This vivid tattoo follows that theme brilliantly. This could change the war in Cyrodiil if someone managed to rebuild it. —Amalien, I have to disagree, Amalien. —Amalien, Here's a real find! —Ugron gro-Thumog, Maybe it was stitched in place? Hmm. At least not a jurisreeve as we currently understand the term. Marvelous! —Gabrielle Benele, At first blush, there was nothing exceptional about this plain, leather belt, but its appearance is deceiving. It quickly became evident that they were not sufficient, however, so they were abandoned and never iterated on. The runes are Malacath devotionals. A journal unlike any other! Y'ffre demanded that the Wood Elves keep their shape as part of the Green Pact, but ironically, he allows them to change it again in times of great need. Barely visible to the eye? In any case, they look like waves to me. An Ayleid sword, eh? I can barely look at it without squinting! This is a testing device--a puzzle. Ohmes-raht come close, but the facial features are completely different. —Verita Numida, Location: Alik'r, Bankorai, Deshaan, Stonefalls, Craglorn. According to Psijic tomes, Ritemasters like Iachesis used these unassuming objects to write theorums and spells, then store them in a harmless demi-plane for later use. Today's crocodiles are big enough! Judging by the state of the stone, I'd say late first Era. A prince or high-ranking cleric perhaps? Item Description: The vastness of Red Mountain is truly apparent in this scale map of Vvardenfell. The geometic etchings likely symbolize wisdom and authority; the white stones, nobility. I'd have to take a closer look, but the body of the brazier looks like stalhrim! Is he meant to be Lorkhan? As most of us know, Orcs are a formidable people. Nord warriors "cross the whalebone bridge" to reach Sovngarde. Nine Prows Landing is marked on it, too, which makes me think it's an early map. It felt like something was sucking at the wound as I pulled away! This would help create a sturdy object without sacrificing aesthetics. I keep mine in a small willow wood box, but it's a fraction of the size and it's completely transparent. But have you considered the possibility that they were scrubbing off something from the scrolls? Look at the contours of the face, and this salt-glazing technique! I'm surprised the contents are still legible. I've counted them eight times and gotten eight different results. —Ugron gro-Thumog. Northern Elsweyr, I mean. The skalds of his day composed songs about his wealth and generosity. Look, here, you can see the depiction of victory over the Dragon Cult, and here you can see the very first Moot of the Nords, which King Harald summoned to his mead-hall sometime around 1E 184. —Ugron gro-Thumog. Pointed bronze tusks served no practical purpose other than to remind enemies who exactly they were dealing with. Oh! She buries her childhood shoes in the soil in hopes they will help the Eldest grow. The Sea Elves do love their snakes! In one of them, he caught a Desert Sucker the size of a horse that was terrorizing the waters. This is an odd discovery. They seem about the right span for stringing a leather cord through. He was a famed Pellitine assassin that was rumored to have killed high ranking officials in Anequina. That would seem to date it to the waning days of the Ayleid Empire, when Elves like the Barsaebics distanced themselves from their Heartland kin who served darker masters. It doesn't explain the larger pools, though. it's rare to find a Yokudan statue that isn't wielding a sword. Someone clearly placed a fixative spell on the frame. The Elder Scrolls series are trademarks of Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. —Reginus Buca, Orcs of the First Era knew orichalc better than Argonians know mud. It simply says, "Forgive me." The “Ancestral Tombs Hunter” general achievement worth 50 points is given to those that collect them all, and hand the quest back to Librarian Bradyn. In fact, I think it would be more accurate to call them sea serpents. Based on my research, a sect of Nedic mages called the Eternal Watchers, used their souls as a means to lock away a lich called Virmaril the Betrayer. The blue crystal residue might be a clue! A demigod exhibiting those traits is well within the realm of possibility! Darkstride Overland: Darkstride Overland (2 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina (3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Stamina (4 items) Adds 129 Stamina Recovery (5 items) Reduces the cost of Sprint and Sneak by 50%. Sort by. The lifelike feeling makes my skin crawl. —Ugron gro-Thumog, Orcs of the past depicted historical figures in their armor. —Amalien, I can't overstate the magnitude of this discovery. The horn is made from the end of a timber-mammoth tusk, and the mouth-piece is carved bone. As for the egg, it's metaphorical. —Verita Numida, So Dorald's hirsute appearance is symbolic, as a stand in for Marukh. Just ask any Imperial cartographer who's tried it. —Amalien, A series of connected ebony plates and Dwarf-metal accents? You could replace an opponent's "slave" with one of your own—"turning a traitor," you see? Yes, the Khajiit fought bloody wars here, but they also traded with other peoples and prospered in peaceful times. Thin plates of metal laid against the wearer's chest, tight to the body and tapered. The Nedes were accomplished leatherworkers, perhaps due to a nomadic nature. We should lock this away immediately. Four! Given the bizarre shape and the greenish hue of the metal, I'd say this is a relic of the Wild Hunt. Are you sure? This region is known as the Grahtwood, after the graht-oaks that are found in great numbers there. —Gabrielle Benele, This plate clearly connects to a spinal and neck structure that holds inner workings of a vamidium's shoulder-machinery. Item Description: Hewn from ancient stone and banded with crude metals, this Wood Elf ring harkens back to a crueler time. Quartz is a crystal, and crystals possess many unusual qualities regarding the transmission of sound. But his aspect seems far less distant than normal. Ancestral robes can be obtained as rare drops from the Chambers of Xeric. Seems the charming magic imbued into this iron is still quite potent. A whale totem, eh? —Reginus Buca, How adorable! This storm-cloud emblem, here, belongs to the lords of Ilayas, a stronghold founded centuries before the empire's decline. Maybe the Twilight Cantors played a role? We're so stuffy! Impressive, since these were widely counterfeited during King Ranser's war to falsify correspondence. —Reginus Buca, Truth is, we know next to nothing about the Snow Elves' governmental structure, because Ysgramor and his companions wiped the slate clean during their invasion. —Verita Numida, It depends on the clan. Basalt is a rather heavy and coarse stone for delicate work such as this, but the carver chose a deliberately abstract style for the pieces. "The line of Frestrien bore stern features that appeared wrought from pale marble...." He was a vampire! Either exceptions were made for those who could provide their own equipment, or the skald took creative liberties. It's hard to miss Lake Honrich and the Treva River. —Reginus Buca, Sorry, but that animal's face does not say "commitment and fertility" to me. If you conducted a test on that residue, I think you'll find it shares many of the same propertiers as soul gems! Those who answered his call won everlasting renown as the Five Hundred Companions. —Reginus Buca, But why a Dragon skull? —Amalien, Much of the archeological evidence of the first Orsinium vanished during the thirty-year siege, but this looks like a relic of Chieftain Torug gro-Igron to me. —Reginus Buca. One account claimed that one of these shields could crumple an Elven cuirass with a full speed charge. Note: In the first week of the test server, this object granted a furnishing named "Black Fragment of Lyg". Daedric. —Reginus Buca, This has to be Khenarthi, right? —Reginus Buca, Perhaps they shed the stuff! You think this is one of the spirits they scrubbed from the pantheon? While they were notoriously reclusive, it's presumed that they engaged in some for of commerce, if only with each other. —Ugron gro-Thumog, I assume you haven't visited Black Marsh recently. Is it the Amulet of Kings? Dorald was a priest of the Alessian Order who attempted to impose a theocracy on the Colovians. Page after blood-stained page depicting murders of every variety. Item Description: This triptych may stir ancestral memories in Mer—a longing of the soul for home. I'm no carpenter, but the way it's been hewn right down the center might indicate a sword stroke. Such brutal work would require easy access to intoxicants. Every Breton knows those motifs! Considering the workmanship of the other pieces that make up this magical torc, I must wonder if the original focusing stone was replaced with an inferior one by some lesser artisan.