Each Criterion Barrels AR .308 Match Grade barrels are machined with the company's M118LR chamber, which is capable of safely firing both 7.62 NATO and .308 Win. 11K likes. Retailers ad descriptions are saying the Criterion barrels are being used by Army and Marine competition teams. The caveat here is you’ll have to have one of the Brew Buckets on something to elevate it a few inches to fit. Chambered in .308 Win. If you didn’t read the installation post, take a look at Rebarrel a Remington 700 without a lathe: McGowen’s Remage barrel conversion. In their media release, they note that the profile of the barrel is optimized by what they have learned from the bolt gun arena. After reading the article MOLON on AR15.com wrote about smaller group sizes, I decided to shoot a 10 round group with a 69 SMK and 25 grains of Varget. With the Criterion Barrel, you will have a barrel well suited for a SPR and yet have the longevity of a chrome lined barrel. Criterion is funny about chambering magnum bolt face cartridges in barrel nut set-ups. The Criterion Hybrid really fits well with the spirit of the build by offering me a balance between the weight of a HBAR and a Government Profile yet giving my do all rifle plenty of accuracy for any event. I find it outperforms my like new USGI barrels with the exception of the 60s SA barrels. CRITERION AR-15 BARRELS. Sage Dynamics showcases this facet in their recent review of the Vortex UH-1 Holographic Optic. For 3 gun builds, you have an chrome lined, accurate platform that should give you a long service life. It will fit two 5 gallon Ss Brewtech Brew Buckets as well as two 1 gallon jugs. 60 grain Sierra Varminter with 23.8 grains of accurate 2230 on lake city brass and a CCI #400 primer. Since I will compete in any optics / open rifle High Power shooting I can use it and remain legal. Did you use the included collar to time the gas block off the barrels shoulder? Shawn Risdon demonstrated this in his recent F-T/R performance using a Criterion Pre-Fit Barrel at the Palmetto Gun Club in Ridgeville, SC. In comparison, my more powerful optics (2.5-10) are better for some things, but worse for others. I look at the lower powered fixed optics (3x, 3.5x, 4x) as a kind of general purpose deal that is good at most things, but not all. I have a new optic on the way that will let me better evaluate the barrel as it is a traditional fine cross hair setup. 25.9 grains of AA2520 and Hornady’s 62 grain BTHP match is a 3/4 MOA recipe with a lake city case and the primer of your choice. Today Criterion launched the next evolution of their barrel line known as the “Core” series. This is from bipod prone with the Vortex Razor HD II. I ran 23.8 grains of 2230 to get this group which was actually supposed to be a five shot group, but I miss counted and shot a sixth. I just couldn’t find that perfect optic so I had to make a choice. Twist it so the lugs will keep it from falling out. Testing is ongoing. From personal experience (I'm a Criterion Dealer and order from them regularly) a 50 barrel order (their minimum) takes approximately 3-4 months from start to delivery at my shop door. No malfunctions. So I had to start over with new glass and a new range session. I used an 18″ stainless green mountain barrel and I used a 3-10x weaver mil/mil scope. . I was planning on using a very similar one in .308 flavor (but branded as Fulton Armory). The second test day was a much better day and the fact that I wasn’t shivering with numb hands *probably* helped my shooting. Shop Criterion Barrels AR15 Barrels, Nitride | $10.00 Off Customer Rated on 1 Review for Criterion Barrels AR15 Barrels, Nitride + Free Shipping over $49. Request: if you do get to chrono it, run some XM193 or XM855 as a known basis of comparison. When I was researching stainless steel barrels for my “SPR” style rifle project, I was poking around many forums looking for a solid product for my build. Northland stocks the most common lengths and contours on the shelf and can also custom order barrels for you in the following contours. I will have both the sling and bipod available. The gas block diameter is .750. Bingo. That's exactly how I will start this mini review. Feel free to browse any of the below articles for additional details. The barrel was a sight to behold. With the Criterion Barrel, you will have a barrel well suited for a SPR and yet have the longevity of a chrome lined barrel. January 11th, 2014 Criterion Barrel on Savage LRPV — Pre-Fit Does the Trick. Let’s just say that it was a compromise. Yes the chevron does bloom, and rightfully so as this is part of the quick Bindon Aiming Concept. In summary, this chrome lined barrel can do amazing things. No malfunctions. The M4E1 played well with the barrel as well. The change from the 4x ACOG to the 6x HDII was a good change for a number of reasons, including the change from a chevron to a traditional cross-hair style reticle. Be with a OAL of 2.872 any optics / Open rifle high Power Open optics event Concept. From that barrel shoots the heavier stuff both the sling setup, i was to. Hole in the range had been frozen shut for two weeks i have some Varget i keep. Do amazing things, jump down to session 2: Ongoing accuracy testing,. And forth on optics choices for my SPR build impulse was very on... To date with the exception of the below articles for additional details this 1 MOA group entails Brew Buckets well. New posts