Login using “admin” as the username, and use the password shown under “Webpage Admin Password” on the “OBi Dashboard” at Obihai’s site – on that site you may need to click the gear icon next to your device to see the Webpage Admin Password. View online or download Obihai OBi302 Administration Manual, Detailed Technical Specifications, Admin Manual Set up the service provider using your user name and password. If you would like to restrict the ability of unauthorized users from making changes to your OBi100 configuration settings via IVR, I explain below how to do so in my previous article: Obihai OBi100 - How to Login as Administrator Note: A guide on how to reset the password can be found => here <= Standard Username and Password using ObiHai Software: Username: admin Password: admin . Manually Provision the Obihai ATA into Production. Note: You must choose which phone port to use with the selected service. Log in using the following credentials. … The Obihai will need an internet connection. Ah, OK. Username: admin; Password: admin 2. Unfortunately we would not be able to provide support on this topic. How to perform a factory reset: 1. I'm a dufus. By default for admin login this should be: User: admin Password: admin If you do not have this information then you will need to either reset or acquire this login information. Please note : The initial startup of this adapter will take about 10-15 mins when connected to the internet. By default, both PHONE 1 and PHONE 2, work with the ˜rst service you initially con˜gure on your OBi302 device. Below are different methods of connecting your device depending on your local network. ... just add fields to User Agent General Auto Provisioning Template in Settings -> UAD -> Obihai OBi1022 menu, or add them directly to the extension in UAD Auto Provisioning Template section. In a web browser on a computer on the same network as the phone, browse to the device's IP address. Click on System Management link in the left hand navigation menu. Note: After provisioning, use the MAC password to log in to the web GUI. NOTE: Factory default login details are username: admin and password: admin. It is possible to Password Protect access to the OBi100 IVR system. adapters and the Obihai-branded IP phone portfolio. You may however visit the OBihai support page for your specific device. By default for admin login this should be: User: admin; Password: admin If you do not have this information, then you will need to either factory reset the device or acquire this login information. I ended up resetting the unit to factory defaults after deleting the device in OBiTalk. 3 Continuation of Polycom (not ObiHai): In addition, the Provisioning Server can be used to set the Password so an End User cannot make changes to the Phone settings. Polycom® OBi software offers legendary audio combined with ... • Enter user for Username for User Level login (partial access) • Default password for admin level login is admin • Default password for user level login is user. You may however visit the OBihai … Obihai OBi302 Pdf User Manuals. During that time the Power light will be blinking. ** Service cost related to the OBi customer example used here is based on an actual OBiTALK Approved Service Provider offer and the non-sale price of an OBi100 phone adapter. I misunderstood that the port on the Obi connected to the router WAS in fact a WAN port. If it is solid green, the service is ready. Unfortunately we would not be able to provide support on this topic.

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