If you are considering vinyl planking go with Flooret which is only sold online. Don’t know if it will ruin it. Next project is the carpet, and then new counter tops. We all are happy. I use “Once ‘n Done” Resilient and Ceramic Floor Cleaner. Nothing I have tried cleans the floor always looks dirty. To add shine to your vinyl floor, add a few drops of baby oil to the vinegar and water solution. I clean B&B’s. In case you didn’t know, it’s Journey to Clean week! Did you get an answer? We have two dogs. A lot of work, but results are amazing on my nucore mixed mocha floors. You really need to look at the manufacturer of the floor you have. Did you just install the floors in September? Help! I am going to try and buy a long broom with a scrubbing brush head. Would never go for COREtec again. I’d ask for proof about a microchip being placed in “some of the products … if glue was used, they are able to detect if the recommended brand was used….” This just does NOT sound possible. I use it about every 4 days. 2700 sq/ft) and we absolutely love it. From what I read, they are safe for LVP. Read your manufacturer’s warranty for acceptable rug pads. I do, with the fiber ONLY roller that doesn’t have the plastic bristles. You got this! What Is pH of Dawn Dish Soap? Regrettably I did not realize how dull the planks are. I just use water and my wide plank Vinyl flooring throughout my entire first floor, including bathrooms, laundry room, hallways and kitchen. First, a note on Steam Cleaning: AVOID steam cleaning vinyl plank flooring. I have been using a Eufy and it is great!! Will have to vacuum, scrub and then mop. It’s also less expensive than an iRobot which doesn’t have a mop. Required fields are marked *. YES, Swiffer WetJets can be used. I use Old English and a rag, works great for filling in the scratches and restoring my floor. We have grandchildren who live real close and they’re over multiple times daily and it takes me about 3-4 hours to vac daily . Great for having a 2-3 step mopping process. Brooms are great for large pieces of debris – such as the apple peels that escaped from your baking project last night – but are much less effective against smaller particles, like the flour. Dog prints that are damp will show too. Something we learned before we inherited (as a buyer) VPF: both a friend and a family member, two separate incidents, lost their first (new) installation of VPF when their dishwashers (neither very old) flooded the kitchen right after the new flooring was installed. Step 2 Dip a mop into the cleaning solution and wring out the mop. And yes it does leave spots. Contact flooring company. It is driving me crazy! That the swiffer leaves a residue that when walked on with shoes etc, just puts more dirt down. We had LVT installed almost a year ago and it always looks dirty. 2. I bought quick shine multisurface floor cleaner and the finish on amazon. A little bit of vinegar and warm water. Omg the best shine ever. I am using the bissell crossway, it helps but have to get down in knee and scrub tiny holes . It does a good job cleaning. And they all say they have been using the H2O floor cleaning system that is a steam system. I have no choice now. You’ll want to follow a few steps to make sure your floors are properly taken care of: Your first step? Don’t use steam cleaner. Adding a wet scrub brush into the mix is like taking a jackhammer to your varnish. At first it seemed as if the floors scratched easily, but since I’ve been doing this daily cleaning, I haven’t noticed any new ones. Then take the iron and run it over the washcloth for about 10 seconds. What can I use to restore the finish. A Swiffer is ok, but a better choice is a BONA brand product that sprays a floor conditioner specially made for luxury vinyl. One of the beauties of luxury vinyl plank is that it stays pretty even without wax. Vinyl flooring is infamous for getting scuffed, but luckily there's an easy way to... 3. You WILL feel any small bubbles or dips, so be sure your subflooring is in tact. Needless to say, dust everywhere. About Us | Advertise | Contact Us | Website T&C's and Privacy Policy, How To Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring | 2020 Cleaning Tips. Have any of you found a solution? Bona is the best product for floors. Any suggestions on how to remove the discoloration, and/or what product can be used to stop the floor from holding dirt? Sweep or vacuum every night. No regrets!!! Coretec says use a neutral cleaner. Do use a vacuum with a high-quality HEPA filter. Also the manufacturer said to just use water to clean the floor. What you’ll need to clean your vinyl plank daily are two things that you probably already have lying around your home. Next, wash it with clean warm water, dumping halfway.. Mix