However, Dragon doesn't seem to have a scar under his left eye instead he has a strange tattoo. [27] Every day, Ace would travel away from the Dadan Family hideout and Luffy attempted to follow him. Japanese VA: [75], Luffy was then put to work as a chore boy, but was quickly ejected from the kitchen due to destroying the dishes and was reassigned to work as a waiter. Monkey D. Luffy (Japanese: モンキー・D・ルフィ, Hepburn: Monkī Dī Rufi, [ɾɯɸiː]), also known as "Straw Hat" Luffy , is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the One Piece manga series, created by Eiichiro Oda. Next Last ••• More options Who Replied? This video is unavailable. Marine Captain Smoker then confronted them, and used his Moku Moku no Mi abilities to grab Luffy with a plume of smoke. Voiced Most Times By: Colleen Clinkenbeard (in 13 titles) Mayumi Tanaka (in 49 titles) Total Actors: 12 Appearances: 52 Franchise: One Piece. While Buggy was caught off-guard, Nami attempted to hit him with a bag of treasure, but he grabbed it instead. Luffy was outraged that Shanks did not retaliate, and Shanks grabbed his arm when he tried to leave, causing it to stretch. [26] His lifelong dream is to become the Pirate King by finding the legendary treasure left behind by the late Pirate King, Gol D. How old was luffy when he met Shanks? He is the main character of popular ongoing manga/anime called One piece. Helmeppo then threatened to shoot Koby, and Luffy turned to attack him, turning his back on Morgan. Sanji was very angry with Luffy, as he wished to keep Zeff and the restaurant safe to honor his debt to the head chef, but Luffy told him that getting killed was a bad way to repay his debt. Anime pre-timeskip JavaScript is disabled. He was eventually able to hit Luffy with the explosions, but Luffy was able to hit and shatter the spear blade in the process. [116] Buggy asked Luffy if he had any last words, and Luffy proclaimed to the crowd that he would become the Pirate King. Read more. Luffy looked over the wall and saw Zoro tied up, and Zoro offered to help him if he was freed. How do you laugh like Monkey D Luffy from One Piece? Zoro said that all three of the swords were his, and agreed to join Luffy if they survived this battle. Two strong OCs as Nakama, and bigger crew. [53], Luffy and Nami gathered up Buggy's treasure, with Nami agreeing to join the crew and find more treasure. Alive While there are some personal similarities between Luffy and Boa, the story of One Piece has subtly established the idea that he and … [117] On the way, they were confronted by the Marine Tashigi, and Zoro stayed behind to fight her. )[3]Luffy-tarou[4] (ルフィ太郎, Rufitarō?, English version: "Luffytaro")[5]Luffy-no-Umi (ルフィの海, Rufinoumi? He revealed that one of them, Captain Jinbe of the Fish-Man Pirates, had unleashed a fearsome fish-man known as Arlong into the East Blue, and Nami had likely gone to his base at Arlong Park. Luffy poked Chouchou to see if he was alive, causing Chouchou to attack him. However, he asked Luffy to feed him Rika's rice balls that Helmeppo had smashed into the ground, and told him to tell Rika that they were delicious. The destruction caused by the attack resulted in the tower collapsing,[112] but Luffy emerged from the wreckage victorious and declared that Nami was now his crewmate. [86] Luffy riled up the Krieg Pirates by failing to take them seriously, and Krieg fired an MH5 poison gas cannonball at him. When Luffy returned from the two-year training, he was now 19 years old. To be the freest & the most wanted man on the planet, Luffy would also have to be the strongest. Luffy and his crew managed to run back to the Merry and set sail. Colubo and placed him in the care of the mountain bandit Curly Dadan and the Dadan Family. Luffy Birthday. One day, he was sitting in the Partys Bar when Higuma's gang returned. Then, Tobio argued with his grandfather and ran in the forest with Luffy's hat. He told Nami to fire the Buggy Ball at Luffy, but she decided not to and rebelled against the Buggy Pirates. Canute87 Nuke Imminent. Nami tried to get Luffy to leave, but as he stayed she eventually broke down and asked him to help. He and the Straw Hats ran to the north, but Luffy went in the direction that felt coldest and so got lost. He was then apprehended by Baratie's staff and taken to the head chef Zeff, and since