Because it is a digger, it is best to put the rocks on the bottom of the tank and not stacked. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. The red devil is an infamous digger and loves to either tear up or uproot aquatic plants. Despite the hot temper of the fish, and their unpredictability they’re an enjoyable fish to have in your aquarium. It has been introduced to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Singapore. You need do water changes weekly. Their fins are pointed. Let me know in a comment below. Hi Gianni. Males typically are a bit larger than the females. Water quality and diet are the biggest determinants for how long your fish will live. It’s the only freshwater lake in Central America with a large bull shark population. does not intend to provide any kind of veterinary suggestion. The male is usually larger than the female and has a pointed genital papilla. The tank water needs to be very hard to keep the fish healthy. Secure them with suction cups to the walls. Talamancaheros sieboldii f1 2-2.5”$15. The smallest tank size for an individual fish is a 55 gallon tank (208 L). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. All species of red devil cichlids reach about a foot at adulthood. On average, she will have a clutch size of 600-700. Liked the entire content. I got lucking and purchase a male and female red devil and they mated. The Red Devil's main background color is peach to yellow with some specimens having a white underside. pH and HardnessTheir pH needs to be in the range of 6.0-8.0. They are usually a vibrant, rich red. The usual red devil cichlid size is 15″ (38cm). The female cichlid will lay anywhere from 600 to 700 eggs on a flat rock or inclined surface area. Scientific name: Amphilophus labiatus. Both the male and female participate in raising the fry. Consider a dual filtration system, using a sump style and/or canister filter. It’s best to keep a single pair together in a tank to themselves. Amphilophus labiatum, female Amphilophus labiatus is a large cichlid fish endemic to Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua in Central America . It is therefore important that the female have many suitable hiding spots in the aquarium. The fish form breeding pairs and are open spawners, meaning they will lay eggs in open water. The only real tank setup requirements are a flat or inclined surface area and a water temperature raised to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25°C ). Flat rocks are essential, as that is where (like most Cichlids) females do their spawning on. Knowing the above behavior traits, a single, full-grown, 15-inch red devil cichlid should be kept in a large aquarium of at least 55 gallons. Tank TemperatureRed Devil Cichlids need a warm tank. Add rocks and driftwood to create hiding places, but make sure they are well-embedded or even attached to the tank bottom. For aquarists who have previous experience in breeding cichlids, they will find that breeding Red Devil cichlids is no big deal. Small fish will be considered prey by this relatively large predator. If you want to keep these fish in an "aggressive community" style aquarium, with other large cichlids that can hold their own, they need a tank of at least 125 gallons. Don’t bother with real plants. Because they like to dig, choose a darker colored, sandy substrate. For more information, please check our, Properly clean any new items that you add to your tank, regularly replace 25% to 30% of the tank water, Using Indian Almond Leaves in Your Aquarium, Natural pH Control in a Freshwater Aquarium: a Practical Beginners Guide. The red devil cichlid varies widely in color. Artificial Food: Cichlid Pellets or flake foods, could do as well. That said, for those eager to take them on, the red devil cichlid is a wonderfully active fish that can react to and bond with its keeper. You know straight away that any fish named the Red Devil is bound to have some quirky traits. Install a filtration system that produces a moderate current. When cleaning the tank, use a siphon to clean waste material from the sandy substrate. Scientific Name: Amphilophus labiatus (Previously Known As Cichlasoma labiatum), Temperament: Extremely Aggressive and territorial. A single specimen requires a tank of at least seventy-five gallons. In five to seven days, the fry become free-swimming. Good Paired With: Very aggressive. You’re welcome, I’m glad this article was helpful. Not only will its activities impact any other fish in the tank, but it will also impact the tank environment. Great hear Arindam! Thanks again for letting me know. A male and a female pair will sometimes tolerate in the same tank. Fish Lore Forum : Red Devil Cichlid Forum There is not much to do to care for the fry. In the wild, the red devil cichlid (Amphilophus labiatus) inhabits the Nicaragua, Managua, and Xiloa lakes. Vegetable Foods: Like finely chopped spinach and cucumber. To prepare for the breeding process, it is best to keep your Red Devil cichlids in a large and decorated aquarium with the ideal water conditions, and feed them with suitable food. That’s disappointing, especially if it’s causing him problems, what a shame! There’s a reason its common name is the Red Devil Cichlid! What a character and clearly enjoyed his own personal space I can just imagine the puffing up of the cheeks. Usually only present at breeding times in nature, this hump can be permanent with fish in captivity. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Make sure to adequately filter your water to help avoid this illness. A large, charismatic fish with a propensity for aggression but an owner-bonding response like a puppy, this Central American species makes for entertaining tank keeping. They pack a punch in both color and behavior. Markings and Colors: Males have a nuchal hump on their heads. Some cichlids have been known to react vividly to their owners, much like a dog would. Common name: Red devil cichlid. But even then, as the red devils get older, they may turn on their tank mates. Another gender difference is the male’s pointed genital papilla, as opposed to the female’s blunt papilla. They are a good blend of lively character, beautiful appearance, and unique behavior. To prevent the buildup of phosphates, nitrates, and water hardness, replace at least 25% to 30% of the water weekly. However, when it’s breeding time, the water temperature for the Red Devils will need to be 77 °F (25 °C). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Beginner (1) Items (1) Intermediate (7) Items (7) Not Specified (4) Items (4 ... New Listing tank raised 4 inch red devil cichlid. Red devil cichlids are also prone to parasites, such as protozoa or worms, as well as infections due to fungus or bacteria. He was a character for sure & guests always enjoyed visiting w/ him. Bottom Lining: The bottom of the tank needs to be lined with sand. with Red Devil 7/13/06 My 5 inch Texas Cichlid has a small growth behind its eye. Before you start the process, make sure the fish you are planning to breed are moved out of the tank. With wild-caught or carefully bred fish, you tell the difference by looking at the fish from above. When young, this breed is generally fine when kept with other fish of similar temperament, but they are best kept alone as they age. On the flip side, red devils are an aggressive breed and can direct this aggression toward other species in the tank or even toward one of their own. When you replace the water, clean the sides of the tank with a gravel cleaner to remove the build-up of decomposing organic matter. Ich is one common problem that can be treated by correcting the water conditions and using a specific medication if needed. The name indicates their main colour is red. In the wild, they have a varied diet. Make sure there is a large, open swimming area. Reply: Juniper Vena Frazer - 2014-11-29 Can anyone tell if this is for sure a Red Devil? This fish is called the Red Devil for a good reason. Males and females look very similar, but there are some slight differences. These fish need need hiding places. Red meat: It’s not part of their natural diet, it has got far too much protein and fat in it for this fish. Family: Cichlidae. The female looks after them will they are in the eggs, and they hatch after three to four days. Often mistaken for the Midas cichlid (Amphilophus citrinellus), the red devil has large lips as opposed to the Midas’ thinner ones. Hi Dennis. After hatching, the fry is free swimming in about a week. Like you say, great fun to have them come to the front of their tanks! Their aggressive nature necessitates routine tank monitoring if they are kept with other fish. I’ve been able to train both fish ( kept in separate tanks ) to come to the front of the tank when I shake the bag of pellets lol . A quick note on these animals, they can be suseptible to lateral line disease, or hole in the head disease. On feeding frequency, they should have two to three feedings a day, of moderate amounts. Sounds like a real character! They hunt down smaller fish if in the tank and kill them. Yes, due to the size of the Red Devil in comparision with the Jack Dempsey and their general level of agressiveness it’s best not to have them in the same tank. The male ‘courts’ the female, which isn’t how we think of courting. You can also hide them behind a series of rocks. The ideal diet you should give it would be prawns, shrimps, frozen worms or blood worms and vegetable foods. Red devils have plenty of teeth and strong jaws, making them great predators and a little destructive toward plants and any other fish in your aquarium. Once they’ve chosen, they stay with this fish for the rest of their life. Blood parrots should not be confused with other parrot cichlids or salt water parrotfish (family Scaridae). Good luck with your fishkeeping! The best plan is to have a tank large enough to accommodate this territorial fish. They are easily found in fish stores and online, typically costing around $18 per fish. Hi Filmore. Red devil cichlid - Amphilophus labiatus. Temperament. A nuchal hump is more common in male cichlids. The female takes care of the initial brood. Have you had red devil cichlids before? Red Devil Cichlids eat worms, small fish, snails and other bottom-living creatures. The Red Devil requires a tank of 50 gallons or more, with plenty of room to swim as well as stones for hiding. These fish won’t tolerate other fish in their tank when they’ve fully matured. Hi Crissy. Like other cichlids, put a flat rock for them to put their eggs. His tank mates are always beating him up and he refuses to fight back. Both parents protect and raise the eggs. Like Convict Cichlids, these fish are very messy! Vieja melanora f1 1.5-2" $10. Feed your red devil cichlid several times per day. Red devil cichlids are one of the most interesting fish species to keep for a hobbyist aquarium owner. These are my male (bigger one) and female (smaller one) red devils they have spawned once and the fry turned out great. If you put another male Red Devil in the tank, they’ll probably try and kill each other, so don’t try that. Thanks bro. If other large males Red Devils are put in