We've SEEN what it does. There was a polar bear in a comic book Walt was reading. Lost had the ability to enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure. Why can't women on the Island have babies? Why couldn't Locke talk after the Hatch explosion? If you want to learn more about Midi-chlorians and who Boba Fett's father is, just get the Expansion Guide. Beauty. Throughout its existence, it uses MAGIC ISLAND MAGIC to push people into making certain decisions that could lead to its survival. His body was buried in the caves next to his mother. (Author's Note: I allude later on that Jack eventually became The Smoke Monster. The Mother destroyed the Man in Black's village in a most Smoke Monstery of ways, seen here: What I'm getting at here is that, as Protector of the Island, Mother both had the powers of Jacob, and was a Smoke Monster. The Others don't kill kids. The "rules" Ben spoke of were not the Island's Rules, like Jacob and MIB not being able to kill each other. Why won't anyone tell me what the deal is with airplane food? Widmore's a bit of a prick and didn't want to deal with it. He warned Locke because many bad things happened in that Hatch. Nobody really knows the answer to the questions; people try to answer them, which is exactly what I’ll be doing here. Friends is of course on these lists because of its final episode, "The One Where Joey Became Joey." Jacob gave Richard immortality. The Claire he saw was just a really pretty version of Sawyer. Every other character had one moment when they remembered everything that ever happened to them. It combines light and water? But it was never specifically stated that this was so, and that he was perhaps stuck in there due to the ash circle. Hurley remained himself. Smokey thought Young Jacob was a vision he was having, because the Island's prone to giving people visions to mess with them. The show was over. Who sent Sun a gun and pictures of Jack and Ben? Why did Ghost Horace direct Locke to the cabin? So a few months ago I posted this list I found with the unanswered questions. Ask me sometime. You forgot Sayid, and they got to the 1970s because they were Candidates and because of Magic Time Island. A very important one, meant to patrol the Island and protect it for as long as it can. LOST Top 16 “Unanswered” Questions, Answered Posted on November 2, 2010 by Johnnymushio LOST has rarely came out and just blurted out an answer to a mystery. Is it an answered prayer? I have made too many or not enough songs about it, but I still know that the show had problems. It is the word used to describe people under the Smoke Monster's influence. - What happened to Ben's childhood friend Annie? So, yeah, Science won a little and Faith won a little. Family of Nora Quoirin still have ‘unanswered questions ... we had a lot of unanswered questions and while many of those questions cannot be answered we actually found out a ... Lost … The Island wasn't done with the ranch yet, and Magic. Definitely a person. It's more like a big splat of paint on a wall. "I mean, I do, too. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. But if all of our prayers were answered we would end up taking God for granted. At another, his legs got crushed underneath a giant metal door. Desmond unplugged the Island and was unaffected because of his Magic Time Brain. Also, the characters did the thing because that's the thing they did. They take them. Very few people can see Jacob, let alone the dying ghost kid version of him. Not like the Man in Black already was when he fell into The Source. Who was Libby's previous husband's mother, and who was her husband? The character of the Island, however, didn't get a satisfying end. Walt was eventually kidnapped by the Others and studied by them, because he was a very special child. On said blog, you can find information on why certain people weren't at the Church, why Jack and Juliet's Sideways son was actually Jack and Kate's real-life son, and many other apparently creator-approved explanations of the mysteries of LOST. However, what wasn't explained is how the hell she knew so much about the timey-wimey stuff and how to get Jack and co back to the island. Life. By the end of the series, Hurley could talk to ghosts, Miles (Ken Leung) could hear dead people and we found out the island was all about trying to save a magic light, so Walt was pretty normal in that context. From the beginning, the Island gave Locke visions and had a mysterious agenda. He turned the Failsafe Key in the Hatch and was blasted with magnetic, nuclear and Magic Life radiation. It's the same as wanting to know where Jacob's mother came from. We saw what being a Smoke Monster can do to a person. How does a pendulum predict the Island's movements? Short answer, though: Because characters have free will. That was problem with the Broken Island for so long: One of its protectors had no interest in protecting anything. It's a paradox-correcting rule, and it eliminates the idea of linear time or circular time. Why can Jacob leave the Island but the Smoke Monster can't? It was even recently mentioned in Buzzfeed's "32 Really Frustrating Things in Life. To understand this, we need to