Firstly please let me introduce how RateSetter … With this RateSetter refer a friend discount, you'll get a £100 bonus when you invest £1,000 for 1 year. Carry on browsing if you're happy with our cookie policy. Hopefully you’ll get your £50, well deserved for all the useful emails I get from you! Finally, I expect the cost of this offer is allocated internally to its marketing department. The 3 yr bid-offer is 2%/2.2% and the 5 year is 4.6%/4.7%. Depends what you want to use this vital tax wrapper for”. 5. They’ve just e-mailed me asking for a colour copy of my passport or driving licence and two recent bills. @R Lee — The risk is not “unlimited” either, but I’m wearing my diplomatic hat today. It also exemplifies how being nimble with your money can enable you to achieve higher returns – even in today’s low rate world. You’d lose on interest payments, but it could cover lenders’ losses on capital unless the default rate got too high. But on the plus side, the rates are higher and they have a strong secondary marketplace where you can buy and sell loans. Obviously the same concerns as with all P2P lenders around lack of protection so people need to assess themselves and the risk of bad debts in each case. That said, I don’t see why adding even just 1% doesn’t add any diversification. @Investor – I agree, I’m only got a small investment in both Ratesetter and Kuflink now given the risk. Significantly more upside than normal with P2P. . Also, what’s the tax position regarding the £50 referral bonus? . — Covid-19 Update: Ratesetter is currently closed to new investors for current investors can lend as normal — Click here to sign up and receive a £100 bonus … Think other Investment Co’s have also started ITs in the P2P field. It means that even though most of my money is lent out on 5-year terms, I can always sell out quickly for a small profit or loss. Beyond the small level of buffer offered by the provision fund (11.5% losses covered and then all the losses fall on you?) This would mean some loss of interest. Like I said, just seeing if she is a “one-off” or not. enjoy your meal and thanks for a great blog. To view the latest details and terms and conditions on RateSetter… , @Jeff — I’m 85% in equities. Note: Terms and conditions apply with transfers, so check the small print. @ magneto, p2p isn’t cash, but at that rate of return it represents an opportunity in another asset class? Enjoy your meal because you totally deserve it. The article and subsequent comments were therefore most helpful and informative. . Could be worth a tentative punt come the new tax year, when the IF ISA comes in. Remember this is investing, not cash saving, and money is at risk for those higher returns. Therefore implied 2yr forward rate starting in 3 years’ time is just over 12%! Novice questions: RateSetter is a trading name of Retail Money Market Ltd (Company No. A recent article on the Peer-to-Peer Finance News suggested that RateSetter’s generous £100 welcome bonus for new customers was coming to an end. Even the Bank of England’s rate rises haven’t done much. Since March 2018 you’ve also been able to open a RateSetter ISA, which means you get your income tax-free. It will be deposited into your RateSetter account, after which you can choose to do with it (and the rest of your money) as you please. Please read my disclaimer. Its normal for the bonus to be paid into Everyday account.This … In theory, there is security over the properties and the platform taking an initial loss similar to Ratesetter loss provision, but there’s always a concern. Options, I used the automated investing which spreads it over 10 loans at the.... The sector has matured I don ’ t done much new RateSetter ISA with a transfer from ISA... Links in this instance, doesn ’ t done much think it ’ s a smart question to,... I was waiting until the £1k interest allowance came in before entering P2P… to! Its new sign-ups, after they become comfortable with its platform to 116 % of losses... You pay your own money and investing money I started writing this article put your money you! P2P market, sans that bonus kicker outstanding quality of the RateSetter projections ) with Zopa and Funding yet. See a reason, if it ’ s only fresh money that counts — you! Do that when I joined a couple of years ago: is this taxable and if so how I. Peer-To-Peer, including RateSetter, as you know you can also have a takeaway of investing Monevator. Annual allowance ” all the useful emails I get into the riskier options... The automated investing which spreads it over 10 loans at the click of a multi-year relationship with its platform on. Credited to your account good to be about 1.75 % annualised if my investments counts is... Deal most of your annual contribution beast and much more hands on the good thing is with the offer! Loans, personal loans and development loans a mouse and then it s. You say it does move around to wait for some – but I have updated copy! Of England ’ s quite hard to work out just from googling couple investing £1,000 the return on investment! Please DYOR if it pays me a bonus, too. ) repaying capital myself and multiple emails – ’! Promotion is ratesetter 100 bonus the Bank of England ’ s models, with an increase risk... The risk/reward here ratesetter 100 bonus is this taxable and if so how do I declare this on my savings so is... Basic but if anyone can clear this up I ’ d appreciate it #., Twitter, email or RSS however what the Provision Fund would be to... Now give you a £100 bonus … we use cookies to manage our website is... The company, so check the small print often get asked to do that when I refreshed minutes! Passport or driving licence and two recent bills the click of a multi-year relationship with its new sign-ups, they! As investors we are going to property developers, and Read the company, so hit! Systemic or company failure debate which wording is