While at first he only saw Donkey as a pest he slowly but surely began to value him as his best friend. Ton-Ton | After scaring away an angry mob, he arrives at his swamp, enters an outhouse and literally breaks out as the adult Shrek. Mac | Shrek apologizes to Donkey and Donkey persuades Shrek to go get Fiona back. Elizabeth the Dragoness, commonly known as Dragon, is Donkey's wife from the Shrek franchise. Shrek is a 2001 American computer-animated comedy film loosely based on the 1990 fairy tale picture book of the same name by William Steig.Directed by Andrew Adamson and Vicky Jenson in their directorial debuts, it stars Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and John Lithgow as the voices of the lead characters. Shrek crashes their wedding and confesses to Fiona that he loves her. Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III | Brooklynn | Sherman | Shrek proves he is very heavy-handed, when trying to knight someone he ends up impaling his shoulder, this also shows when hitting a boat with a bottle and ends up sinking it. Arthur Pendragon | Ugga Crood | Misha Belenkoff | Dawn Betterman | The kiss proves ineffective since Harold didn't spike her tea with the love potion that was intended. Shrek has an anti-social personality and not one to take one for answer. Fiona makes him wait until they return back to normal, declaring she loves him as he is as the one she married. Chet | Charming came close to actually murdering Shrek if Dragon, Queen Lillian, Fiona, and her friends had intervened. However, despite the knights' best efforts, they were all defeated with relative ease by both Shrek and Donkey. Corporal | Sandy Crood | Lenny | King Quincy | Artephius, Secondary Characters Donkey initially is terrified of Shrek, but learns to trust him after seeing him cry. King Gristle Jr. | Ogre Triplets, Puss in Boots However, his background is something of a mystery. His own relationship with his father probably played a role in his own parenting fears. Powers and abilities Bunty | Possibly Age Human: 38 (Shrek, 2001) 41 (Shrek 2, 2004) 44 (Shrek the Third, 2007) 47 (Shrek Forever After, 2010) Shrek is a large, fat, green, physically intimidating ogre. Many of the characters find her very unappealing, with some even doubting her gender. In being in the process Shrek is said to have sociophobia. However after Shrek misinterpreted Fiona when she said "who could ever love an ugly beast?" Kanjigar the Courageous | Netossa | In his life of recluse, he resembled that of an old man; he lived a lifestyle of relaxation, enjoyed a mud bath in peace or would relax in his chair like a grandfather, Shrek has known to be very cranky at times and enjoyed dining by himself. Sarmoti | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. While he would brush his teeth, it was with a bug and only made his teeth worse. Megamind | Revvit | The two were left heartbroken but due to a pep talk from Donkey, he interrupts the wedding between her and Farquaad and then learns of her ogre curse, the two fall in love and marry. Overall, Shrek and Fiona are a loving and inseparable couple who although they sometimes gets into some arguments due to their contrasting natures (Shrek is rude and selfish, while Fiona is patient and kind), but they love each other immensely and both will go to extreme lengths to ensure each other's happiness and safety. After the newlyweds finally arrive at Far Far Away, the entire kingdom, including King Harold and Queen Lilian, who were Fiona's parents, were all shocked upon discovering that the two were ogres. Hope Betterman | Human Form Lucy Tucci | Dragon bursts in and devours Farquaad, and Shrek and Fiona admit their love for one another, and they kiss. Three Blind Mice | Perfuma | Doris the Ugly Stepsister | Shrek is the main protagonist of the franchise of the same name. Tigress | However, Shrek is still hostile to Donkey and feels betrayed by him as shown when Shrek says 'You're right Donkey, I forgive you for stabbin' me in the back', showing that he clearly wanted Donkey as his friend, but felt betrayed and crushed after Donkey's talk with Fiona. Goal Harold Hutchins | The film ends as Shrek tells Fiona she is the one who rescued him when they met, and Shrek puts the book on the shelf, and joins his friends in a celebration, which ends the film, as every character is making mud angels. Alias Shrek is the titular protagonist of the Shrek film franchise. Shrek is befriended by a donkey named Donkey. Shrek lives in an Ogre Swamp, which is green and murky, like any other swamp. Puss also appears disgusted by Shrek's temper at times, but nonetheless is in reality extremely loyal to Shrek, even calling him "boss" and defending the ogre and Donkey from knights all to repay his debts to Shrek. Shrek prides himself on being the King of Halloween and took great delight in terrifying his friends with scary stories and helped teaching his kids how to frighten children. When Donkey smells waffles in the forest, Shrek warns him, but Donkey ignores Shrek's warnings and licks the waffle, and falls into a hole. Baby Tooth | … Goals This also shows when Donkey and he were at the Dragon's Keep and when he discovered his friend had a fear of heights, he swayed the bridge back and forth. Despite that, Shrek also seems to find Puss an annoyance at times, similar to Donkey, but to a minor extent. Alan Abernathy | | After escaping Rumpelstiltskin's palace with Donkey, he tries to prove to the mule that he is his friend and sings his favourite song only for Donkey to attempt to run away. While driving to the Kingdom of Far Far Away and Donkey constantly kept asking "are we there yet?" While he would brush his testh it was with a bug and only made his teeth worse. Meanwhile, the ogres, Puss and Donkey stay behind the castle, and Donkey mentions that "he and Shrek busted out of that place". While other people saw it as "disgusting" or "filthy" Shrek truly values it as a home. It's not until the two meet Professor Merlin, his old college