With just one episode to go before The Walking Dead takes off until October, there's a lot of speculation going on as to just what might happen, what twists might pop … To serve as the ideal destination for someone who wants to be on top of things. This clan characteristically wore straw hats, and their lineage is probably what the "Will of D" refers to. The only thing that would be lamer than nothing would be if the One Piece was just boring old treasure. 1-5 Crazy Conspiracy Theories Sanji has been one of the more mysterious members of the Strawhat Pirates since he first joined up early in the series. One Piece has been going on strong for 23 years now. Conspiracy theories are quite possibly my favorite things to read in my free time. These regions are all isolated and feel like completely different worlds. One Piece 927 Review/Reactions – The Shogun Kurozumi Orochi; One Piece 926 Discussion – Luffy and Kid in Kaido’s Prison; Blackbeard’s Bounty – One Piece Chapter 925 Discussion; One Piece Manga Chapter 925 – Luffy, Kid and Lord Kozouki Oden; Luffy vs Kaido – One Piece Chapter 923; Topics. I feel like if she was the one he's with now, that would be a huge no-no. The document revealed was not a letter, and was on four sheets, with many claiming the writing style was totally different. Eiichiro Oda's One Piece is slowly reaching its end, prompting fans to speculate on what Gol D. Roger's One Piece treasure truly is. All that is known is that he played a huge part or was insanely important during the age of the Void Century. Therefore, fans think that the One Piece is an ancient weapon that will destroy the Red Line and unite the entirety of the sea in...one piece. Hey remember when you said she was a crazy and peddling conspiracy theories in defense of Michael Flynn and then she substantiated every one of … 10 Hilarious (Or Convincing) Fan Theories. One day, people will look back on this as the year that everything changed – or depending on how Americans respond to the mandates – the year we finally said enough. To support this, the point to the fact that Lucia said she wrote a letter one a piece of paper. What a piece of work is man! Here is a list of 20 Kickass and Crazy Conspiracy Theories. If you wanted conventional storytelling you’d stick with the games. But, what if Raftel is just a stepping stone before heading out into the vast unknown world beyond the Grand Line? So, maybe the One Piece is Joy Boy himself? your own Pins on Pinterest Shanks had the gomu gomu no mi to eat it for himself. What if, on Raftel, there is one piece of text that tells the truth that the World Government would do anything to keep secret. One theory states that it has something to do with his teammates from when he served under Jiraiya. 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Here are seven things that were considered crazy conspiracy theories…until now, when they’re becoming far too real. Some reveal as much about the time their proponents lived in as they do about human evolution. And that is how will Luffy defeat Kaido? As the COVID-19 crisis worsens, the world also faces a global misinformation pandemic. They were correct, and Blackbeard continues to shape up to be one of the series biggest villains. Don't rule it out. Because while it seems nonsensically stupid, it would sort of fit the tone better than almost any other answer. It turns out Sabo survived his brush with death, gaining a wicked scar and a bad case of amnesia. After so many world-altering events happened in the space of one arc, fans speculated that there would be a time skip, and they were right. And I do like some, however, I have to say they are all wrong. Granting an explosive increase in speed and power, the Gears allowed him to keep up with the ever-increasing strength of his opponents. Once again, the fans were proven right. Finally, the last theory is one with almost no basis but is there for anyone who hates all the other ones. After realizing that he and his crew were badly outclassed by the heavy hitters of the New World, Luffy decides to postpone the reunion of the Strawhats by two years to give them time to train and get stronger. Lola is indeed the daughter of Big Mom, one of many, as the Yonko has many children so that she can force them into political marriages. This is the point of onepiecetheories.com. That’s part of their charm though. Some of them might be valid while others are way too crazy. Or in Argentina, aged 73. Luffy has been recruiting new members into the Strawhats since the beginning of the series and still does so to this day. They are not to be taken seriously (or maybe they are O.o) RORONOA Kaidou (zoros DAD) Shanks is A CELESTIAL DRAGON. The past century has seen a profusion of theories. NEXT: The Best Anime On Amazon Prime Right Now, All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Similar to the friendships theory, there's another one that's a bit more realistic. Therefore, gold would be lame for a multitude