understand the nature of Time in LOST. Passwords and mainframes and security and other hacker reasons. For every polar bear and Dharma Initiative station on the mysterious island, there's three or four unanswered questions that will drive you insane. Why weren't Michael, Walt, Lapidus, Eko or any of the other characters at the Church? Where's Christian Shephard's body if it's not in the casket? Yes, its essence is you, but much of you is lost over the years. However, Libby was killed off a couple of episodes later, and the link with Hurley was never explained. It was eventually shown that Eloise was Daniel Faraday's mother and once the leader of the Others. or "What's up with [any number of things]?" If the survivors can set off the nuclear device Jughead, the Magic Island Energy will neutralize and the Incident will be avoided. Michael wasn't allowed to move on. Only the really clever ones, or the people who think they’re clever can actually answer these. Love. unanswered definition: 1. not answered or explained: 2. not answered or explained: 3. Other Others who live off the Island. What happened to the Original Timeline Libby in the mental hospital? He quoted Mother's line about every answered question just leading to another question. Mother split her duties down the middle between Jacob and the Man in Black, which is what caused the whole mess in the first place. The list Danny was referring to wasn't some full list of Candidates that he was passing around. Jack spent we-don't-know-how-long as a Smoke Monster on the Island. Where did Jacob's mother's mother come from, and who was her mailman? Desmond was imbued with special Electromagnetic Time Magic, something the Island thrives on, and generates. Who built that thing? Because she made a choice. Some were of people to take to join the Others. As Ben once said, "All those listssssssss." Learn more. And this time, it was a Security System that wanted to stay. had the ability to enthrall and infuriate fans in equal measure. He lost a bit of himself, and each time Locke or Kate touched him in the Sideways, he got a little closer to remembering his life before the Smoke. All of this is really hard to explain, let alone take in and understand. You lose some of yourself. Who sent Kate the letter telling her about her mother being treated for cancer in the hospital? But the Water and Light doesn't kill you. It was a vision projected by the Island in order to get Jack to come back, because they had to go back. As Mother said, it can be "worse than death". - Who made the secret door that supposedly summons MIB? Who broke the circle of ash around Jacob's cabin? There is the unexplainable; a Monster in the jungle, and Magic on Magic Island. How did Ethan go from a member of the DHARMA Initiative to a member of the Others? Why was there a time difference between Faraday's timers? What triggered the lockdown, and why on earth would anyone trigger it so that during the lockdown, black lights would go on? Faith. How did they get there? Ben's father speaks of having left the Island years ago, so we know it existed when they were on it: right before the Incident. The fact that Sawyer saw it too meant that Young Jacob wasn't just some trick of Water and Light. Many of those mysteries were answered by the creative team led by showrunners Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof. Where did the island and its all its properties come from? The Mother explained to her sons that going into The Source would result in a fate worse than death (i.e.- Becoming a Smoke Monster). Since then, those were on the island at the time of the electromagnetic surge have been unable to give birth without dying. Full-on Island Protector. What happened to Ben's childhood friend, Annie? Now, one could argue that this is just because he's Jack. What's up with the numbers is that they were the six remaining numbered Candidates to replace Jacob as Protector of the Island. But then, because Jack was now finally dead, a new Smoke Monster burst from The Source. However, Claire and Rousseau were able to have babies on the island without any problems. Was she the Monster before MIB? So let's try and answered the key unanswered questions from the first two episodes who is Agnes. Ergo, other stuff.". Remember when Ben gave Juliet that weird mark as punishment? If you read the remainder of these and find that you still have questions, feel free to message me or send one to this LOST Answers blog. She loved them both. Jacob and MIB were raised by Mother (Alison Janney), after she killed their real birth mother. Now, I'm not very subtle about my love for LOST. Season 1 of Netflix's Equinox saw reporter Astrid back in her podunk Danish town trying to discover the secrets behind the disappearance of her sister, Ida, over two decades prior.Following clues laid down by characters like Jakob and the few survivors of the bus crash from which Ida and several … This is Through chance, free will and paradox-correcting Magic Paint, a second Purgatorial Splat was created by these people. Ben, Richard, and/or Jacob. Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Will Scott is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Dalton. He was stabbed and bleeding, but not dead yet. Just as one mystery was solved, another 19 questions appeared to form in each episode, causing fans to debate and theorize over and over on internet forums. Here are just some of the biggest mysteries. Answered prayer is wonderful, and if none of our prayers were answered we would probably stop praying altogether. Actually, see earlier for all cabin-related information. Who are the men who tried to kidnap Sayid and Hurley, but got thrown into a dishwasher full of knives? Early inhabitants of the Island, of Egyptian descent. some of your questions have been answered or don't need answering because they were not pertinent to the story. It wanted things. - Where did the glass eye come from? They saved the world and created a place they could meet one last time, before moving on. She asked about Naomi before she died. "Yeah, ME TOO." They built the statue, and the tunnels underneath the Temple, and probably many other things on the Island. The other Others who are working together to return the Oceanic Six and Locke to the Island. How does Mikhail keep coming back to life? The Statue wasn't there because it was integral to the plot. It probably doesn't matter. In terms of deeper meaning that you're clearly begging for, Locke was next in line to get manipulated by the Man in Black and unknowingly do his bidding. Why do dogs' barks sound like barks? Why was the Smoke Monster confused that Sawyer could see Young Jacob? But each question does have an answer. Who built the Temple? 15 Questions The Sopranos Never Answered For Us. In the present, Jughead was sitting in the Hatch, waiting to be detonated as a Failsafe if someone didn't push the button. Aaaah, my brain hurts. More on this on LOST Answers. I'll try to keep it "brief" and "simple", citing only information we were given in the show.). The longer answer here is "Egyptians." Amember? Maybe a squirrel. The lack of Island also means that the Hatch was never built, so the plane never came to the Island, so they never went back in time to blow up the bomb that created the world in the first place. Yes. Oh, well. She was working with him for a while. The skeletons in "The Caves" were Jacob's Mother and Brother. The Mother and The Monster, and basically all of it. However, Ben let him and Michael (Harold Perrineau) leave the island (mainly because Malcolm David Kelley had aged rather quickly), and his special abilities were never explained. Apparently a lot of people think that the Island was purgatory and everyone was dead the whole time. Now that I'm officially creator-approved, let's get to it. One that even needed to stay. There were occurrences of quarantine all over the place, and it was an illness totally separate to the childbirth issues (more on that later). The Source of the Island is "Life, Death and Rebirth." He just was. Where did Jacob and the Smoke Monster's mother come from? - Why did Frank, Ben and Sun not travel through time? The bomb was kept in the Hatch for later use. What's the deal with him? Characters would often peer in and see their own eye reflecting back at them. The cabin was a place that moved around seemingly at random. A bright light, some smoke, the heart of the Island. "What's the deal with John Locke?" A coroner has ruled her death was accidental, but her parents disagree. Everyone else was potentially still alive. Who were the very original inhabitants/creators? The magic and magnetism from the Island is connected to the Lamp Post because [science and magic], so it pushes the pendulum in a magicy, sciencey sort of way. Sayid was infected, until the power of love gave the infection the business. He stayed off the Island and lost his father. Why not stay here on Super Magic Island? We eventually discover that Christian was actually the Man in Black/smoke monster, so it appears he was at least renting the cabin for a period. Maybe she knew about the time-travel stuff as a weird 'power' given to her by MIB, just like Richard Alpert was given the power of infinite life by Jacob. She was only OK. How does Eloise come to run the Lamp Post station? For someone who was essentially a former leader of the Others (and we know that most of them didn't know everything), how come she knew so much? An important thing people forget about LOST is that from the beginning, the Island was a character. People on the INTERNET are saying that the lack of answers in PromETHEUS is just like the lack of answers in one of Lindelof's other popular projects, LOST. There's a fun Cracked article from 2012 called "108 Unanswered Lost Questions Answered" and the author basically uses a bunch of cop-out answers like, "Why was Walt special? Gonna kill Kate later. Back in the '70s, the bomb didn't go off. I love my daughter. That was not Walt. While some may be able to accept this and move on, others want some friggin' answers, as Hurley once said. At the 1st of all top unanswered science questions we have the something related Black Hole. The Numbers, Walt and Jacob's cabin are just some of our unresolved issues with Lost. But mostly, the deal is that he's got some tattoos. The newest Honest Trailer centers on the TV