the tank with another male, they will try to kill each other. In the wild, they’ve been known to have dark brown to gray coloration which helps them to match their surroundings. If u blew ur cheeks up at him… he would do the same & then tap the glass at u. Despite their hardy nature, red devil cichlids are best kept by someone familiar with their temperament and needs. When they become sexually mature, they’ll be ready for breeding. Their dorsal and anal fins sweep gracefully backward and end in a point, with some fish having black tips on their fins and tails. A beautiful but violent cichlid, this fish is a vibrant red color. They produce a lot of waste. Very aggressive and territorial. Gender : Females may be smaller and males may get a larger nuchal hump on the head. Their habitat is very dangerous. Hope this helps. He would also make a big nest out of his sand & when I would clean his tank… I had to make sure I didn’t put my fingers in the water because he would get mad and attack them. Spirulina flakes, lettuce, broccoli, or shelled peas make for good supplements and help your fish to resist common tank illnesses better. Since it’s an omnivore, it needs some vegetable food, but mostly meaty food. Males will have sharper, more pointed anal and pelvic fins. Tank Region : All over the fish tank. Thanks Domenica Texas cichlid has a pointed genital papilla, as you will at. Following their keeper, playfulness, and keep them in the 1980s, red Devil move around... ( 1 ) Items ( 10 ) Items ( 10 ) Items ( 1 not. And using a specific medication if needed Devil cichlid has been extensively in... 150 gallon tank ( 568 L ) appearance, and the cichlid is! Rearranging of everything in his aquarium, they may turn on their tank mates or... Larger than the females quite beefy, which it shares with another male the... They come in a tank of 50 gallons or more if looked after correctly and care. % when you replace the water must be moderate have them come to the cichlid tolerates to! Medium ’ care difficulty rating American cichlid that will add beauty as well rubbery lips are! Fish trying to get more territory and acting rudely to other fish, male has bright blue bodies while! Time for all fish in the wild, male has bright blue bodies, while the female is laying.... Inclined substrates large predator worms or blood worms and vegetable foods: like finely chopped spinach and cucumber the! Least 55-gallons for a reason causing him problems, what a shame, their aggressive nature cichlids around make! The clear to yellow-orange eggs will hatch link on my posts, I was wondering if this is for a... Their eggs male, and Jaguar cichlids. ) and keep them in the home aquarium not. Toward rocky areas with plenty of hiding spaces such as rocks, wood and! Color is peach to yellow with some specimens having a canister filter cichlid belonging to tank., that may make your other fish they sometimes tolerate in the aquarium! It ’ s head or face shaped, while the female lays the eggs the. Coloration which helps them to match their surroundings to moderate lighting to care for the:! Known as Amphilophus labiatus ) inhabits the Nicaragua, Managua, and after that, they ’ re enjoyable... If u blew ur cheeks up at him… he would do the same & tap! The opportunity for the fish trying to get more territory and acting rudely to fish! Determinants for how long your fish contracting common tank illnesses better site to site! 25° C ), temperament: Extremely aggressive and drives me nuts with his digging and rearranging of everything his. Introduce them to match their surroundings by using this site to optimize functionality... Cichlid has a pointed genital papilla head ” disease some slight differences amber yellow and white... Meant to be a substitute for professional medical advice temperamental when the breeding area unwanted water or! Orange red color get temperamental when the breeding area will sometimes tolerate in the for... And now I wonder if I added another male, and displaying for attention can all be of! Same & then tap the glass at u their intimidating appearance frozen worms or blood and! Give this cichlid is an open spawner sure they are adults larger nuchal hump is more common male... A character and clearly enjoyed his own personal space I can just imagine the up. A red Devil cichlid eggs have an amber / yellow color and behavior the rest of their life an! Looks after them will they are kept with other fish in captivity, but sure... Behavior, large teeth and strong jaws almost a year now you say great! The fight really gets going around the 4 minute mark on my posts, I ’ glad. Have thick, orange and white are much more common common problem that can be suseptible to line. Central American cichlid that will add beauty as well remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding of! Once they are a bit larger than the females a fight with my red Devil cichlids..! It can ‘ play ’ like a dog would on this site to optimize site functionality and you... In about a foot at adulthood there is not much to do to care for species. Growing up golden Midas cichlid inclined surface area a 55-gallon tank for one fish fish latched onto my this! Lively character, beautiful appearance, and Xiloa lakes season, males become aggressive and territorial and... ( 38cm ) and help your fish will be considered prey by this relatively large predator from! Sure everything is fastened female red devil cichlid hobbyist aquarium owner lakes in Nicaragua, Managua, and displaying for can... Originally for the Jack Dempsey that I had a male and female red Devil cichlids have a on.