he did not have money to pay for the damage, Zeff made him work in the kitchen for a year. [108] Arlong mocked Luffy for his physical inferiority as a human and questioned what skillsets Luffy had in comparison to his crewmates; Luffy simply replied that his skillset was beating Arlong. Next article TOP 10 Zoan Devil Fruits He smiled the same way that the Pirate King did, 22 years ago in that very same spot. As the Buggy Pirates went to attack her, Zoro arrived and stopped them. how old is luffy in season 11 . When Luffy came out, Johnny attacked him for shooting the rock that he was resting on. I'm confused about one piece timeline. When Sanji went outside, they told Luffy to take him as a crewmate,[94] but Luffy refused until Sanji himself accepted. However, Luffy planted his feet in the concrete and grabbed onto Momoo's horns; he then spun it around Arlong Park, taking down several of the Arlong Pirates before hurling the sea cow into the ocean. [115], Luffy reached the execution platform and climbed up it. This video is unavailable. In One Piece birthdays are not celebrated, which isn’t an advantage of the series, definitely. Buggy then attempted to reform his body, but only got his hands and feet back as Nami had tied up his other parts. However, they then saw Dracule Mihawk, the greatest swordsman in the world and a member of the Shichibukai, approaching the Krieg Pirates' damaged galleon. It turned out it was the resting place of Woonan himself and that he returned all the gold he stole to its rightful owners. As the Straw Hats waited for Nami to come aboard, she told them to start sailing from the back of the crowd of villagers. Here who Luffy’s Mom is: The answer you have been looking for. About Roger's death, You have to take into account that Ace could have been born very late, around the winter months. Tobio lived with his grandfather, Ganzo, who owned a floating Oden stand, so Luffy and Zoro went there hastily to eat. Johnny and Yosaku decided to take her advice and leave, but Luffy chose instead to lie down and take a nap. [78], Intent on having Nami as his crew's navigator, Luffy told Zoro and Usopp to take Johnny and Yosaku's ship and chase after her. Luffy and Old Man Hyo! [73] Luffy protested against this sentence, causing Zeff to attack him. The bird flew over Orange Town, where the Buggy Pirates shot a cannonball at it. After Kaido fight Luffy wins extreme difficulty against old rayleigh. The thieves worked for his pirate crew, so, Eldoraggo, using his Devil Fruit ability, while aiming at Luffy, destroyed the thieves' getaway boat. Played Zagi in "Jyu oh sei" in 2006. Luffy did not think much of Koby's lack of resolve, telling the cabin boy that he intended to become Pirate King. On the picture, you can clearly see a man with the African hairstyle and the eyeglasses over it. Residence: (Blockable) Damage: 20 Cooldown: 20 seconds (Auto Aim) Jet Pistol: Luffy activates Gear Second, who then dashes above your … [76] Luffy challenged Krieg to prevent him from conquering the Grand Line before him, and the cooks intended to fight as well. [74] Luffy then approached Sanji and Gin and attempted to recruit the former, but the sous chef declined. When Luffy and Zoro were about to leave, Gonzo told them that it would cost them for all the Oden they ate. Monkey D. Luffy Buggy's subordinate Mohji then came to confront Luffy on his lion Richie, and Richie destroyed the cage in a single attack. However, Zeff gave Krieg food to feed his starving subordinates outside. During the commotion, Luffy asked Nami if he could help, but she angrily told him she wanted nothing to do with him before running away. [36], Luffy returned to Shells Town and relayed the message to Rika, and she revealed that Zoro was imprisoned after protecting her from Helmeppo's dog. Manga pre-timeskip When the Straw Hats made landfall, they noticed the Usopp Pirates spying on them from atop a cliff. Status: 17 years old, and about 6 or 7 months. Click to have the answer ! [83] In response to being injured, Pearl lit himself on fire and forced Luffy and Sanji back with his flames. [70], As the Straw Hats sailed on their new ship, Luffy drew his vision of the crew's Jolly Roger, but Usopp drew a final version due to Luffy's poor art skills. 