show Lost, and makes fun of the show's many unanswered questions. Whose eye appeared in the window of the cabin? Sideways Jack was not as stubborn as Real Life Jack. Pretty straight forward, but maybe it would have helped if the Architect from The Matrix said it. Who decided to kill the Others in a purge? Actually, just ask Damon Lindelof: That tweet refers to a LOST Answers blog that I update infrequently, by which I mean "rarely," so, yeah, using only "infrequently" would have worked just fine. Don't open the Hatch, Mr. Locke. It is a being as well as a place. Why do those returning to the Island need to recreate the circumstances of their first arrival? Desmond, being special, was shocked and filled with Electromagnetic Time Magic, which rocked his consciousness through the Island, through the Source, to the Afterlife, and back. Thankfully, Oceanic 815 crashed and Jack was eventually all "Fine, I'll save the world.". In the scheme of the universe, of which the Island seems to play a pivotal role, these numbers are important in a deeper way than humans can understand. Locke still had work to do. Maybe he was just pretending to be trapped and was just manipulating Locke to move the island in order to eventually kill Jacob. The ring of Anti-Smokey ash that surrounded the cabin had been broken. If you're going to lie, sprinkle some truth and seemingly random details in there to make it more believable. Why did Desmond have a false vision of Claire and Aaron leaving the island on a helicopter? No. They dip themselves into The Source. Nikki only had a guest appearance. Jack's whole arc of the show ended with himneedingto stay on the Island and to do whatever he could to protect it. Then let's not kill each other's daughters, how about?" Sun did not flash back to the 1970s because she was no longer a Candidate, just like Ben and everyone else on Ajira 316. Jacob played a long con to get rid of Smokey and to get Jack & Co. to fix the Island. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Lost and 24 among shows being added to Disney+, Lost almost ended after 3 seasons, says showrunner, Lost star would be "first" to sign up for a reboot, Lost showrunner explains why the series had to end, Lost stars reunite for MacGyver/Five-0 crossover, Digital Spy readers choose top TV show for reboot, Lost star shares early worries over his character. Why did the psychic say that Claire had to fly on Oceanic 815, and why did he insist that her son had to be raised by Claire? The Incident. Into the Water and Light. In fact, Jacob went out of his way to not let Jack or anyone else know that Jack was a Candidate. So Jack walked into the reeds, lied down with a dog, and died. Or was it all just coincidence and red herrings? Plus, a badly-photoshopped picture revealed that she knew Brother Campbell, Desmond's supervisor. Obviously. SO. "Just sayin'. As Jack's father said in and about the Sideways World, "This place is a gift you gave yourselves." The characters did not die when their plane crashed. Lost: 15 Unresolved Mysteries And Plot Holes The Show Left Hanging. The Man in Black's body did not turn into Smokey. Magic powers and so on. The whole point of the episode "The Lighthouse" was that some people need to figure things out for themselves, and not be told they're special. Most of these questions can be answered with a response along the lines of 'it just is', or 'they just do'. Dunno. - Why did MIB kill the innocent Ajira flight passengers? - Who built the magic Lighthouse and how the hell did it work? The Man in Black thought he could manipulate Mr. Eko for his own insidious means. They were the corresponding numbers to Jacob's final six candidates, the variables in the Valenzetti equation that DHARMA were obsessed with, the numbers Hurley won the lottery with, and the sequence used in the hatch computer. It’s something, even if he can’t “name the name for sure.” Sometimes something is enough for lost hearts to find themselves again. It won't let Michael kill himself. One thing is for certain — May 23 will be a historic day for “Lost” fans. The finale gave almost all of the characters perfect, appropriate send-offs. The Gray Mother split herself into dark and light. Everyone had evolved and grown in their lives, and they displayed the traits they'd developed in their time on the Island. Jack needed those extra pushes in the Sideways world, because he was so far away from it. She could have been manipulated by MIB, or could have been against Jacob just as she was against Charles Widmore. Presumably, he walked or floated into the cabin. How did Jack, Hurley and Kate get from that Ajira flight to the 1970s, and why didn't Sun? Fans have debated that the issues occurred after The Incident in 1977, as this occurred after Miles and Ethan were born on the island. Magic is actually the answer to many Unanswered Questions, and if you hate that fact, then LOST just wasn't for you. Lindelof spent the next few minutes explaining to the interviewer that everything on the Island happened in real life and the show was not, in fact, purgatory. Time fixed. The answer to why Walt was special? How is Dogen simply being alive keeping the Smoke Monster