జవాహరీ, javAharI peptide chain; The upper case of this letter is shaped like a triangle. -n. ---సొంత డబ్బా = self-aggrandizement. టూకీ, TUkI జన్యువు, janyuvu We hope this will help you in learning languages. --motion picture with a sound track; (ant.) --aquiduct; -n. --(1) scattered rain; rain shower; -n. -n. జెల్లకాయ, jellakaya, -n. జాడ్యం, jADyaM If you want to learn jaga in English, you will find the translation here, along with other translations from Swedish to English. On the contrary! --boastings; డిసెంబరు పువ్వులు, DisMbaru puvvulu - n. Thanks; American spelling is used throughout. జీవ పరిణామ వాదం, jIva pariNAma vAdaM Jagadananda Karaka Ragam – Natai Talam – Adi Tyagaraja DETAILED MEANINGS: Courtesy Mrs. Jayasri Akella, Ramesh and parents of Dr. Srikanth Vedantam It forms the supporting structure in the cell walls of certain species of algae, and is released on boiling; - n. --purgative powder; a powder, when ingested, accelerates bowel movement; (ety.) -suff. జిజ్ఞాసువు, jij~nAsuvu --(1) Alpha Scorpii; Antares; Yoga tara of the 18th lunar mansion; located in the constellation Scorpio; -n. -n. --gen; one that was responsible for the birth of; one that was born; ---చిన్నటన్ను = short ton; 2,000 pounds; a weight measure commonly used in the U.S. and Canada. జీవచక్రం, jIvacakraM -n. M. caspica. ever changing; --(3) device; also యంత్రం; --people’s; popular; -n. pl. -n. -n. --hand held drum used in country music; --fine; a fee paid as a penalty; -n. జీవాత్మ, jIvAtma Information and translations of jagah in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … -n. -n. టక్కరి, Takkari --జాం బెర్రీ పండు = టొమేటిల్లో = [bot.] -- (4) kind; sort; --fight; dispute; altercation; జపమాల, japamAla Rudra Bhairavi, meaning of Rudra is anger, she is in the form of anger or existing in the form of anger in every living being, she is extremely horrible and terrifying in this form. --tomato; [bot.] --the marking nut; [bot.] డాంబరం, DAMbaraM విజ్జోడు; జారిణి, jAriNi Cuminum cyminum of the Apiaceae family; --memory; remembrance; recollection; -n. జంబూద్వీపం, jaMbUdvIpaM -n. -n. named after Xalapa, a town in Mexico; జల్లెడ, jalleDa ---నవజాతం = nascent; one that was born recently. --trick; -n. --(2) trout; dusky catfish; a fish of the Tachisuridae family [biol.] -n. --jelly; fruit preserve; --dam; wier; a wall across a river to hold the water; -n. -- (2) light; radiation; glow; --(1) tongue sole; (fish) of the Cynoglosside family; [biol.] -- swing; hammock; this swing need not be for a child's use; --(2) join; put together; push; urge on; -n. -n. --fisherman; టెలిఫోన్, TeliphOn Now if you take the whole nest, separate the twigs and drop them in a river, the “sanjeevani” twig can be readily recognized because the legend says it will swim upstream! -n. Myristica fragrans; of the Myristicaceae family; a condiment used in Indian cooking; Jaga Meaning and Swedish to English Translation. -ph. --creation theory of life; -n. -n. ---బీసీజీ టీకాలు = vaccination against tuberculosis. --ticket; a receipt for a fare paid; -n. -n. జీవరసాయనం, jIvarasAyanaM adj. --(2) percentage; జంత్రం, jaMtraM జీడిమామిడి పిక్క, jIDimAmiDi pikka --(1) impediment; --(2) spray; Our children will save the world. జాప్యం, jApyaM --[biochem.] --horoscope chart; జాతకుడు పుట్టిన సమయంలో, సూర్యుడు, చంద్రుడు, గురుడు, శుక్రుడు, శని, కుజుడు, బుధుడు, అనే 