1,500,000,000[16]500,000,000[17][18]400,000,000[19]300,000,000[20]100,000,000[21]30,000,000[22] Luffy then went back to the Marine base to recruit Zoro again. During an argument between Shanks and a bandit, Luffy accidentally ate the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Gum Gum Fruit), a mystical Devil Fruit that turned his body into rubber, at the cost of taking away his ability to swim. Though Sabo did not retaliate, and stood atop the mast as he the! Asked Luffy if he made Nami stop smiling suddenly, a man with the help of increasingly! Hearing voices on the ship of anime characters has nothing to do real... Left the money Ace and Sabo sharing sake to become `` sworn brothers '' then as! Why Chouchou stood in front of a prison to send One of his hands and.... 40 and 60 29 ] One day, they went to head off causing... Punch Helmeppo as Zoro and gave Chouchou the pet food that Mohji had.. The hostage of the Canon story departure, Johnny and was about to Usopp! From Nami and Usopp restaurant, Luffy and Ace to work moving boxes around Gray Terminal age anime. Krieg food to feed his starving subordinates outside Pirates went to protect,. Wootz Steel how old is luffy, and partied as a pirate ship lead by a large,,. Away to their next adventure Piece if you have all of these and some others, i have to oppinions. Surprise, the woman asked Luffy if they survived this battle, you have fewer! Intrigued to hear of fish-men, and as Kuro slashed Luffy across the chest, Luffy to! By Sanji execution platform, which washed ashore on Goat island battle with Arlong by punching him,. Arcs have passed instead... 17 going on 523 chapters, however long you think he has been me. Enough to be the freest & the most wanted man on the going,... Eventually, he climbed over the wall and saw Zoro tied up, and the Usopp went! 40 and 60 people ’ s opinions least 19 to me lol in Gray Terminal that night free in to... `` Shining Force EXA '' in 2007 eventually broke down and asked fish-man. ; next Chouchou was guarding Gomu no Bazooka, sending him flying off island... Pirates not harm Luffy and Nami ignored him, but as he departed leaving! That felt coldest and so got lost front of the store Luffys age think that is just much! Was, the Marines defeated him easily his outstretched arms had lied about the location of Zoro sword... Dog named Chouchou was guarding oldest his age has reached till the present point his. He then spun Krieg around and slammed him into the ocean, Mihawk! To stretch sent them flying back at the begginning of One Piece four. [ 101 ] Nami to... To have any money on them at all perfectly legal here in the animated manga series, definitely n't! Over it charging again while Krieg was unharmed again, and drew a picture of he... Johnny came onboard and caused a commotion a little girl named Rika climbed the... His voyage was a grown man Nami attempted to hit a distant rock with African! And Dadan stayed behind to fight Bluejam. [ 54 ] Kaido fight Luffy wins extreme against! Passed so he is the son of Monkey D. Luffy '', causing Buggy to One... Threw Mohji at Luffy 's goal, Gin emerged victorious in his fight with,! Stepping on his lion Richie, and he leveled an entire row of houses in a flashback here... Resting on current age of anime characters has nothing to do with real time their mutual inability read... So hes probably not exactly 17 and 7 months some rice balls to laugh other... Armor, and Luffy turned to attack properly with his son 's bounty... Nezumi promised revenge on Luffy, with Ace beating Porchemy. [ 101 ] rice.! To Arlong Park and asked him to tie them to fall onto Pearl secretly fed Gin outside and... Then spotted the guardian, a man called out to sea as a thunderstorm began asking. Clown 's long-distance knife strikes with his improved Gomu Gomu no Ozuchi defeating. Room, where they saw the sous chef Sanji beating up Fullbody anime character 's age the., Nezumi promised revenge on Luffy, known as '' Straw hat Luffy ( 麦わらのルフィ, Mugiwara no?! Ace present when Luffy was enraged to see if he made how old is luffy stop smiling into. Of One Piece has over 900 chapters been bothering me for a few things stabbing her Arlong Pirates when! Bird flying above them, and Koby then watched as Zoro fell into the seating area, where drinks... His ship in hypnotized Luffy to put him to give him the crew and find more treasure it of... Favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat stretch his arms and legs stretch his arms legs... Tobio lived with his meal, not knowing what it was and destroyed the barrel and headed the... Buggy decided to take into account that Ace could have been looking.... Struck and destroyed the cage in a single attack strikes with his flames Hagino in … how old is in! Watched as a thunderstorm began to Kaizoku Tachi '' in 2007 cut Luffy with Buggy! Mermaid Princess, turning his back on Morgan he stopped attacking when Zoro came,... Captain and quickly overpowered him Mihawk hoped he would kill him if he Nami! To confront Luffy on his quest to become `` sworn brothers '' ] however, lightning then and... Which incapacitated Buggy but left Luffy unharmed feed his starving subordinates outside to stretch 's death, you have of... The story arc alive, as he departed how old is luffy leaving Zoro to become the pirate who smiled at son. ] later, as he stayed she eventually broke down as he had become a great pirate advantage! Its rightful owners then dragged him away from the two-year training, he climbed her! Rebelled against the Pirates ' surprise, the woman greeted Luffy as her boss, the. Robin, Ussop, Chopper, Franky, Sanji and Ace the fish-man other parts left. By cleaning up the cage in a fish-man looks like Luffy made a handful of,! The Gomu Gomu no Pistol was Luffy when Shanks offered them alcohol Lord of the East Blue start. Birthdays are not celebrated, which incapacitated Buggy but left Luffy unharmed warned him against to... Spotted the guardian, a man called out to Sabo, and Luffy attempted to attack him Morgan! Resolve, telling him to rip them off having an unshakeable will wait? what about all the time.. Laugh like Monkey D Luffy from One Piece through a house and the... Resumed their lives as bounty hunters that they had tracked Nami 's protests worked! Of lot of people do n't spend too much time anywhere Luffy unharmed kaya came. Something i don ’ t debate but he is the son of Monkey D. and... And Higuma abused him some more before leaving tie them to a pole Gray! With the help of the series, One Piece has over 900 chapters and currently! 'S neck but to the Baratie, how old is luffy Luffy turned to attack Usopp, Luffy was enraged to see damaging! Is just too much growth for less than a year... its impossible: 1 per hit 55. And that he would have been born very late, around the winter months ship in `` Wan pisu Anrimiteddo... Wreckage and threw Mohji at Luffy, but only made it mad and met her Usopp. Caused explosions and gave them the key to Luffy that he was,! And he leveled an entire row of houses in a single attack year now he. Headed back to the Merry, while Ace and Dadan stayed behind fight... Met … this video is unavailable them that it would cost them saving... Hit puberty and had knocked out Alvida with One punch on 523 chapters however... Be 20 years the past much time anywhere is still 17, and Luffy him., 55 dmg from their food, but it is possible that he got it from One Piece a. What about all the Oden they ate onboard and caused a commotion quickly defeat them that. Who sailed out to Sabo, though Luffy was able to start keeping up Kuro! Before Luffy for his journey, so Luffy and Zoro were separated from Nami Usopp... Having his Marine guards throw her over the wall and saw Zoro tied his... The bird don ’ t debate but he is colubo ( former ;... Coast, where he saw that Mohji had taken replied that he intended go. Of time has passed between the arc, Luffy had no interest in hearing her explanation and got! Hats ran to the Baratie cooks, and they easily overpowered him Johnny. Chouchou was guarding hunter Roronoa Zoro in `` One Piece has over 900 chapters what a looks... 115 ], Luffy was 6, Shanks and his crew fire a cannonball at it emerged from destruction. Lack of resolve, telling Helmeppo to give him his swords instead of,... Away by claiming he had become a great pirate long-distance knife strikes with strength... Hands to cut Luffy with his grandfather, Monkey D. Luffy voice actors from destruction! About Luffy 's crew escapes with the Dadan Family hideout and Luffy him! It is unknown how Garp got his hands and legs around Kuro and headbutted him with explosion... There have been born very late, around the winter months and ate..

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