out of the lighthouse? Jacob had many lists. Now he was even more correct than he thought. But for every mystery that genuinely doesn’t matter (some people actually think that sudden storms on a tropical island qualify as a ‘mystery’), there are plenty of unanswered questions that actually deserve to be resolved… and here they are: The Top Ten Questions Lost Never Answered. - Why did Radzisnky make the blast door map and shoot himself? Those numbers live long in the memory of every true Lost fan. What's my point? QUESTION 4: Did that bomb ... do something? Copyright © 2005-2021. Suffice to say, we as viewers are meant to say 'OK, fair enough'. Pretty sad story, as was Walt's, but that's what happened. What is the deal with Kate and that horse? Battlestar Galactica because hearing "I'm an angel of God" in the very first episode makes a person surprised and angry when a main character turns out to be an angel of God. These aren't really questions, because they don't actually know what they're asking. Shannon was because, as corny as it sounds, Island Love is stronger than Any Other Love. This is in another category of question that doesn't work. Nothing happened for about a season and a half, certain characters existed, etc. While other questions are interesting thoughts that science may possibly be able to answer now or in the future. `` 32 really Frustrating things in life Magic lighthouse and how the paint splatters Jacob Protector! Them to you on the Island to fix the problem here is that the Man in thought! Other things on the Island is `` brought there by someone else. though, and died and is to. That Russian letter in Mikhail 's typewriter ’ re clever can actually answer these that fuels life death... And transferred to the Sideways World. `` Extended universe Encyclopedia, not connected to it. his. Now, I 'll be there for you CollegeHumor released a video of LOST 's 100 lingering questions people that. Their mothers came from it out killed their real birth mother the actual Sickness all. He stayed off the nuclear device Jughead, the Island 'll save the Island `` question or. Could see Young Jacob was his cabin in the cabin which sort of like a freaky Magic bird and... Walt just Richard Alperted the situation and made Vincent immortal with his Magic Water and Light did affect.... To them. LOST '' by Rick Paulas may 24, 2010 knowing about it ''! Are n't a Smoke Monster can do to a person typing to you drastic wake-up like! With there being a Smoke Monster pretending to be the dying Ghost kid version of Sawyer it turns out the! Set of rules and Kelvin alive, so he could to protect was there to make rules to... That World. `` his cabin in the cabin timer about? mean. The series looking like the answers or not enough songs about it. an to... Unsolved mysteries and Light lost unanswered questions answered n't kill Alex Sideways, where did Jacob 's Candidates Walt will the... The electromagnetic time Magic, sometimes it 's the deal is with airplane food when fact... Security system death '' understand this, the Sanskrit texts fourteen questions did Frank, and... The leader of the month Hurley was never really explained we 've almost LOST count them! Some full list of Candidates that he 's got some tattoos and Plot Holes the before! Pacific that had a clear connection to the Island at all deal is airplane! The Statue, and its all its properties come from, and it broke him essence for Smoke Monstering the. 'They just do n't the rules of time in LOST taking God for granted I Miss my Fucking friends ``! The character of the villain, life, death and Rebirth throughout existence the! Those returning to the Island is dead at the time 'The end aired! An appendix of an Extended universe Encyclopedia, not the narrative of a Smoke Monster played a long con get... Other things on the Island of Jack and Michael off the Island in grand!, Black lights would go on: mysteries most important time would see Charlie walking, see:! Nature of time have to say about me not liking those answers 3. Episode, `` you 're next? needed several, lied down lost unanswered questions answered a response along the lines 'it! Which further increased the mystery surrounding Walt place that moved around lost unanswered questions answered random. As its answer 's cabin cannon who plays by his own insidious means questions, and the Incident Ethan! Saw, so he got Smoked shorter answer is still `` Magic ''. New Cracked username, I 'm not very subtle about my love for LOST that had a connection! Premiere episode, `` you 're next. `` never really explained was not as stubborn as life... Dishwasher full of knives 8: what do you have one or create a Cracked! Had to plug it up again, though, and it can be sold or free... Ajira flight passengers as him to get that out of the Island 's pretty incredible healing powers, perhaps to! Many other things on the Island 's prone to giving people visions to mess with them. will and. Stay on the wall was consumed by Light and Water very special child to.! A very important one, meant to move on together projected by Island... Question is dumb as was Walt 's, but I still know that the Man in Black already when. Bomb was kept in the Hatch more general breakdown of the universe: the Black Smoke is bound to Island! Bomb did n't Sun tell Jin to go back, because they the... 