—Ugron gro-Thumog, Common quartz, yes, but not in the context of this magical torc. And they did, too. Blood to please Hircine, and bones to honor Y'ffre. —Amalien, I don't like the look of this. —Reginus Buca, Magical analysis dates the doll to sometime in the Merethic. So, a depiction of Sithis consuming some origin? I can scarcely imagine watching someone take that grip in hand and swing their leg astride a hissing steed! —Gabrielle Benele, Pilazjo was a legendary Khenarthian Rawlith Khaj master who trained from an early age on the Isle of Three Temples. Some kind of powerful augury based on watching ripples. We cannot discuss their history without observing the evolution of Orsinium throughout time. —Gabrielle Benele, Look closer. Looks like they repurposed a crocodile's skull so it latches onto the torso of any who trigger it. —Reginus Buca, You give the Ayleids too much credit, Reginus. This knight might have died in the Gavaudon Troubles, just before the flight from Wayrest. What I find odd is the more realistic aesthetic. This certainly features Ysgramor, flanked by Atmoran runes.The Draconic silhouettes and ruby inlays clearly indicate this chalice belonged to someone of high station. Item Description: Behold the Champion of Azura, the Hero of Red Mountain, the Herald of the Triune Way, Saint Nerevar Moon-and-Star in all his glory from the comfort of your own home. I don't think it was necessarily meant to be funny, but the "needlessly large buckle" part made me laugh out loud! —Gabrielle Benele, I've traveled with enough Wood Elves to know you should never ask what they put in their pots. Though the location of his profane forge remains a mystery, this fell armor is an enduring reminder of the vampire's dark power. A group as powerful and secretive as the Psijic Order wouldn't just set ink to parchment like some common mage. Whether it was because they were strong enough to wield longer, thicker weapons or that they simply enjoyed the look and feel is a matter of vigorous debate. Not very practical for a weapon of war. Personally, I've never seen any compelling evidence of a godly connection to this material. —Gabrielle Benele, Hmm. 100% Upvoted. —Ugron gro-Thumog. What is this other figure here? Online: Ancestral Orc Style. —Amalien. We are going to take a look at how you can access Antiquities and where you can find the correct leads, make sure to check out the full Antiquties zone list below. —Ugron gro-Thumog, Orcs are just rediscovering these kind of precise metalwork techniques. The runes are boasts about the plunder they took during each of the captain's voyages. —Reginus Buca, You may have discovered the spoils of the fledgling Theives Guild's first heist in Abah's Landing! Sadly, the candles in this majestic sconce are neither, but the impression this installation creates is long lasting. —Amalien, Sounding a horn to commence a hunt? Throughout the centuries, the Silvenars of the Bosmer have worn no special badge of office; every Wood Elf of the Valenwood knows the Silvenar on sight. Wearing it is like a warm hug. Very few High Elves can trace their lineage back this far. This resembles the rings one might find in the nose of an unruly bull. The warrior left a collection of blunted training swords in his home adeptiorium as a reminder to the hadaliit he left behind. Fake beards, not wigs, were briefly in fashion. Perhaps we should put it back .... —Gabrielle Benele, Nonsense! Lugging this around would have taken a considerable amount of effort. Perhaps these are totemic Divines, like the Atmorans worshiped? Ah, an Ayleid sconce of some variety. I try to avoid Dark Elf politics, personally, but to wipe all mention of the Sixth House from the record seems excessive to the point of suspicious. Look inside. Age doesn't mean anything in Oblivion, and this is definitely Daedric Prince-craft. I don't think I've ever seen evidence of Aldmeri culture being welcomed with such open ... arms. Obviously, this served as some devotional object to the Khajiiti moon-gods, Jone and Jode. Item Description: Imagine what the sword that belonged to this stunning scabbard might have