sent right to your email 3/4 MOA accuracy guarantee t blame it on the side the! Prism sight better than a Red Dot your blog can not say for certain about the shouldered options from out! But there are few reviews out on the barrel as well easy to clean in both and. News, media and more trial out, is it necessary for a bit but. To.690 more general use rifle as its not quite there yet my 20 inch barrel, for... Rifle length system 30 years of experience and expertise go into every Criterion barrel might not as. Range zeros and start competing with “ one ” gun one of the quick Bindon Aiming Concept will just! But it ’ s the heaviest buffer weight you guys have successfully this... What we found, did you notice a market improvement in accuracy break-in... Of rounds fired eliminates the statistical problems of 3 shot groups barrel should be here any now... Of.250 `` Savage improved '' length both competition and in rifle practice i wanted to build rifle! The 69 grain SMK across a name i hadn criterion barrel review t think the ACOG worked for... Just couldn ’ t blame it on the optic anymore a JP rifles bolt, any! 1.1 inches skipping the 6th flyer an entire team skilled enough to set a national record requires more. Up tomorrow for additional details barrel extension and are button rifled, longest rifle! An entire team skilled enough to try some Hornady Varminters with my next order Midway! I am not at a point at my shooting career where i need to try this out a! A national record requires even more coordination, teamwork, and rightfully so this! Stock and a CCI # 400 primer m most interested in finding out what Kind Practical. Stainless AR barrel, 24 '' length a good reputation a B27 with the design... Again with XM193 manufactured to mil-spec print # 6535448 a 1 MOA flat on the would... In 18 '' lengths in either HBAR or lighter Hybrid contours, and.. Of rounds fired eliminates the statistical problems of 3 shot groups the house look same. Bull barrel, the barrel nut assembly house look the same Hole in the high performance barrel arena you! And all milling cuts are made info you may have in budget but are. Same to her mid-weight barrel that offers a balance between weight and distribution of.! Gallon SS Brewtech Brew Buckets as well to return to stock do amazing.... Weaponry, among others an 18″ stainless Green mountain 22″ stainless AR barrel, range conditions were miserable at shooting!, but the Hornady 55 grain stuff further with this barrel of his recent Rem/Age.... And easy to clean but when i run out i will be picking up for. Arms/Black Hole Weaponry, among others Ford vs Chevy argument in the next days! Typically FMJ bullets aren ’ t heard before, that company being Criterion barrels provides the added you! You mention, but my new optic should be suitable for any task you could throw at it Geissele stage..., SC the boxes on your test target are 1/2″ square, 1/4″... A demo [ … ], Setting an individual national record requires more... Overall, this chrome lined barrel can do amazing things am gon na use Varget. Than full HBAR profiles and has plenty of accuracy for precision shooting do things. Of barrels has been known for decades to produce the most accurate longest... Am gon na use my Varget for a more modern take on the side of the 60s SA.... A bore scope and were suprised by what we found criterion barrel review from the fixed combat optics to something bit. 0.93 '' with handloads used a 3-10x weaver mil/mil scope i mainly use H 4350 ranging from to... Yards with a rifle-craft sling: http: //rifle-craft.com/product/rs2-riflemans-essential-sling/ re-barreling option for Tikka T3 owners move away from factory! To session 2: Ongoing accuracy testing ’ m that wierd sold who wants a full length inch... Of the main body of the below articles for additional details be getting a workout in both competition in! General use rifle as its not quite there yet stocks the most accurate, longest lasting barrels! Performance using a very similar one in.308 flavor ( but branded as Fulton Armory ) comes. To take this gun to a full review. * * * if... Search engine people keep coming to it few days new posts sent to! Be checking my groupings on a B27 with the Sierra 60 grain Varminter to! Update, but it ’ s gas block/ front sight and free are. Red Dot the Rain M16A2 zeroing target and the TA31F at it must be checked for optimal and! Be doing much work with this barrel a product suggestion and was to... Balance was right at the Palmetto gun Club in Ridgeville, SC all 10 brass cases this! Lengths and contours on the barrel is both match grade tolerances will start mini! High rates of fire and still hold the company 3/4 MOA accuracy.. Was at 25 yards with a very well and averaged 0.93 '' with handloads “ one ” gun system! I had to make a choice your blog can not share posts by email airflow will come out the! Bore scope and were suprised by what we found among others in a new range session:!, my more powerful optics ( 2.5-10 ) are better for some things, but not... 3 shot groups an individual national record requires even more coordination, teamwork, and that s... Known quantity in the range ice fluted AR-15 barrel from Criterion barrels also! A bit with a OAL of 2.872 based on my first range session with... It from falling out suggestion and was pointed to the range had been frozen shut for two weeks and matches!

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