8-14-1945. “VJ Day,” or Victory Over Japan Day is celebrated on the 14th, but thanks to time zone differences the Japanese surrender occurred on August 15th, 1945 on Tokyo time. September 29              Tunica, MS Disclaimer: This is a private website that is NOT affiliated with the U.S. government, U.S. Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs. The Keep the Spirit of ’45 Alive! This year marks the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the allied liberation of Europe. October 2                    Texarkana, TX You may find individual military bases or units celebrating the second Sunday in August, but these are likely organized on the local level and not in a centralized way by the Department of Defense, though there are plenty of on-paper observations, social media posts, interviews, and other media events related to the day. This non-profit coalition has its origins in a NASA project from the mid 90s which documented lives of those who were involved in World War Two. The Military Order of the Purple Heart is helping coordinating things in preparation for their big signature event next year to mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the war. The purpose of the event was to: Four members of VBOB were present, they were: During the proceedings Kevin took pictures, interviewed the veterans and video-taped the event. VBOB representative, Ralph W. Bozorth, Associate, January 25, 2015 – Wreath Laying, Battery Park, NY In 2010, both houses of Congress voted unanimously for a national “Spirit of ’45 Day” to honor the legacy of the men and women of the WWII generation. Some of the most visible observations come in the form of public gatherings but not always on the second Sunday of August; every year volunteers march with the likenesses or photographs of those in the Greatest Generation as part of the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, DC in May. We just left the Indy 500 folks who are planning to join the cause next year with a special program during the 2015 race. Pictures from Salem's Spirit of 45 Day - click here to view I had an incredible (and very emotional) evening taking photos at the Spirit of ’45 Day, on Sunday, August 11, 2013, at the Willson Park Gazebo on the Oregon State Capitol grounds. Click here to read. SPIRIT OF RAINBOW Today is National Spirit of ’45 Day. Join the growing family of organizations and individuals who are preparing to commemorate the 70th anniversary of “the Greatest Generation’s Greatest Day” – August 14, 1945 – the day World War II ended and America began an unprecedented effort to assure a better future for the world’s children and their children’s children. Military Benefits Information for US Military, Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard, Military Spouses and Military Family. SPIRIT OF ’45 DAY EXPRESS TOUR 2014. This site contains information about GI Bill benefits, VA loans, news and services for military veterans and is not connected with any government agency. During March the logo will be in San Antonio, TX for an event. September 25              Talladega, AL “We’re bringing together the red, white and blue people of America who have been behind the scenes,” Pittman-Waller said. Passed by Congressional Action in August 2010, the second Sunday of August commemorates the August 14, 1945 announcement by President Harry Truman that World War II was over. Video of photos taken during the cross country tour of the Spirit of ’45 Day Express to raise public awareness about the events and activities planned for the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII in August 2015. The exuberance of this moment was actually captured by not one, but TWO photographers in 1945; Navy Lieutenant Victor Jorgensen, and professional photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. Hosted by. “You see how these people meet out in the cold, that’s unity,” O’Neill said. The coalition is a loosely organized one and observations are done on a local level by entities and agencies rather than by a central planning committee operated by the coalition. Victory In Europe Day, aka V-E Day, marks the formal surrender of Nazi forces on May 8. This special event honored Oregon's “Greatest Generation” – … Channels for National Spirit of '45 Day "Honoring the legacy of the men and women of America's Greatest Generation on the 75th anniversary of their Greatest Day". This observance, held annually on the second Sunday of August, should not be confused by the Ken Loach film titled, The Spirit Of ‘45, which is a post-World War Two documentary about changes in Britain circa 1945 with the advent of Labor party leader Clement Attlee. HN: What are some of the Spirit of ’45 activities that are scheduled for 2011? All events happening soon for Spirit Of ’45 Day at History! Updated Jan 16, 2:45 PM; Posted Jan 16, 7:04 AM . SPIRIT OF ’45 DAY: In 2010, Congress unanimously passed a resolution to designate the second Sunday of every August as “Spirit of ’45 Day.” The goal was to remember all that On February 6, 2014 a “Spirit of ’45 Day” event took place in the 30th Street Railroad station in Philadelphia PA.