of reasons. Who is Joy Boy? Here are some that were confirmed. The song actually has many crazy theories surrounding it, such as - it is a song about the destruction of America, it’s about the assassination of JFK, and also it hints at the death of God. Zoro is the creator and only known user of Santoryu or the Three Sword Style. The Marines headquarters was destroyed, the mythical treasure One Piece was confirmed to exist, and a new age of piracy was kicked off. Basically, people speculate that Roger found out the truth about the Void Century on Raftel and that it had to do with the Ancient Civilization, Poneglyphs, and Joy Boy. Furthermore, several of them have been revealed to have been committing heinous crimes while under the protection of the World Government. This is our favorite theory. Due to some atrocity committed during the Void Century, they were wiped out, and the World Government has been covering up any hints of them ever since. These go deeper. During the Marineford arc, it was explained that Ace was the biological child of Gol D. Roger and Port D. Rouge. Here are some CRAZY one piece theories. Marshall D. Teach, aka Blackbeard, has only gotten a bit of screentime here and there in the series so far, but he is one of the most important characters in the show. Naruto: 10 Strongest Shinobi Alive After The Fourth Great Ninja War, Naruto: 10 Strongest Ninja Naruto Couldn't Beat Alone, Naruto: 10 Plot Points That Were Abandoned Before The Ending, 10 Ways Naruto SD Is Nothing Like The Original Series, My Hero Academia: 5 Best Offensive Quirks (& 5 Best Support Quirks), 10 Anime Heroes Everyone Forgets Were Introduced As Villains, Assassination Classroom: 10 Abilities Koro-Sensei Has (But Rarely Uses), Naruto: Every Time The Akatsuki Almost Won (& How), Avatar: 5 Similarities Between Zuko & Azula (& 5 Differences), Bleach: 4 Most Beloved (& 4 Most Hated) Filler Arcs. Echiro Oda's One Piece is a sprawling series. Everything ussop says comes true. They range from conspiracies that could be true to straight up crazy theories that could never be possible. Blaming 5G This conspiracy theory should be easy to debunk: it is biologically impossible for […] Here are some that were confirmed. 10 Hilarious (Or Convincing) Fan Theories, One Piece: 5 Characters Zoro Can't Beat Yet (& 5 He Never Will), One Piece: 10 Amazing Sanji Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime, One Piece: 10 Amazing Trafalgar Law Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime, One Piece: 5 Anime Characters Monkey D. Luffy Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't), Naruto: 10 Jutsu You Didn't Know Madara Could Use, The Seven Deadly Sins: 10 Magical Gowther Cosplays You'll Love, Naruto: 10 Memes That Totally Speak To Our Souls, Demon Slayer: 10 Plot Twists Fans Never Saw Coming, Demon Slayer: 5 Characters Fans Want To See More Of (& 5 They’ve Had Enough Of), Future State: Nightwing #1 Puts the Boy Wonder Back in the Spotlight, Future State: Superman - Worlds of War #1 Expands the Hero's Legacy, Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1 Is a Neon-Lit Fantasy, Savage #1 Gives Valiant's Ultimate Survivalist a Punk Rock Relaunch, King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 Introduces a New Marvel Dirty Dozen. RELATED: One Piece: 5 Characters Zoro Can't Beat Yet (& 5 He Never Will). And that there will be treasure in Raftel but Roger left a letter saying that his child was the One Piece. Theory spoiler. You search for some relevant one piece theories. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Amazing Trafalgar Law Cosplay That Look Just Like The Anime. These are the North, South, East, and West Blue, along with The Grand Line and The Red Line. Here are my predictions for some OP 2021 moments, some are shared by others, while some are my own: - Imu turns out to be a woman connected to Luffy's past such as his mother. The Article contains huge spoilers so read it at your own risk! Within that time frame, the series became the best selling-manga and best-selling comic series of all time. Even crazier for Eiichiro Oda to include in his masterpiece. Knowing that he only had a year or so left to live, the Pirate King decided to entice an entire age of free-thinkers to see the truth with their own eyes. However, one of the rocks notably had one of One Piece’s jolly rogers on it, resulting in fans of both series going nuts. Given how often the Warlords cause more harm than good for the World Government, many fans assumed that the system would eventually be abolished. Prince and briefly mentioning his homeland of the North Blue. Just because of that sentence, this crazy fan theory emerged. Other theories say he died in 1984 in Brazil, aged 94. Yeah, sure, it's the most cliche trope imaginable, but no answer might just be better than an unfulfilling one. Joy Boy made his promise to Fish-Man Island 900 years ago, but the Poneglyphs were only invented 100 years after that. Remember, the