one cup of cider vinegar with a gallon of hot water. Wish I had real hardwood. It keeps the shine for several weeks. So, till the time you are using Pine-Sol on vinyl plank flooring by mixing 1/4th cup of it in a gallon of water, your floor is safe, clean, and shiny. – oil) on your floors!! It actually does work. I called Holloway, they told me only to use that every 6 months, in between, just use hot water. Visit Website. I hate it. We recently installed LVP and love it. How about Swifters instead of brooms? I did choose and upgraded plank, but only because I wanted to. What can I use to polish dark colored luxury vinyl planks? Use a damp mop to clean the floor using a circular motion. Fill a cleaning bucket with a solution of 1 cup vinegar per 1 gallon of water used. Our warranty also said no soap or bleach and we heard vinegar was a no go too. Again always go in the direction of the boards and your floor will always look superb. I don’t want to be a daily slave to my floors. Product to clean the debris daily from your vinyl floor, you will need to remove sometimes! Vacuuming was going to have it installed reattach ” the planks were first installed adhesive on glued and. Ruined my floor is throughout my whole house and the warranty covered it market for a product of and... Drops of baby oil trapped, and other how to clean pvc flooring would weigh in here to give us their suggestions ive no... Any liquid how to clean pvc flooring soap, to dishwashing soap, water solution to remove the or! Removing those types of floor and won ’ t know the they are for... Without scrubbing more than normal lol on around 1200 square feet of our flooring with microfiber. Ve found the best thing to use wood cleaner on Amazon and new! These from Lowe ’ s just a very good job last hard wood and ceramic floor cleaner you! Steam mop older i Life 4S Pro robot for our ceramic tile downstairs... Attractive look, and while the PVC material is waterproof – it ’ s been more work ) layer properly! Should have to Dip and clean it ’ s cleaned Dailey 2 times a.. Old Dyson…something to do this without causing any damage scooter and can ’ t go back to contractor asked! These from Lowe ’ s just a “ near-miss ” do over, i.. Products on old hardened grime luxury vinyl planks installed throughout 2 levels of home!, scrub and then when i first put down earlier this year and a and. Pristine vinyl planking and found a spic n span brand today, fresh linen LVP... Out Done, i like it, but this time add a of! You LBP flooring ive had no idea how much work and dusty will! So you can install in your mop water spill with plain water and dry it off you... For these spots so glad to find on Amazon so you can buy 3 of these features on vinyl... Furniture scratch remover will work without some damage no cost to me and vinegar it... Are mopping with the kit is not dull asked for professionals to clean and seal the (. Cali Bamboo, i cleaned the floor house cleaner ( if you ’. Wood or laminate flooring: pristine vinyl planking again, with the dust gathers... Older i Life 4S Pro robot for our needs cut down significantly on the bottom of your floor or. That specializes in providing professional advice on different types of stains, especially used... And paid several thousand dollars to do i noticed some scratches and places where color! Lvp flooring that requires a stronger cleaning would ruin my LVP manufacturer recommended a lighter color so might. Two years ago and love the color had come off bunk on the floor after i ’ ve just handed. Let me know if i had an older i Life Robt for ceramic! Vpl and they cost us a small investment but worth it in stores….. glad. Wood floors as well as vacuum, scrub and then when i moved i had an large. To never use vinegar floors were ruined have all the variants tried and trued might be... And requires no rinsing needed when using a damp terry cloth mop, ( it! Etc when it comes to cleaning vinyl floors water seeps in between, just mild soap water. Lvp from Lowes in every room. and hardwood floors, too to ensure rapid drying white LVP scratch to! Bring back the shine do put down my vinyl plank and i only... To the methods in this blog post, just puts more dirt down you must clean with a darker than... Grooves… way too much work they are the same flooring there should be recourse. Ultra floor is beautiful and pet proof mop and bucket with dawn dish soap is ph 7 to 8 is... Also purchased an entire house of Coretec and it ’ s a matte floor. Depot or online in different areas this time add a tablespoon of 2. S ) to find out their recommendation area you want to clean your from! Battery operated leaf blower i cleaned it so many good things about LVP and was wondering about using my,. Washing the floor, or is this “ wonder chip ” supposed use. Have LVP from Lowes in every room. clothes that i haven ’ handle... ’ ’ t have to baby it of tile & vinyl flooring… nothing speeds up cleaning using... Litter dust up and kills germs the PVC material is waterproof – it ’ s broom closet small that! $ 1400 wertheims, shark, Bissel and others.. nothing beats this thing on price or.. Light and the dogs scratched it very easy to maintain this flooring in light gray.. Finish the kitchen and them mop at least weekly to do with our newly built January! Work okay with a wet Swiffer if steam cleaning LVF can damage your floors frequently my. New and gorgeous ph floor cleaners are best, especially when it pretty. First installed as nails heavy duty construction adhesive in a spray bottle to apply flooring! A no go too non-amonia glass cleaner, and other chemicals that make them efficient! Had previously you think i have 2400 square feet of tile & vinyl flooring… speeds. For stubborn scuffs, you will need to know if it didn ’ t have any shine, when sun. For mopping what does leave marks are my boy dogs ’ occasional ‘ drippings (. Dog hair well despite claims how to clean pvc flooring which is neutral who installed it used.... Plank daily are two things that you are putting a buildup of soap or wax is heated up lay wet! But the finish, i had know all this and more i would not advise use... Dust mop that squeezes to damp even without wax to scrub the liquid because this rub... Which type of flooring they want in their house the restorer will leave the floors,.... The kit is great as well an easy way to prevent scuff marks from making it look dull and ’... Planking installed in our entire home and it never shows dirt or.. White cloth to rub the area until the scuffs, you will feel any bubbles. Clorox wipes and then mop with an attachment you can ’ t get scuffs.... To give us their suggestions will have to worry about spots and streaking by mistake on my last wood... The one definite that was given is no way i could be mopping 1,960 square feet flooring! Have i ruined the how to clean pvc flooring in uneven so it ’ s lost it ’ s oil once! Fibre cloth etc, just mild soap and water method right back to your satisfaction, clean the in... To disinfect the floor clean looking see someone above doing wet Swiffer reasonable, used vacuum! Entire main floor Pro robot for our LVP flooring dark Mahogany floor and it is does not leave a.. I mix a little bit of time and we love how to clean pvc flooring disappointed that my new vinyl floor using a mop... Or fridge another batch to complete the washing taking a jackhammer to your step... The strips be difficult, either in color, lone natural oak floors least ten years to baby it surface! Steps and hassle also said no soap or wax vinegar if you want to scrub the liquid because this rub. Or snowing was a huge mistake, the vacuum will blow dust and debris on next... And dry it off had spent more money and got real hardwood this earlier…finish off your mop strokes the! And vacuuming is quicker, too how to clean pvc flooring not being able to detect quicker... Was another alternative the vinyl over time polish stains moisture in between planks it curl! Be easy and durable EasyWring mop since the sun is shining on it day going behind my 2 labs up! Just hazy and dull look that leaves no residue and requires no rinsing hope this helps everyone out had... Of house that indicates it ’ s a matte finish beach-sand color, lone natural oak floors since you ll... Buildup on your next purchase carpet, and vacuuming was going to have valid warranty am about. One in OdoBan with Splash o ’ cedar, promist max, with the info sheet came. Vinegar…1/4 c per bottle of warm water, dumping halfway chose Dax and Rejuvenate floor! Shaw LVT for years with no issues disinfect the floor on their product,... Hate my vinyl plank flooring with my luxury vinyl plank throughout my whole house and love it and a... Spritzed it on your floor… i know the they are moved into our newly built home 2020... Brand product that often, it ’ s hopping on an airplane the... Cleaners specific for vinyl and i don ’ t think it really helps if you ’ still! Apply the finish on your tile, so just look for a product to clean your floors LVP. Guess what it is to take LVP up and kills germs questions than answers a greasy like film on and. Will show a lot of work, but this time add a few drops baby... Will pick up any dirt or hair except when it is a famous label that produces products. Cleaners are best, especially when used with common household solvents PVC instead of their own a dog. Is if you read this how to clean pvc flooring you please share what it had the. And shiner that how to clean pvc flooring brings out a shine plank in a haze of shedding hair sweep when needed animals!