If it’s not clear, our review for Yampa sandwich co. is an easy two thumbs up. Thanks!! Freshies Restaurant – Freshies offers all the traditional favorites, specialty options, and more. These are available HERE. The Yampa in town is starting to freeze up more and more each day. Robbie, along with his wife Alice Tesar, is a local guide, as well as a teacher at the Steamboat Mountain School. The tailwaters and sarvis are fishing well. Stones, eggs, midges, and gnats. Yampa below Stagecoach Res: Fishing has been very productive on this tailwater stretch. Fishing the Yampa River. The tailwater of the Yampa is very curated in an effort to mitigate bank erosion and restore plant health, and in return, river health. This has been an incredible opportunity to explore some incredible bodies of water, and learn about and share what we can do to keep them great. Somewhere in-between, the two meet with opportunity to fish for trout and pike in the same river spot. You can access the Yampa River about five miles upstream of Catamount Lake on County Road #18 at the Sarvis Creek State Wildlife Area. fishing. Before even rigging your rod, be sure to check out the rules and regulations for fishing the Yampa. In conclusion, from the outside, it may not look like much, but it’s the perfect spot to stop and refill the tank after a great day spent with friends and fish alike. Whether you’re a local looking to get involved in your community, or someone passing through and looking for an opportunity to leave behind a positive impact, there are always ways you can become a part of the movement to make a difference. This is a perfect choice for comfortable, affordable, friendly lodging right in the center of downtown. It’s because of the strict catch and release regulations, as well as an abundance of food, that these fish are able to maintain their healthy size and numbers. Following highway 131 from the town of Steamboat the the titular town of Yampa allows you fairly unfettered access to the river itself, as well as the Bear River tributary and a good number of lakes and streams. Nymph-rigs are the way to go. Der Yampa River entspringt im Nordwesten Colorados im Routt National Forest im Südosten des Garfield County und fließt dann nordöstlich. Winter fishing is in full swing. The Yampa River originates in the Flat Tops Wilderness where locals refer to the stream as “The Bear” river. In Steamboat Springs. Surrounded by a canyonous landscape, immaculate views, and curated trout habitat, this section of the river is coveted by anglers from around the country. If you’re dying to toss something a little bigger, or are just sick of staring at bobbers as they lackadaisically float down the current, small streamers such as sculpin and leach patterns can also be effective. John C. Frémont, a Californian senator in the 1800’s, was among the first to record the name ‘Yampah’ in entries of his journal from 1843, as he found the plant was particularly abundant in the watershed. Check out our interactive map of over 30,000 of the best places to fly fish in the US. Being one of the largest mainland rivers in Australia , tourists not only love a good fish but can also enjoy boating and kayaking. These fish see lots of pressure on a daily basis, so throwing flies on the end of heavy tippet is a sure-fire way to turn off the fish from eating. This place offers incredible proximity to all that Steamboat Springs has to offer. There, we enjoyed some a roller coaster of flavors and spices all wrapped in between some corn tortillas. So, have a conversation. If you’re looking for additional info, or just want to learn more about exploring the state and the opportunities it has to offer, check out the official Colorado Tourism Page HERE. Amazing article and content as always. The Yampa is another Colorado classic in all aspects. For the best success, we recommend green, black, or red midge patterns; as well as PMD’s, BWO’s, or baetis imitations. The upper Yampa are full or half day floats and the lower sections of the Yampa are full day trips. Some of best hatches of the year are in the fall, which is to most anglers benefit since the summer adventure season is already winding down to a close and river is less crowded at this time of year. Though the river is no secret, it holds a good number of photo worthy fish that will fight hard and wild giving you a great tug on your fly rod and providing great fishing for beginners to experts alike. Along those same guidelines, nymphing with heavy flies and split-shot can prove to be equally, if not more advantageous in larger to medium flows. As mentioned before, and put in the simplest terms: The Yampa is a crowded river. Yampa River Fishing Reports Recently shared catches and fishing spots. There are a number of area fly shops and on-line retailers that publish Yampa River fishing reports. This place offers incredible proximity to all that. James and Gary hit the Yampa River tailwater below Stagecoach Reservoir just above the mountain town of Steamboat Springs. They have been guiding for Steamboat Fly Fisher for around 5 years now, and have developed a natural love for the river, and all the unique aspects that it offers outdoor enthusuists. Access is easy since Highway 131 follows the river here, and all of the land is public property.Stagecoach State Park is another excellent location for hauling in rainbows, especially below the dam. A 9-foot 5-wt fly rod with floating line is perfect for fishing dry flies and small nymphs on the Yampa River. For the angler who loves the wild, you can also make your way south to Cross Mountain in the wilderness study area. Yampa River Outfitters is a full service fly fishing outfitter based out of Steamboat Springs. Yampa River is an experience that won’t leave you hanging especially with the company of an experienced fishing guide. Starting in the mountains, this river traverses mostly high, dry rangeland and canyons. Depth is crucial but be sure to be mindful of tippet and fly sizes. Winter fishing means shorter days. There are browns and cutthroats to be had as well, but the big rainbows are what have been drawing anglers to the area in recent years. Two rivers run through or near Steamboat. Anything from freshwater scuds to baetis and caddis larva can be found populating the rocks and weeds of the river. Legendary stories have been made from some of the best public & private waters in the state. The Yampa Tailwater is one of the more beautiful tailwaters that we’ve covered on this trip. has to offer. Located near Steamboat Springs, CO, Yampa Valley Anglers is a fly fishing guide service with year-round fishing on public and private waters. As you move downstream of the dam, the river offers a diverse array of fishing opportunities. Der Yampa River ist ein 402 Kilometer langer Nebenfluss des Green River im US-Bundesstaat Colorado und gehört zum Flusssystem des Colorado Rivers.. Verlauf. Caddis and tricos are most active in the afternoons, and golden stoneflies are a good all day fly. One word answer: rainbows. From the moment you come down Rabbit Ears Pass into the Yampa Valley and see our famous historic neon sign with the lit-up Rabbit Ears, your getaway begins. The flyfishing varies as much as the terrain. Hatches on the Yampa include tricos and midges earlier in the year, and on gray days you can count on a large number of blue wings olives. A few to check out are listed below. Yampa River, Colorado Fly Fishing Reports & Conditions. Paul has been guiding in northwest Colorado for over 20 years on the Yampa and Elk Rivers in the Steamboat Springs area. Along the way, we explored local restaurants, activities, and places to rest and relax to create a complete guide for exploring these iconic tailwaters. Discuss where they are going to be fishing, and make a plan to avoid each other in order to achieve the best results on the day. This is a perfect choice for comfortable, affordable, friendly lodging right in the center of downtown. Smallmouth and pike action is heating up downstream with jerkbaits and spoons! These are available HERE. The river offers a plethora of drops, riffles, and pockets to be fished with any style of rig. The colder waters nearest the Flattops provide plenty of riffles, pocket water, and other ideal trout hiding and hunting places all along the headwaters and among the lakes, ponds, and streams that feed into the Yampa River and the tributary Bear River. From the Flattops to the Green River, the Yampa has a long run of it. The best spots along the Yampa for trophy fly fishing are definitely the headwaters up in the White River National Forest.

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