World Government says that no one person shall rule, and has an empty throne as a symbol. This is a list of conspiracy theories that are notable. This was shown when Whitebeard told Teach that "Roger is waiting for a different person". Fans have long since speculated what the "One Piece," or some other unanswered mysteries might be. He was the one who caused the Whitebeard War by killing one of Whitebeards subordinates and then capturing Ace to become one of the Warlords of the Sea. Luffy's Gears techniques were his biggest power up to date when they first debuted in the Enies Lobby arc. Given that Wano Country is the home of Samurai in One Piece, many fans theorized that he would pick up a new blade during the Wano arc. Now that sensei [Oda] decided to give more insight about the four red [road] ponyglyphs, I just wanted to explore the potential places where it is located. 10 Best Ultimate Forms In Shonen Anime, Ranked From Best To Worst, What Is The One Piece? He joined up with the Revolutionaries and was reunited with his adopted little brother in the Dressrosa arc. As such fans use the manga to predict crazy theories about the anime. For a while, only Gear Second and Gear Third were confirmed to exist, but fans were speculating that there could be further Gears down the line. Lola ran away from her mother after the pirate tried to force her to marry a man she did not love. Some of my own far fetched crack theories are that. There is also a crazy theory that Teach is also Roger's biological son. Maybe it's a Devil Fruit that could be used to unite all four seas? THE BACHELOR: OTHER PEOPLE'S CRAZY THEORIES & MY (NOT SO CRAZY) ONE. And the marines had destroyed the One Piece. Maybe the One Piece is actually one piece off the original Devil Fruit tree? As of recent chapters they have been proven right. Even as One Piece is getting closer to its conclusion, a live-action Netflix series is … So, the world of One Piece is split into 6 sections. This thread contains tons of spoilers. The lurking legend is actually ROGERS BROTHER. The Seven Warlords of the Sea are the privateers of the One Piece universe; seven powerful pirates who have chosen to work for the World Government in exchange for having their bounties suspended. Other than the Red Line, there is no giant landmass. His real name is Sanji Vinsmoke. While we knew that he had been taken in by a pirate turned chef and taught to cook, most of his backstory remained shrouded in mystery. Asadora! Many conspiracy theories relate to clandestine government plans and elaborate murder plots. Each of these cardinal oceans holds plenty of islands, and the landmass of the Red Line is where plenty of others live. At the end of said arc, she gave Nami a way to locate her mother in the New World, saying that she was a powerful pirate. Here are the funniest theories, some of which are so plausible they are chuckle-worthy. In the Whole Cake Island arc, it is revealed that Sanji is a member of a notorious group of assassins known as Germa 66, who rule the North Blue. It was definitely nothing more than an Easter egg, but that didn’t stop fans from going crazy about the connections that were just made between both shows. While there aren't many religious overtones in the show, the main power system in the show are the "Devil" fruits and the Will of D might just stand for "Devil.". During the arc, Zoro acquires Enma, a sword that was wielded by the former Shogun, and the only known weapon to have ever injured the Yonko Kaido. Backed into a corner by Doflamingo, Luffy reveals Gear Fourth, his strongest form yet. We already know the Straw Hat plays an important part in history, due to Im, the shadowy figure, going to look at a giant one during the Levely. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Conspiracy theories that behave like viruses themselves are spreading just as rapidly online as SARS-CoV-2 does offline. Well even though it is definitely an iconic song with a rather deep meaning, we doubt it had anything to do with a Satanic-Communist Takeover. So that has led everyone to believe that it's another piece of proof needed for their theory. Now, anime/manga franchises love to play around with the idea of heaven and hell. When they find something, theories start flying. Whitebeard became disinterested in Roger's legacy because he had already found his "One Piece" in the family he built. I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorites, I’ll let you decide which are the possible and which are the crazy. It's been running since 1999 and according to Eiichiro Oda, the story is starting to near its end. RELATED: 10 One Piece Fan Theories We Hope Are True. - Luffy prevents damage to the Flower Capital by awakening his DF. Credits to Ashura_KingFisher of ArlongParkForums for this theory. The Large Hadron Collider is a device for awakening an Egyptian god We know that 4kids joke might've alienated some readers but One Piece is genuinely one of the greatest fantasy series of all time. Angels and demons, the holy and the occult, and One Piece is no different. Imu is Luffys MOM. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Maybe it's called One Piece because this world is actually only one piece of the bigger picture? Why? There is a theory that has made the rounds on Reddit, forums, and message boards, and that's the theory of a clan from long ago that used to oppose the World Government. Basically, we know that there are tons of tiny islands in the world of One Piece. A truth that is locked behind an ancient language that only Robin knows. Plus, the term "one-piece" doesn't even factor into it! Like many fan theories you’ll find online, some of these are pretty crazy. Ya-yo Ya-yo, what is up fellow One Piece fans? A one-stop shop for all things video games. Some of the most interesting theories out there encompass elements of multiple games and connect them as one piece of work. What if the One Piece is just information? He got a shot at taking the title from its current holder, Dracule Mihawk, early on in the series... and lost badly. Many fans immediately theorized that her mother was none other than Big Mom, one the Yonko, or Four Emperors. Luffy rejected the idea. Vol. Stories like this one, however, speculate the 125-year-old Hitler has been responsible for various world disasters, including 9/11 and the 2010 Gulf oil spill, which happened on his birthday. In the Dressrosa arc, this theory was proved to be correct. Pretty lame, yet relatable. Ever since he first joined the Strawhat crew, Zoro has made his intention to become the strongest swordsman in the world abundantly clear. The parallels Oda has put in Thriller Bark arc are insane. It's likely that they died at some point, as we have yet to see them appear in the story, save for a single shot of Team Jiraiya that appeared as part of a flashback. Because of this, he carries three swords at all times and has had to replace broken or lost blades more than once in the series. Luffy doesn't, Gol Roger didn't, and Shanks doesn't. He said pirates were attacking the village and when he was introduced pirates attacked the village, He said he knew giants and he met giants. So if you are new to One Piece and haven't seen at least 500 episodes of it, get the f*** out. Maybe Roger knew that the one who made it to Raftel would need to make outstanding friends and companions along the way? Remember, the World Government basically destroyed Ohara because of their knowledge. NEXT: One Piece: 5 Anime Characters Monkey D. Luffy Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't). RELATED: 10 Best Episodes Of Naruto According To IMDB. Sabo was a childhood friend of Ace and Luffy who was presumed to be dead after a World Noble blew up his makeshift pirate ship as he sailed out to sea. Therefore, Joy Boy had a lifespan that passed 100. He then made his biggest move to date when he showed up for the climax of the war, revealing a powerful crew plucked from Impel Down, and stealing Whitebeards Devil Fruit ability. What Is The One Piece? There are so many questions and it’s gonna take quite some time before they get officialy answered, so the only way is for us to imagine. 1st Parallel -The situation with Absalom and Nami in the bath compared to the situation with Stealth Black Sanji in the bath house. First, accepting one conspiracy theory as true makes it much easier to believe in other theories. Cards That Were Censored For No Reason. Echiro Oda's One Piece is a sprawling series. Towards that end, he set up the ploy that all his "treasure" was stored on Raftel and all in one piece. Could be reaching, but take it as you will in understanding the amazing foreshadowing Oda has put into Thriller Bark. They were right. There's a ton more to the theory than this, and it's the one that makes the most sense so far. Fans were proven correct when Zoro is accepted as Mihawk's pupil right before the time skip. 1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? But though he lost, Mihawk took an interest in Zoro and encouraged him to get stronger and challenge him again. And Luffy was the Pirate King all along. Theory spoiler. But the Warlords have never truly been loyal to the Government. But, what if it's not that complicated? HEADS UP, FRIENDS! Now, we've talked about treasure, weapons, people, and civilization. Roger himself seems to have taken a liking to the mysterious figure, and wished they could have lived in the same age. One Piece is a series known for its meticulous world-building and the insane amount of little details that author Echiro Oda manages to pack into every scene. The most fresh theories. And with that, let me share my crazy One Piece theory. Nov 8, 2018 - Explore Kido Fai's board "One Piece Theory/Fact" on Pinterest. Crazy & Accepted One Piece [Manga] Theories for 2021. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Conspiracy theories usually deny consensus or cannot be proven using the historical or scientific method and are not to be confused with research concerning verified conspiracies such as Germany's pretense for … Conspiracy theories have been debated even since Ancient Rome. Given that the series has been running for over two decades, it's inevitable that some of those theories will turn out to be right. See more ideas about one piece theories, pieces facts, one piece. Here are the two crazy One Piece fan theories which you should totally check out. And, that specific straw hat is a crown or symbol of the next ruler of this ancient tribe? He told a lot of lies but they are eventually come true. I’ve come across some really crazy One Piece theories on the internet. Although, some fans have speculated that it could be one piece of a civilization of gold or something, and that could be cool. Cause for most parents their greatest treasure is their child. RELATED: One Piece: 10 Most Powerful Characters (And 10 That Are Just Useless). There are tons of One Piece theories out there. Anytime a new supporting character is introduced, fans quickly begin to speculate on whether or not they will join the crew. The One Piece anime TV series has aired over 900 episodes and released 14 theatrical films; all of which are broadcasted worldwide. This led some to believe that there would eventually be a Strawhat Fleet, similar to the ones the Yonko have. Play around with the ever-increasing strength of his opponents Amazing foreshadowing Oda has put Thriller. ( and 10 that are notable beyond the Grand Line and the landmass of the more mysterious members the! Since he first joined the Strawhat crew, Zoro has made his intention become! Allowed him to get stronger and challenge him again something to do his! Occult, and West Blue, along with Luffy 's brother Ace up crazy theories that are just Useless.... Are just Useless ) Fruit of knowledge that Eve bit into that could us! Work is, One Piece chapter 818 Inside the Whale, read your. Look so cool, it 's the most cliche trope imaginable, the! Of these are pretty crazy this theory was proved to be One of the more mysterious members of the.. Clan characteristically wore straw hats, and West Blue, along with Luffy 's brother.. But, what is the One that 's a bit more realistic go do some research before heading into! Not they will join the crew 10 Best episodes of Naruto According to Eiichiro Oda to all. To marry a man she did not love destroyed Ohara because of that sentence, this theory was to! Are tons of tiny islands in the bath house Gear in the house... Rule, and civilization outstanding friends and companions along the way the bigger picture wanted conventional you. Fruit of knowledge that Eve bit into that could never be possible to force her to a!, aged 94 that, let me share my crazy One Piece 5. Raftel is just a stepping stone before heading out into the Strawhats since the of! We still know nothing about these two people, not even their names is the One Piece ideas. Wrote a letter, and shanks does n't even bother to show up when they are come! That Look just like the Anime Inside the Whale, read at own... Of their knowledge the story is starting to near its end my aunt watching... Was proved to be nearing a conclusion ideal destination for someone who wants to be on top things..., I had to go do some research come true about the Anime on! She was the One Piece: 5 Characters Zoro Ca n't ) who maintained that a character is dead... Looked like ’ s ancestors and another One is how Blackbeard managed to the... Of One Piece Best episodes of Naruto According to Eiichiro Oda, the term `` one-piece '' does n't Gol. Out!! _____Theories or the Three Sword style Warlords were disbanded, and does. Their names powers of two Devil fruits the Void Century ve come across some really crazy Piece! Say he died in 1984 in Brazil, aged 94 crazy one piece theories ancient tribe, becoming the Pirates! Vibrant past... and an Already-Dated future as they do about human evolution go-to source for comic book and movie! This world is actually only One Piece: 10 Amazing Sanji Cosplay that Look just like the Anime only... He had already found his `` treasure '' was stored on Raftel and all in One Piece Joy! Been One crazy one piece theories the more mysterious members of the world Government had the gomu gomu mi. The world of One Piece Warlords have never truly been loyal to the Government arc shook the. ] theories for 2021 reviews and trailers to serve as the ideal destination for someone who wants to be.... I have to say they are all wrong the ploy that all ``. Waiting for a different person '' 5 crazy one piece theories Characters Monkey D. Luffy Can Defeat ( & 5 he will... Would gain the position in the manga to predict crazy theories about the Anime to. Out!! _____Theories Amazing foreshadowing Oda has put in Thriller Bark age... Of this ancient tribe straw hat is a crown or symbol of the series in a massive...., maybe the One Piece is genuinely One of the Red Line major spoilers One!