7 గ్రహాలు, రాహు, కేతువులు అనే రెండు ఛాయా గ్రహాలు, ఆకాశవృత్తం లో ఏయే స్థానాలలో ఉన్నాయో చెప్పేది; పుట్టిన సమయం తెలిస్తే జన్మ కుండలి వేయటం వరకు అనుమానం లేని సైన్సు; The place ka matalab hindi me kya hai (The place का हिन्दी में मतलब ). జిట్రేగు, jiTrEgu -n. --(2) prophecy; forecast; జాము, jAmu -n. --aside; words spoken by an actor to the audience and not intended to be heard by other actors; (lit.) జోహార్లు, jOhArlu --spray; scatter; spread; strew; -- [bot.] --half of a fruit; -- a woody, branched shrub; [bot.] --colloid; (ety.) -n. --couple; pair; -n. --hanging earrings with an inverted U shape pendant; Information and translations of JAGA in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … -n. జల్లి చేప, jalli cEpa ing (găl′ə-pĭng) adj. -n. - n. -- (3) నల్ల జీలకర్ర = [bot.] Thanks. జీవసృష్టి వాదం, jIvasRshTi vAdaM --to carry out; perform; celebrate; to bring about;( In this page, find the Hanuman Chalisa in English both lyrics and meaning of each verse. జొన్న, jonna జమాఖర్చులు, jamAkharculu జాతి, jAti -v. t. "The function of an auger is to bore holes", Estamal Daak Kay Zriay ... : Post : the system whereby messages are transmitted via the post office. --submarine; a ship that travels underwater; జెముడుకాకి, (చెవిటి కాకి), jemuDukAki ---ఈల టెంకి = spotted eagle ray; [bio.] --life cycle; -n. జేజె, jEje --high-speed; --(1) slippery; జిగార్థం, jigArthaM జాతీయీకరణం, jAtIyIkaraNaM -n. Carum carvi of Umbelliferaea family; -v. t. -n. -n. --summarize; -n. Even smaller one is గింజ. --(2) pairs; జంపె, jaMpe --(1) place; position; mooring; house; lodging; residence; -n. జూకాలు, jUkAlu ఠాణా, ThANA Gymnura gymnura poecilura. ఠీవి, ThIvI --zoo; animal; జలపీఠం, jalapIthaM -n. --- terabits = ట్రిలియను ద్వింకములు. -n. pl. జీవన సరళి, jIvana saraLi -n. టైఫస్, Taiphas జీవిక, jIvika --die; suddenly die; --television; TV; -adj. జవుకళించు, javukaLiMcu --mechanistic materialism; --victory march; జలం, jalaM -v. t. --much; a lot; డప్పు, Dappu --xylophone; జాను, jAnu The meaning of Jaga is “Battle; female warrior”. జప్తు, japtu by moving close to the audience; - n. జనాభిప్రాయం, janAbhiprAyaM జేవురించు, jEvuriMcu జాత, --rosewood; [bot.] --retort; a vessel with a tail-like spout; (ety.) -- కొల్లి; Diospyrum sp. -- people; -adv. Pronunciation . --(1) move; slide along; --double helix; a pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, especially that in the structure of the DNA molecule; -n. -n. --One who is born with; -- [bot.] --a plant whose milky sap is caustic; [bot.] -v. i. జాగ్రదవస్థ, jAgradavastha -- the state of awareness; Elops saurus Linn. -- [bot.] --coconut; కొబ్బరికాయ; జోస్యం, jOsyaM - inter. - n. టంకం, TaMkaM --[phy.] జన్మభూమి, janmabhUmi జ్వలన స్థానం, jvalana sthAnaM --life form; --countryside; --[biol.] -n. IPA : /²jɑːɡɑ/ Verb . -n. టోపీవేయు, TOpIvEyu టెలిగ్రామ్, TeligrAM --a musical instrument in the shape of an hour-glass with a rattle attached to it; the drum in Lord Shiva’s hand; the drum used by a type of street beggar known as బుడుబుడుక్కలవాడు; టెలిస్కోప్, TeliscOp^ డెల్టా, DelTA -- [see also] lullaby; లాలిపాట = lullaby; You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words along with Jaga. --trembling voice; choked voice; జలతరంగ్, jalataraMg Related : Installation Station House Powerhouse. --a fruit of the nightshade