looked like! Finding it on bits of used armor isn't unusual, but what if it really is a drain? I can almost hear it whispering to me. Or to protect the wearer's throat from harm? —Amalien, I love the sass in this entry! No race, no matter how depraved, will stand for that forever. I reminds me of traditional High Elf requiems. And aren't they cursed as well? Many seaborn creatures shed their skins to grow, right? This metallic banding is curious too. © The Imperial Library. —Verita Numida, Come now, Verita, this is one of the rare Kjervilde Craniums! No, this horn is blown to signal the end of the hunt. Unusual design. —Reginus Buca, Look at the stone. I wish I could have seen the blade itself. —Amalien, That's because it's not a traditional weapon. I mean ... horrifying, yes. I've heard tales of similar creatures in the Clockwork City. Given that it came from Wrothgar, it might be some totem or figure from the first Orcs? Look, a piece of Malacath's Brutal Band! 0 comments. I've never seen a window like this in the Khajiiti temples I've visited. I can definitely see one of them annointing ja'khajiit in this. —Gabrielle Benele. This was likely a work of magic by a local wyrd. There is even a quest that starts to introduce you to this subject, but the objective only marks one of the tomb locations. —Reginus Buca, The torc seems incomplete because it is incomplete. The spiral designs are symbols of death. Yokudans wielded powerful magic where stones were concerned. —Amalien, I have heard some truly unsettling accounts of the Sload's process of ... maturing. —Amalien, Dark Elves do have a long (and disturbing) tradition of bizarre animal husbandry. Some kind of complex ballista that could fling projectiles at a distance. —Verita Numida, Cultural exchange with the Kothringi, maybe? I don't recognize the aesthetic here. Could it have been hanging in the sacred hall at that very hour? —Amalien, An ancient dance, eh? Did you take note of the pristine condition of the bone and the brilliant gold etchings? —Gabrielle Benele. Ensorceled gates--even long abandoned ones--aren't something to tinker with. Always good to see a relic from the homeland. Modern devotees are said to shed their skin in gruesome rituals with winding daggers. Choose any zone below to see a list of all antiquities lead locations for that zone! —Gabrielle Benele. Item Description: The lands of Anequina and its majestic aqueduct are the subject of this skillfully illustrated map. It's almost waxy in apperance. —Reginus Buca, Perhaps it's due to their stature, but historically Nords do possess a predilection for enormity, whether it be for mugs, cheese wheels, mounts, daggers, or anything really. An aetherquartz sphere like this--also known as a calian--is the physical embodiment of a High Elf's honor and status in the High Elf community. I've seen the stylistic elements etched in this metal worn by members of the Crowns in Sentinal, but this nominal gauntlet is clearly ceremonial. —Reginus Buca, Wood elf priests have venerated Y'ffre through song and story since time immemorial. —Verita Numida, Could this horn have belonged to Jarl Vundarr Openhand of Hjaalmarch? —Amalien, I assume you're citing old Skaal stories, Amalien? The kingdom of Ojwambu occupies the southern half of Bankorai. We should be extremely careful when handling it, if we need to handle it at all! As you know, the Alessian Order placed tight restrictions on graven images of Alessia. —Verita Numida, I've read stories about a monster created from the Wild Hunt--one that had the body of a serpent and jaws like a shark. —Reginus Buca, Orcs dress bones better. A lesser-known prophesy foretold that the lost children of Aldmeris would "make of their branches a new home on distant shores." This shrine conforms to the Nedic architectural aesthetics we found in Craglorn, with a few notable exceptions. Incomplete, but still lovely. —Amalien. From the dark shading in the northern region of this map, it seems likely this maps dates to soon after the first eruption of Red Mountain. Gorgeous! Difficult to say with certainty since its shores change so often, but I'm fairly confident this map depicts southern Black Marsh. People bound to this idea of death and rebirth always wind up as wild-eyed cultists. They would be the right length for an Altmer foot, if we're going with the theory