Birthright citizenship refers to the […] Thread Tools. President Considering Ending “Ridiculous” Anchor Baby Boom: ‘Birthright’ Citizenship End All invaders have to do is come across the border and have a baby, which makes them eligible for all sorts of taxpayer funded benefits, but the president wants to end that outrage. But the primary goal should be ending the anchor baby phenomenon right here right now...not wishful thinking about Trump doing an Andrew Jackson and defying SCOTUS. Main characters smoke marijuana. ... (An "anchor baby" has birthright citizenship in the US. Just what did the note say at the end of the movie. "Anchor baby" is a term (regarded by some as a pejorative) used to refer to a child born to a non-citizen mother in a country that has birthright citizenship which will therefore help the mother and other family members gain legal residency. Ending anchor babies Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by robhic, Apr 12, 2018 . The practice is getting new attention after GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush on Monday tried to explain that his controversial comments about “anchor … Son of Blob October 30, 2018 2:16 PM Anchor Baby is a tale of an illegal immigrant couple from Nigeria on a quest to create a better life for their unborn child. Thread Tools ... (and contemporaneous writings of the author of the 14A) demonstrate that the "anchor baby" policy is NOT in accordance with the 14A. The resulting baby would not be entitled to Packers season tickets for the rest of his life. After breaking a promise to tackle immigration reform in his first year in office, President Barack Obama now thinks the time has come to deal with the thorny issue "once and for all." The ‘Natural-Born Citizen’ Debate Needs to End By ... to run for Vice President because she was an “anchor baby,” I quote. During his speech with reporters on Wednesday, Aug. 21, President Donald Trump said he is looking at ending the current policy of birthright citizenship in the United States “very seriously.” It is a policy where children born in the United S. to illegal aliens are granted American citizenship each year. Alcohol / Drug Use: Main characters smoke cigarettes and cigars. Profanity: There are almost four dozen profanities in this movie, including two sexual expletives, dozens of scatological phrases, terms of deity, anatomical terms, and crude language. The child is supposed to "anchor" the family in the US because the authorities would be less likely to deport the parents, so the thinking goes.) It was telling L about her husband's affair. (There may be merit in signaling a desire to end all birthright citizenship, but then walking it back to just anchor babies.) An immigrant is referred to as a “dirty anchor baby”.