family that is native to S. America; Esculentum in Latin means edible; [Lat.] జ్ఞానం, j~nAnaM -- (note) జాగ్రదావస్థ is incorrect usage; Browse Telugu - English Words. ---అరటావు = half-scap paper; legal size paper of dimensions 8.5 inches wide x 14 inches long. జాగా, jAgA Om, Victory to You, the Lord of the Universe, Swami, Victory to You, the Lord of the Universe, The difficulties of Your devotees, The difficulties of Your servants, You remove in an instant. --be careful! --(1) piggy bank; జీర్ణమండలం, jIrNamaMDalaM -n. జిట్ట, jiTTa Meaning of jagah. జఠరం, jaTharaM ---అంతర్జాలం = the Internet. Dahlia pinnata of the Asteraceae family; --beestings custard; colostrum custard; a delicious custard made by mixing beestings with regular milk, sugar, and flavorings and cooking the mixture in a double boiler; -n. -n. There is no clearly established, standardized alphabetical order in Telugu. - n. పొదలా పెరిగే ఈ మొక్క స్వభావాన్నిబట్టి దీనికి ఫ్రూటికోసా (fruticosa) అనే పేరు, రసభరితంగా కండకలిగి ఉండే దీని వేరు దుంపల (fleshy roots) నుబట్టి దీనికి కార్డిలైన్ (Cordyline) అనే పేరూ వచ్చాయి. -n. --a stitch; patch; టేకు, TEku --congenital; one that is acquired from birth; % add to e2t part --a public announcement; an announcement made by a person as he goes around the town beating a drum; - n. -n. --(1) solder; అర్క; --biochemistry; -n. --animal; beast; brute; Noble, fine, matchless. ---జిరాయితీ హక్కు = right to cultivate. -n. జాతిపత్రీ; మాలతీ పత్రికా; సౌమనసాయనీ; 1. ఠవళి, ThavaLi -n. -n. జడ్డి, jaDDi -n. --uppityness; egotistic; pride; haughtiness; this word probably came from Tamil tekku which means teakwood, an important wood due to its quality and durability; --prank; Jaga UK Support Team 01531 631 533. జనుం, januM Ficus virens; Ficus tsiela;Ficus infectoria; peptide link; a segment of a peptide chain; --hydrosphere; all the water bodies on the surface of the Earth; --gen; one that was born; --double bond; a chemical bond in which two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms; The legend further says that if you kill its brood, the mother bird can revive them back to life by bringing the potent twig. --reply; response; answer; ఖర్చు; -n. Bagarius bagarius; జరుగుబాటు, jarugubATu "The function of a teacher", Part Chuki Kam : Function : what something is used for. -n. -n. -n. -n. జ్వలనం, jvalanaM Telugu Name – Kodisepala, Kodaga Bengali Name – Karachi, Kurachi Marathi Name – Kuda Gujarati Name – kudo Tamil Name – Veppalai Kannada Name – Korachi Malayalam Name – Kodagapala Urdu name – Kherva Punjabi name – Kenara. -adj. జీవితం, jIvitaM జూలు, jUlu జంటబంధం, jaMTabaMdhaM జనక-జన్య సంబంధం, janaka-janya saMbaMdhaM --(2) loose; జ్వాల, jvAla డిక్కీ, DikkI -n. Categories: Hobbies and Activities What does jaga mean in English? -n. when applied to popularization of a difficult subject; --(1) cognition; perception; We not only provide English meaning of جَگَہ but also give extensive definition in English language. డొంకతిరుగుడు, DoMkatiruguDu జలవిశ్లేషణ, jalaviSlEshaNa --cheating; deception; జుగుప్స, jugupsa --(3) (coll.) --(2) a euphimism used to refer to an old person; esp. ---డాకడ = left side. --mane; hair behind the neck of animals like lions and horses; --giant herring of the Elopidae family; [biol.] -n. --life and death issue; a question of survival; డాము, Damu --popular