that this is Snow Elf in origin. Necklaces often harness powerful enchantments, so I'm not surprised to find a piece of a torc that boosts the strength of the object's magic. And a note, as well? —Amalien, Exactly right, Amalien. Three hands--three coils. —Amalien. —Verita Numida. Though even that feels like a stretch. I associate the Bosmer so much with bone, and rotmeth, and insect parts that I forget what wonders the Green Pact can produce! —Verita Numida, Could this be the famed killing claw of Vashrjo the Killer? —Ugron gro-Thumog, Yes, perhaps a blast from this announced Vrage the Butcher himself. I fear we'll never know. Is that a unique property of grummite pearls? This band ... it almost feels diagnostic in design. Can you? I agree, the patterning is similar. Shortly after Akatosh's final Alessian visitation, a renowned Ayleid smith named Lirulorne struck a handful of masterwork coins for the fallen empress's consort, Morihaus. This must date to before their shift to worship of Z'en. It requires a jeweler's focus. See the whorls supporting the whale? Self-consumption remains unconfirmed. There's old magic clinging to this statue. This skin isn't technically alive, but it still acts like it. Style Materials determine the visual style of armor, weapons and shields, assuming the appropriate motif has been read. Not an out-and-out curse, mind you! This parchment is old, but it's not three thousand years old. Could something or someone be looking up at her? Armor of the Seducer Craftable: Armor of the Seducer Craftable (2 items) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery (3 items) Adds 1096 Maximum Magicka (4 items) Adds 129 Magicka Recovery (5 items) Reduces the cost of your Magicka abilities by 10%. Sliding one's hands into these pelagic horrors imbues the wearer with arcane might. It seems the nobility was quite divided on the matter. Truly wondrous craftsmanship. His whole realm of Coldharbour is a manifestation of fear and exploitation. The Ayleids here must have considered Hermaeus Mora their patron. —Amalien. Whatever the case, the peerless craftsmanship and extravagant composition proves that even the conquered recognized the divine legitimacy of Alessia's rule. You mean Dwarven vessels that "dive" through the realms of Aetherius and Oblivion? —Reginus Buca. I think the only reason there's any left at all was because they were more interested in wiping out the Elves themselves. —Amalien, The author writes about felling enemies with such beautiful language. —Verita Numida, Yes, the Mournhold aesthetic is difficult to miss. —Gabrielle Benele, And Giant territory, too! My research indicates he occupied a place of special significance for Snow Elves. The Orcs of old made boots from overlapping plates of thick metal. —Gabrielle Benele, Given where this was found, I wonder if we should consider the possibility of this being from the Lightless Oubliette. I could see a Mer crafting this elegant item simply because they like snakes! —Reginus Buca, Well, as you know, the Atmorans associated foxes with Shor--the totemic analogue for Lorkhan. or machinery. Subtlety did not factor into these weapons. —Ugron gro-Thumog, I've never known an Orc to carry a staff that didn't look like it could double as a bludgeoning weapon if push came to shove. —Verita Numida, Well, this shield is certainly ... tall. Are these the shoes of the girl raised by the Eldest? And what's this symbol? —Reginus Buca, Is that really so odd? While I'd never display such a macabre item in my home, there is a certain beauty to the craftsmanship. It seems likely that this horn heralded the army's rampage upon the land. I've never seen a tree in Malabal Tor leak sap like this. The ship portrayed on one side exhibits a later art style, as does the lettering on the other. —Amalien, That's Nedic sculpting, actually. The Heartland Elves turned to Daedra-worship long before Ayleid ironsmiths crafted this chandelier. I think this used to be a Dwarven rod of some kind; a device used to direct animunculi, or inscribe their strange maths on hard surfaces. Bruk'ra wander-kings all but annexed the city after Darloc Brae's conquests. —Verita Numida, Strange; I've never encountered a Dwemer torc equipped with these shield-like extensions. —Ugron gro-Thumog, Ugron, always the worrier! —Reginus Buca. Judging by the spacing and the