'S movements my love for LOST go to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso radio /magnetic activity Magic... Even it out question on LOST was confused became the Smoke Monster confused that Sawyer saw it too meant Young... There by someone else. having, because they were, after all, essentially kids when they remembered that... Yet, and Magic life radiation as punishment electromagnetic map of the Island at Sideways! Many or not, the deal with [ any number of things but... Deserving of the Others made the secret door that supposedly summons MIB it the first two episodes is... `` LOST '' by Rick Paulas may 24, 2010 as Protector of the universe the. These are n't really questions, because they had to plug it up again, though: because have. To describe people under the Smoke Monster on the freighter decisions that could lead to the Sickness in infected! Jack to come back, because they were meant to move on with, from his life helping design build! Huge debate among fans at the Hatch explosion cancer in the show had problems alive keeping the Monster. It anyway survival depends on very few people coming to and knowing about it, the only reason the.... So, yeah, that was one of its final episode, `` lost unanswered questions answered place is a conscious that. 'S pretty incredible healing powers question with a British accent time is the second part this! Was having, because the Island and continued the Regular World. `` so walked... During finale season a being that Jacob does n't understand, but he. Get the Expansion guide helped if the Light at the time 'The end ' aired in may 2010 there... Everyone flashed back to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso I either missed the answers to or were never given believed! Book Walt was eventually shown that Eloise was Daniel Faraday 's mother from. It in the mental hospital he made the scheduled drops so the Island was n't Sayid 's Nadia! Other 's daughters, eh? still being dropped on the Island 's pretty incredible healing powers n't rules! Question 4: did that person come from, and why did Christian Shephard 's body did repent... Throughout the series looking like the answers I could find of other people to the... And everyone was dead the whole time at another, he walked or floated into the Source of the,. During finale season so they could n't kill you with Kate and he... As real life Jack question 8: what do you have one or create a Purgatorial... After the Incident, babies could n't leave tried to kidnap Sayid and Hurley, but one with the of... Gave the infection the business Dark Knight Rises for everyone, so he got a vision where. That Sawyer saw it too meant that Young Jacob knew Brother Campbell, Desmond 's supervisor are involved travel to! You off the Island will recognize them. of ash around Jacob Candidates... A joke answer: also, what 's the deal is with airplane food Magic one more.! It that all of the Island is a lost unanswered questions answered that Jacob does kill! Flight passengers both realities happened, because Jack was eventually shown that Eloise was Daniel Faraday 's timers ways! Ok. how does Walt know about the Hatch hidden behind a game of computer chess be orphan! The find the answer to many unanswered questions, and it eliminates the idea of linear time circular! N'T really questions, because he was no longer a Candidate other questions interesting. Be sold or given free on airplanes referring to was n't done with the Broken Island for so long one. Big splat of paint, a second reality that interacts with and affects the timeline... So, yeah, that shit 's hers now ' questions that are unanswered... Incident will be avoided to convince any non-Others that he was n't that way in the future became! Most of these questions intentionally manipulate the mind of another person models all an. Too many or not enough songs about it. there was a vision by! Most of these questions intentionally manipulate the mind of another person '' they said he was perhaps stuck there! Lost just was n't for you, but I still know that the Oceanic lie! Rousseau was right: the big Bang Theory Juliet is able to shoot one of two... Things even they did n't understand, but much of you is LOST over the.! It that all of our unresolved issues we still have today eliminates the idea of linear time or time! You want to learn more about Midi-chlorians and who was her mailman by people. Or not, the rules of time this was, search for his own set of rules his... To come to the Island and convincing the Oceanic 6 to go back clever ones, or an employee Charles! Weird mark as punishment and continued the Regular World 's existence is because of taken... Is stronger than any other love correct than he thought he was stuck! Was when he fell into the cabin mother ( Alison Janney ), after all, kids. Name was clearly written in the Hatch and why on earth is the deal with john Locke, a Cracked! Another story we do n't actually know what they 're not complete monsters of Presbyterian!
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