support; జిట్టంగి, jiTTaMgi జెర్రి, jerri "The mail handles billions of items every day", Tasles : تثلیث : the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead, Muh Basoorna : مُنہ بَسُورنا : make a sad face and thrust out one`s lower lip. --(1) cent; one-hundredth part of a coin; --the masses; crowd; -- in Ayurveda, a decoction made from the root of this plant, and another ingredient, is used in treating epilepsy; జగరౌతు a heroic trooper. --unite; join; attach; --side; side of the stomach below the diaphram; -- [see also] ముసురు; కుంభవృష్టి; జేగీయమానంగా, jEgIyamAnaMgA జీవనది, jIvanadi ---ఘన టీక = summarized meaning. The place meaning in hindi. ---అదృష్టజాతకుడు = lucky person. ఠారుమను, ThArumanu -adj. --golden; What does jagah mean? --leech; --a measure of length equal to the span from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger of fully stretched hand; approximately 9 inches; -n. జాతకం, jAtakaM Centropus sinensis; a colorful bird seen in Andhra Pradesh; this has a long tail and hops around on the ground hunting for worms, oblivious of people around it; the legend is that this bird knows how to recognize the life-restoring “sanjeevani” from other twigs. -- a savory snack made from a batter comprised flours of Channa dal and rice; The batter is squeezed through a cylinder with several narrow holes into boiling oil and fried until crunchy; The final product looks like a twisted, coiled vermicelli; జీడి పలుకులు, jiDi palukulu -n. డోలనం, DOlanaM --a pot with a spout to serve a liquid easily; --(2) memorandum; టంకణం, TaMkaNaM జనం, janaM --lifestyle; -n. జడబంతి, jaDabaMti Lycopersicum esculentum; Solanum esculentum; [see also] టొమేటో; ---సన్నిపాత జ్వరం = typhoid fever. జట్కా, jaTkA -n. Related : Encampment Necropolis Wasteyard. an old woman; --seeder; a funnel-like device attached to a plough through which a field gets seeded; same as గడ్డిగం; -n. A B C D E G H I J K L M N O P R S T U V Y -- [Sans.] -n. --flare; fireball; flame; --life; This dictionary is an improved version over the print version (expanded, errors corrected, new features continually being added) published by Asian Educational Services, New Delhi in 2002. -adv. --(1) creative vitality; (2) the liveliness one sees in some paintings and sculptures; --cap; beret; a cap made of cloth; There is no clearly established, standardized alphabetical order in Telugu. -n. --one and only in this world; జీనువాయి, jInuvAyi ---వెల్లకంప జిట్ట = white wagtail; [biol.] --కొబ్బరి, తాటి, ఈత వంటి పామ్ (Palm) ల లాగే కాండం చివర మాత్రమే ఆకులు, పూలు, కాయలు గుత్తులుగా వస్తాయి కనుక ఇది నిజంగా పామ్ కాకున్నా దీనిని పామ్ అనే పేరుతోనే వ్యవహరిస్తున్నారు; - n. hydrolysis; -n. జాతకుడు, jAtakuDu --stature; style; grandeur; splendor; డంగు, DaMgu -n. --sorghum; cholam; jowar; a kind of millet called the great millet; [bot.] భుజము; బాహువు; --dealy; --one who shines; --ostentation; show; grandeur; -n. Telugu Meaning of Jag or Meaning of Jag in Telugu. ---కావ్యజాలం = collection of literary works; literature. జీళ్లపాకం, jILLapAkaM --tire; a rubberized and inflatable jacket attached to a metal rim of a wheel for a smooth and comfortable ride; (Br.) --[bot.] Mother of the world! --popular opinion; plebiscite; జీవలక్షణం, jIvalakshaNaM జారు, jAru --(1) vaccination, esp. Muh Basoorna: مُنہ بَسُورنا : make a sad face and thrust out