painstaking notation, it's definitely a High Elf creation. I believe this to be a Bawn or Anutwyll heirloom carried away from one of those fallen strongholds around 1E 243. Velothi asceticism and Beothian values drove them to work in unconventional materials, even during their Golden Age. This hardly seems like a mere oversight. Item Description: This mix of bone, metal, and sinew provides a strangely soothing and meditative sound. Don't dolls usually look like the children they're intended for? The older priests made a point of washing their hands before, after, and sometimes during a reading. The Sload would take a keen interest in such a thing! And judging by the number of pinions, cylinders, and junction-points, I'd say it's a test none of us are likely to pass. —Verita Numida, I've read about objects like this, but I've never actually seen one. —Gabrielle Benele, I do. If you squint? —Gabrielle Benele, There's a reason for that, Gabrielle. I'm especially intrigued by this array of stones. —Amalien, Or perhaps someone chose to note that location on this map since it is culturally significant, Amalien. The question is why? Item Description: Eye-catching, is it not? —Reginus Buca, Really makes you wonder--what threat did Dagoth pose to the Tribunal? Wouldn't that be something? —Ugron gro-Thumog, I was skeptical, but I decided to test Amalien's theory and sure enough the wheel fit over the end of a broken steam pipe. —Amalien, I'd be curious to see a map of this area from the First Era, if such a thing could ever be found. Their hidden truths! Probably the work of some Telvanni apprentice!—Amalien, There's a far more plausible--albeit less palatable--explanation for this. Like the Dwemer? Item description: These fur-lined boots combine the rugged practicality of northern footwear with the grace and precision of Elven smithing. —Gabrielle Benele, If there's a difference between Nibenese and Colovians, you would barely notice. Harmless, but entertaining. If the owner was a vampire, feeding in battle would be messy business, I think. One of the arms is missing. Argonians use their grave stakes to pin down their dead so they don't rise again as bog blights. Even so, I'd hate to see one of these deployed in the field. —Ugron gro-Thumog, It's certainly a lightwell, but our focus should be the crystal. The pressure is unimaginable! Some Orcs believe the Brutal Breed had the right idea and were saddened when they were wiped out. —Verita Numida, Analysis shows that the medallion is extremely old—early Merethic era or even perhaps before. Dark Elves are master revisionists. —Gabrielle Benele. —Amalien. You don't often see Chimer-modified tools like this, but my best guess is that some opportunistic herder repurposed the rod's shaft as a simple nix-prod. Perhaps these were Dunmer escape routes, showing the way to new settlements?—Amalien, The idea that a cartographer managed to create a map in these conditions defies credulity. Curious. This could be a meditation hexahedron. Map of the Direnni Hegemony, circa 1E 484. Though I'm curious about the quality of their wine. This looks like southwestern Valenwood to me. The waistband extended upward as far as the ribs and encircled the wearer in rigid material. —Amalien, Indeed. Apparently, Wood Elves can shift into all manner of hideous beast during a Wild Hunt. This isn't particularly old, but it's still noteworthy. —Ugron gro-Thumog, This book looks like it went through the jaws of a Sabre cat and then came out the other end. Ald'ruhn proves the crabs' remains last a long time. I've never seen any remains that approach that size. —Gabrielle Benele, And you're certain this urn contains the ritual oil used to annoint the Brutal Bands? The insignia of the Knights of St. Pelin is pressed into the surface. Could it have come from Falinesti? Kyne and Khenarthi reward courage and faithfulness respectively. And the contents are no better. I hear the Psijics can read water. Item Description: One of the Summerset Isles, Auridon is painstakingly rendered on this map to the exacting standard of the College of Sapiarchs. This definitely seems Dwemeric in origin, but it's not something I recognize. (Note: This is a category of antiquities, rather than one piece with multiple Fragments), Now here's something I didn't expect to find in Skyrim: a lord's banner from distant Akavir.