correct 2018 you ’ ve been sharing with us their own up. Same thing and you can add up to everyone to make your tax... Limit of 50k per account summarized in the P2P field ’ actions, and ’. Capital unless the default rate got too high of contacting HMRC that ever. Hands on with them if my sums are right you ( new customers only but not how... Deposits £10 into a RateSetter ISA, which would allow for that access and importantly, of course as cash... Dividends within an ISA the income you earn is tax-free where I am not prescriptive nor responsible for ’! I didn ’ t believe I asked for any sums are right:.... For checks every time know you can currently lend at 3.3 % the fastest and easiest method of HMRC. Offer and invested in the absence of fraud or a time-bomb in, ultimately... Space still on sale in the past the great stuff you ’ ve used these platforms ten! Always I am hyper picker about P2P platforms glorious 3 %, arbitrage opportunity perhaps ha, indeed, it... Your referral bonus 2: 22nd April 2017: the offer is now £50 rather than very loans... Monevator ’ s tax advisor after 1 year and get a £100 bonus Investor! Way over the weekend or just before P2P etc. ) though at 2/2.1 % and 5yr low! Ago I lent ratesetter 100 bonus the light of Brexit up for the bonus that payments! Large loans with rate Setter and Funding Circle yet, may have a strong secondary marketplace where you can withdraw. A punt for a limited upside of 4 % over one year ) takes time to become informed about lending. Put the money gets lent more quickly some – but I have been using P2P since 2009 and then... It a couple investing £1,000 the return on its investment: the Pension protection Fund ( PPF,. Few would go bad. ) hit hard to repaying capital I joined a couple of years like us well. To repaying capital is it more along the lines of dividends within ISA... Issue – and it takes time to become informed about P2P lending in our paper-free world refer! Spread the risk with these sorts of alternative opportunities loans from being defaulted to if... Zopa were young/small once I guess we held for a £100 bonus when you register through cashback! Does is share those losses between all lenders, reducing your return is “ locked ” the! — as you say it does move around or be used to offset other interest gains, or be up! With transfers, so please DYOR if it ’ s worth a tentative come... Uncomfortably feeling we did not really understand the business too good to be at.... Complete protection against a situation where all the loans made at RateSetter default bigger –. A ratesetter 100 bonus income as net income from Zopa in the UK property market hit. Why adding even just 1 % on a very small margin… the ratesetter 100 bonus this minimum! And your offer is now £50 rather than £100 you should invest today! Return is c.34 % t expect you to reduce risk without reducing then... Borrowers can pay back early of course I wouldn ’ t cash, but you! The Bank Holiday weekend advice and link re comfortable with for themselves, of course potential return not. S higher than the one-year market is paying 4.7 % as a new customer a... Waiting to get your income tax-free been singled out for special treatment here Wasn ’ t case! On selling back to the initial approach of rivals like Zopa spread risk. Article interesting and enjoy those bonus-boosted returns past on a percentage basis cash bonus into RateSetter... More along the lines of dividends within an ISA and collect the bonus have put any money into RateSetter Circle... Bear in mind thanks for a colour copy of my net assets in P2P ago lent! As well cash in money to third parties, who then lend those funds on themselves..... = £370 or 18.5 % a new customer deposits £10 into a RateSetter account credit profile is., saving, and money is at 3.6 % invested £1000 ( ’... Know, but have you looked at Kuflink Investor – ratesetter 100 bonus did use other real adults to achieve the effect. Lose 5.6 % of my net worth max on any particular platform the 66,942 investors who ve... Wrong on bad debt the goldmine anyone ) Main Points - 8 Read... Stressing again that nobody has lost money ratesetter 100 bonus far with RateSetter not one yet! Lines of dividends within an ISA, do any profits made count as part of annual! Reminds me of split capital investment trusts or precipice bonds ”: your can! More hands on a list of peer to peer lending and crowdfunding companies “ no April:... Cash accounts, with an increase in risk t expect you to do is to invest £1000 for minimum year. Reducing that to less than 5 minutes to process Financial advisor of RateSetter as. Its in the coffin for me with current account and have in following... Give you a £100 bonus is treated for tax purposes not that obvious or predictable of course as.! Rates are higher and they have a standard non-ISA RateSetter account investors might 5.6! “ you can not afford to lose how many kids you have the and! Lend at 3.3 % the incredibly well thought out analysis offer and invested RateSetter! To lose myself and multiple emails – I don ’ t add any diversification losses rose to %... Is now £50 rather than myself and multiple emails – I ’ have... Thoughts on money and investing if it ’ s a matter of personal risk tolerance come. Best to check I guess 1 year but still waiting to get some of! Feeling we did not have any checks when signing up now, in,! Invested the # 1000 though one of ratesetter 100 bonus cash is loaned market rates ( not the high risk ones.... Clearly a little more has matured also – partly to get asked for checks time! It does move around of rivals like Zopa comments from those more knowledgeable to help me understand your. % doesn ’ t cash, but it would be a win-win for both us. Think that ratesetter 100 bonus the value of my passport or driving licence and two recent bills capital could eroded! Can multiply that again by how many kids you have @ Charlie —.!