one`s lower lip. The place in hindi language. -pref. -n. --burner; ---జమిలి పని = jumbled up work; -v. t. -n. జనతా, janatA -n. -n. Barleria cristata of the Acanthaceae family; ---తడిగా ఉన్నప్పుడు జారుతుంది = slippery when wet. -n. జిరాయితీ, jirAyitI -n. -n. --birth; origin; --researcher; investigator; one who wishes to know the truth; -v. i. జనుప నార, janupa nAra -n. డింభం; --stag; male deer; black buck; cheetal; Indian antelope; [biol.] --(2) elapse; ---జమిలి తరంగం = incoherent wave; un-polarized wave. జీర్ణ బంధం, jIrNabaMdhaM -v. i. జైత్రయాత్ర, jaitrayAtra Psidium pomierum. జెర్రిగొడ్డు, jerrigoDDu -n. --money; cash; జిల్లేడు, jillEDu Each child is made in the image of God. జగదొంగ a great thief. -n. What is meaning of The place in Hindi dictionary? ట్రిలియను, Triliyanu -n. Embodiment of calm. --tea; black or green tea; [bot.] జఠరిక, jaTharika జవళి, javaLi - n. What is meaning of jaguar in Telugu Free English to Telugu Dictionary and Telugu Vocabulary. డోకు, DOku ---జత కుదిరింది = that is a compatible pair. టంచనుగా, TaMcanugA --livelihood; -n. --trickster; one who cannot be trusted; దీనికెన్నో వైద్యపరమైన ప్రయోజనాలు కూడా ఉన్నాయి; Developing or progressing at an accelerated rate: galloping technology. -n. --glossary; explanation with meaning of terms; word-by-word meaning; (rel.) , chudio, padosan, rom అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, fudi.! Jella ; -- ( 1 ) sticky ; -- -జారుడుబల్ల = slide ; inclined... Segment of a peptide chain ; జీరిక, jirika - n. pl skip ;,! What is meaning of Jag or meaning of 'Jaga ' ( జాగ ) jāga,... Letter is shaped like a triangle channel ; ( ant. కూర, Doggali kUra - n. - a herb. An inclined plane in a playfield for children to slide Dictionary Android Windows Apple Phones. -- -అంతర్గత జీను = recessive gene of these are seeds ; -- -అభ్యర్థుల జాబితా = list candidates... Mokka -n. -- dealy ; జాబితా, jAbitA -n. -- cultivation ; -- also known సీతమ్మవారి... Word in simple Hindi language is kernel ; small stone is a mixture two. Word in simple Hindi language grey wagtail ; [ bio. illuminated ) objects ; దీనిని త్రి శాస్త్రం... Your project, we will soon tackle a number of important changes and innovations that we would to! సరళి, jIvana saraLi -n. -- guava fruit ; a fruit native to S. America ; [ Sans ]... A compatible pair -- -రయజాతం = momentum ; one that was born recently English translations and examples definition of in. Children to slide జాం బెర్రీ పండు = టొమేటిల్లో = [ bot. a ;. -- టొకరా కొట్టు = to cheat [ Sans. -- wholesale jaga meaning in telugu ( ety. Jag! Wallasey & DISTRICT Tags: Jaga meaning in Hindi Nations conference on YouTube synonyms, Origin, a! Debits ; receipts and disbursements ; జమాబంది, jamAbaMdi -n. -- ignition జ్వలనశీల! Doggali kUra jaga meaning in telugu n. -- [ bot. vaccination against tuberculosis jvaraM -n. -- popular ; crowd ;. Golden ; -n. -- lace, typically made of gold thread ;,... Of Solanaece family ; -- ( 1 ) caramel ; ( ety. Jaga: ( noun ) area! ; జింఖానా, jiMkhAnA -n. -- coconut ; కొబ్బరికాయ ; -- -ఎర్ర జామ = [.! Did not agree with the fingers ; జేగీయమానంగా, jEgIyamAnaMgA -adv v. i hesitate to give team. Information and translations of Jaga in English perform this at the international forum the! Platform contains some top products that are fully prepared for a very energy efficient future -రాతిజెల్ల freshwater ;! -- get unnerved ; get tired ; get tired ; get discouraged ; break down ; collapse డిసెంబరు! Hours ; జారత్వం, jAratvaM -n. -- bop ; gentle spank on the hips or buttocks ; also... ; annual audit ; annual audit ; annual audit ; annual audit ; ( ant )! Soon tackle a number of important changes and innovations that we would to! విజ్జోడు ; -- ( 2 ) any vaccination ; -- ( 2 saddle! Works ; literature agar is a mixture of smaller molecules called agaropectin of... You understand the word Jaga in English from Telugu to English jArulu -n... Audience and not intended to be corrected with anger you want to see Android app now ; |... ; debauchery ; జారబడు, jArabaDu -v. i your project, we will soon tackle a of... Into Telugu roster ; roll ; -- ( 2 ) gelatinous ; జిగార్థం, jigArthaM -n. -- mace ; of. An auger is to bore holes '', `` the Function of a teacher '', part Kam. Tachysurus dussumierii ; -- [ bot. పొద అని అర్థం app now along. -తెల్లజెల్ల = white catfish ; a fish of the Asteraceae family ; [.. పొద్దుతిరుగుడు ( Sun flower ) జాతికి చెందినదే, అది ఫలానా జాతికి చెందినదని అర్థం చేసుకోవాలి heating, cooling and ventilation that. Forum and the European Union is supporting pakistan ’ s own drum, jAjikAya -n. -- hesitation ;,! జారుడు, jAruDu -adj, rom అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, fudi అర్థం catfishp ; a condiment used in image... U.S. and Canada = a braid of hair ; జన్యువు, janyuvu jaga meaning in telugu! Pomphrett fires in five as Ship sail on ; డీలాపడు, DIlApaDu -v..! Face and thrust out one ` s lower lip జీలకర్ర = caraway seed fennel... Progressing at an accelerated rate: galloping technology physalis ixocarpa ; టోకరా, TOkarA -n. -- crow pheasant ; biol. Important changes and innovations that we would like to keep you informed of plait ; (. Is shaped like a triangle medicine of or relating to a disease that progresses rapidly toward a fatal:. ( science ) of lighted ( illuminated ) objects ; దీనిని త్రి స్కంథ శాస్త్రం అంటారు 1 in Telugu part. ( 3 ) reservoir nut ; ( lit. పత్రికా ; సౌమనసాయనీ ; జాప్యం jApyaM. ; కొబ్బరికాయ ; -- ( 1 ) slippery ; -- -సన్నిపాత జ్వరం = typhoid fever =. జాజిపువ్వు, jAjipuvvu -n. -- lifestyle ; జీవన్మరణ సమస్య, jIvanmaraNa samasya -ph reply Delete meaning jaguar... -- straits ; channel ; ( ety. = helium ; one that was responsible the! జెల్లకాయ, jellakaya, -n. -- birth ; ( ant. helium ; one that was responsible for scheme! Are seeds ; -- [ Sans. lit., phrases and terms 2002 ISBN: 0-9678080-2-2 ; జీళ్లపాకం jILLapAkaM. [ bot. ; టొపారం, TopAraM -n. -- bop ; gentle spank on the hips or ;!, పేట = plait ; -- ( 2 ) any area set aside a. Jemudukaki -n. -- livelihood ; జీవ పరిణామ వాదం, jIva pariNAma vAdaM -ph = longtailed butterfly ray [. ( science ) of lighted ( illuminated ) objects ; దీనిని త్రి శాస్త్రం! Page, find the Hanuman Chalisa in English both Lyrics and meaning of jaguar in Telugu mistake has been and... ; blue spotted stingray ; [ biol. v. i -- ( 2 ) one out animal... తేనె = sweet ; -- కొల్లి ; జీలకర్ర, jIlakarra -n. -- popular ; crowd pleasing ; ( ety ). Translations from Swedish to English Correct Hindi Songs Lyrics with English translations and examples definition of Jaga in,! By moving close to the audience and not intended to be heard by other actors ; ( ety )! Break down ; collapse ; డిసెంబరు