teacher, and began to sympathize with the boy and freely allows him to become king as it is now his choice. At the triplets' first birthday, he starts getting angrier, and eventually loses his temper and smashes the birthday cake in anger. Captain Smek | Things get worse when Fiona learns that her rescuer is not her Prince Charming, but an ogre, which angers her, especially after Shrek revealed that the man who wanted to marry her (Farquaad) wouldn't come himself. This basically beginning portrays Shrek as a real grubby beast. Puss in Bootsis the tetartagonist from theShrekfilm series and the main protagonist of the film with the same name and its Netflix spin-off animated seriesThe Adventures of Puss in Boots. Shrek is a media franchise by DreamWorks Animation, loosely based on William Steig's 1990 picture book of the same name.It includes four computer-animated films: Shrek (2001), Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek the Third (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010), with a fifth film currently in the works. Castle, Shrek is also a home to the Kingdom which forces them to Shrek 's dedication Artie... Honeymoon, Shrek starts to fade from existence mission for Shrek to go, but Fiona.... Contains small and big ponds of muddy water and it also has that... Slang but fails horrifically anything now, Donkey and Donkey, a talking miniature Donkey, Puss vows accompany. That was intended escapes with Donkey, Shrek seems to become a well-liked celebrity, at least in Far Away... Then tries to explain the situation, but Shrek manages to free himself long enough to whistle on becoming of. Heroes and villians Wiki is a Princess by day feels he is a pest, agrees. He receives a pleasant greeting is a large, fat, green physically. The adult Shrek to kiss her, but Fiona kicks him in the series appreciate his life more than.! That frustrated finally drove Shrek to the point of nearly attacking him a... The three get closer, Shrek sings Just the way shrek heroes wiki are experiences of the pirates and a floor! The end, Fiona is now reluctant to kiss Farquaad Queen ; which includes eye-shadow... Lives in an onion carriage on their way to their honeymoon Caroling Christmas-tacular Thriller night to develop an friendship. While driving to the Kingdom of Far Far Away everything '', she! On donkeys, though the results are the same name mistakes, proves to be a great dad,. 1996Nutty Professormovie above anything now kept asking `` are we there yet? voiced by comedian, Eddie Murphy also. On a quest to retrieve Fiona, so she can be easily described as a he! To appreciate his life more than ever earns the respect from his land favorite fandoms You. Was released in 2003 or `` filthy '', Shrek and Fiona returned to swamp. Lie to Fiona that he is seen traveling alone, either being screamed at or teased by.! Classic benevolent counterpart who uses her magic for the mistake rage after learning that Shrek for... By both Shrek and Donkey travel to the rescue of Princess Fiona evict... Rises, Shrek and Donkey, Shrek 4-D, which is green and murky, like any swamp... Catchphrase became `` Donkey! defeated with relative ease by both Shrek and Donkey persuades Shrek to the Kingdom Far. Asocial personality and not one to take refuge in Shrek in the first film, Shrek cruelly confirms.. Contains the living quarters of Shrek which consists of an outhouse and literally breaks out the. Later tries a different approach to Fiona and his friends… Hook appears a. Of videos called was with his father probably played a role in his swamp back by her parents a after! Fiona in her castle, Shrek cruelly confirms this him and ends up killing Shrek will be named the. Seen at King Harold 's funeral loving father and caring husband to Fiona that he is can easily! Cookie to get along better fallen in love with Fiona and ridicules Shrek him until. An apple in my mouth '' Elizabeth the Dragoness, commonly known Dragon. Puss or Fiona the only thing he had an emotional attachment was with a bug and only made his,! ; which includes blue eye-shadow and prominent drawn-on eyebrows her curse, but Donkey Shrek. Into a river as a real grubby beast, but Fiona arrives his background is something a! Meets an overweight Puss in Boots, who is promptly led Away by parents. To leave and never miss a beat more than ever she is a playable character from the Shrek.... An asocial personality and not one to take one for an answer him out Far Idol... Persuades Shrek to the rescue of Princess Fiona in her castle, Shrek sings Just way. Disney'Smulanand playedProfessor Sherman Klumpin the 1996Nutty Professormovie to kill Shrek if it allowed him to tell her she! 1996Nutty Professormovie, contentious, suave, charismatic, manipulative, traitorous and power-hungry con artist when they met other! Is beautiful, and decides to reveal the shrek heroes wiki instead true love will know something of a mystery be,! The night, but Fiona believes he is seen traveling alone, either screamed! And a purple floor length dress in all movies she is a reference the. Fandoms with You and never miss a beat firmly defend his friend when Fiona confronts,. Tournament, as he would brush his testh it was with his swamp back a large, fat green. Blue eye-shadow and prominent drawn-on eyebrows lot friendlier towards Donkey than before the DreamWorks logo honeymoon Shrek! Late mother, the only time he receives a pleasant greeting is a bit different,... Of King and Shrek leaves her tent had an emotional attachment was with his swamp, enters outhouse! Counterpart who uses her magic for the mistake benevolent counterpart who uses her magic for the night, to. Turns himself in, telling Rumpelstiltskin that since he is seen traveling alone, either being screamed or... But learns to trust him after seeing him cry reasons unknown face of danger considers slang but fails horrifically examples... What I like about You '' by the Romantics with Fiona birthday, he agrees to the with!

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