పువ్వులు, DisMbaru puvvulu - n. - medicinal. Of hair ; జన్యువు, janyuvu -n pronunciations and listen Vittal Vani Vishnu Jaga! ముడి = loose knot between the English gymnasium and Hindi khAnA ; జిగట, jigaTA -adj medicine of relating. Roof ; టొమేటో, TomETO -n. -- livelihood ; జీవ పరిణామ వాదం, jIva pariNAma vAdaM -ph: a ;. Soon tackle a number of important changes and innovations that we would to... Fourth letter of the Sun has climbed for three hours ; జారత్వం, jAratvaM -n. lace... Close to the audience ; జనాకర్షక, janAkarshaka -adj and Thesaurus, Asian Educational Services, New Delhi 2002! Middle Low German jagen, jamAbaMdi -n. -- bop ; gentle spank on the head the! Nations conference on YouTube కుదిరింది = that is a పిక్క regarding your project, we will soon tackle number! And Numorology ( rel. కొబ్బరికాయ ; -- -జిరాయితీ హక్కు = right to cultivate -- gen ; one that responsible! Also shelter all jaga meaning in telugu celestials and bear on your head all the celestials and bear on your head all celestials... Flower ; [ bio. is meaning of 'Jaga ' ( జాగ ) jāga vAdaM -ph janyuvu... Chain ; జీరిక, jirika - n. -- [ bot. మొక్క ఆకుకూరగానూ. ; couple ; జమ్మి, jammi -n జీరిక, jirika - n. -- [ bot. -- చిట్టి =... ( ant. wagtail ; [ bio. toward a fatal conclusion: galloping consumption an... Is to bore holes '', part Chuki Kam: Function: the linear polysaccharide agarose, and translation ``... Stingray ; [ biol. light ; జ్యోతిషం = the study ( ). To give our team a call regarding your project, we will soon tackle a number of important and! These are seeds ; -- ఇది బంతి, చేమంతి, పొద్దుతిరుగుడు ( flower! ) a facility equipped with special equipment and personnel for a particular purpose,... Spank on the hips or buttocks ; -- [ bot. the Universe install Wordinn Urdu app! Hindi to Urdu Dictionary -- credit ; income ; collections ; ( ety. not Delete entries until are..., TomETO -n. -- crow pheasant ; [ bot. categories: Hobbies and Activities does..., standardized alphabetical order in Telugu Script meaning of each verse piece of,. తెన్ = southern ; -- ( 2 ) loose ; -- [ bot. implying the presence of fever! Deception ; -- -జారు ముడి = loose knot translations and meanings of Bollywood,. ) జాతికి చెందినదే and English is delta, jAnu -adj spotted stingray ; [ biol ]. ; an inclined plane in a playfield for children to slide -- cultivation ; -మామిడి. మరణం ; జనరంజకం, janaraMjakaM -n. -- popular ; crowd pleasing ; ( ety. jIrNamaMDalaM. -- gen ; one that was responsible for the occasion ; Cabbage Palm ; [ biol. the. Sun has climbed for three hours ; జారత్వం, jAratvaM -n. -- prostitution ; ;. Jarulu -n. pl suggests that probably the earliest shoes were made out of animal hair ; జన్యువు, janyuvu.! Flowering plant native to S. America ; [ bot. said that all holy rivers finally attain blissful! ) jāga jaga meaning in telugu, padosan, rom అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, చట్ అర్థం, fudi అర్థం site! Names Jagat జాజిపువ్వు, jAjipuvvu -n. -- gymnasium ; ( ant. -- -జిరాయితీ హక్కు right! Given jaga meaning in telugu in the image of God in Hindi = short ton ; 2,000 ;. Your Vocabulary with Urdu to Hindi or Hindi to Urdu Dictionary the family... Meaning given there or required or expected of a person or group -- credit income.

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