the top. In this article, I’ll share the 15 best flies for trout. Go to any tailwater and generally on the “Hot Flies” list in the local fly shop is a Zebra Midges. The good news is, no matter where you plan to hike, visit, or go camping in Colorado , there’s likely prime fishing … Use these Colorado fishing tips Fly fishing on the Poudre River. will dredge it deeper as an attractor. I’ve come to expect large fish in … Pat Dorsey created it This spring runoff season, try some of Colorado’s great stillwater fisheries. “Maybe it’s just because you fish it all the time. fishermen just won’t give up trying to bring the trout to Regarded as a tough time for fly fishing by some, it is possible to have some incredible days on the river in January. With a little more flash than a parachute adams and split wings, it is the first dry fly I reach for when Callibeatis mayflies are popping and trout are rising. On stillwaters it floats well but has a subtle profile. Suggests one of the other guides listen­ing in on our conversation: He calls it your “confidence fly.” Don’t know why, but you will just catch more fish on that one fly, he says. The north face snowmelt from the San Juan Mountains descends into Lake … We had a tie at the bottom of the list and I wasn’t about to conduct a runoff vote. pattern. 5. We figured people would choose a range of sizes and colors for each. They are super simple to tie and best of all they work. A fly junkie? For more info on fly fishing Colorado lakes and choosing the best stillwater fly patterns, visit the Vail Valley Anglers fly shop in Edwards, Colorado. About | Sizes #12-18 work well. Zebra Midge, sizes 18-24 “Without a doubt, one of the best flies for the winter is the zebra midge. Landon Mayer is a Colorado trout guide, a frequent Fly Fisherman contributor, and the author of 101 Trout Tips: A Guide's Secrets, Tactics, and Techniques and many other books. And, it’s no wonder Dorsey liked the list. They are a great start to any fly box. that Pat Dorsey, the man known as perhaps the top guide in the state, says you by Larry Kingrey down in Canon City. As for an ant, currently the Amy’s Ant is hot as a multi-purpose foam ant, but While the Pond Olive and Black colors work the best in lakes, where crayfish are important brown works well. RS II. The lake fishermen would have made a couple of Although most trout flies transfer just fine from stream fish to lake fish, there are a few particular flies that work especially well on lakes. Why wouldn’t you catch more fish on it if you’re not fishing any other fly?”. For example, Dorsey says the main thing with choosing a fly is to pick something you believe will catch fish. Although Colorado has some of the best fishing locations in the U.S., some of its streams, lakes… mayfly nymph. My first “confidence fly” when I came to Colorado was the flashback Pheasant Tail. So much for the wisdom of choosing flies for catching fish. Your bobber is under the water. A few other dry flies to keep handy are big Damsel dries, Foam Ants, and Griffith’s Gnats. 2. an ear­lier stage pupa imitation and is normally fished deeper. except that he used the web of a saddle hackle feather for the wing rather than antron, Blue Wing Olive. Parachute Adams. Chinook Software. A Colorado fly fishing related list would not be complete without mention of the South Platte River. Mention “alpine lake” and the average Coloradan will generally remember a beautiful photograph in a calendar or a picture hanging in the doctor’s office. You can fish the RS II to simulate pretty much any emerging mayfly nymph, but mainly a #2 thru #6 will cover your needs. in his fly box if start­ing out to fish Colorado’s world-famous trout streams…. Based on a simple rabbit strip leech, the Meat Whistle has a few advantages. With most rivers swollen and muddy, stillwater fly fishing offers consistent water conditions and feeding fish. Parachute Adams. Elk Hair Caddis. a “baker’s dozen” and we acknowledged that this was what an an­gler could start with. said he still finds that a lot of fly fishermen “just don’t consider it a fly.” Home | You can tie them in any color and size you want from a … Colorado is one of the world’s most legendary fly fishing destinations, with hundreds of miles of pristine waterways, spectacular scenery, species that are native only to Colorado… Photos | ETU members had little doubt about the top two-thirds of the list. #14 and #16 are good choices. high on most lists. It also has gone from just the basic pattern shown here to blacks and reds and other colors, but all with the silver-lined bead. The top ten flies on anyone's Colorado list should always include a hopper. for the South Platte River and has watched it evolve into a fly used all over As we went through the nomination and voting process, several of our CTU News | I’ll often hang this fly a couple of feet behind a larger streamer when trout get a little picky. Bear Creek Streamflows | This post is going to deal with the 10 best flies for late fall /winter fishing on Colorado… Fishing Reports | Mercury Midge. The flies-and-lures-only area allows a limit of two fish, 16 inches or larger, but the fly-fishing … The 15 Best Carp Flies Flies The 15 Best … Elk Hair Caddis. The main thing, though, is that ETU mem­bers picked these flies because, With these flies anglers will ready for just about any lake fly fishing scenario. more than anything else, they consistently catch fish. ... An out … Your lake streamer selection should also include small #8-12 beadhead buggers. Projects | And the Prince Nymph can fill several roles, depending on Western Flies People often ask, "What flies do I need for fly fishing in Colorado?". Our Pheasant Tail serves as another Baetis nymph or as pretty much any The next fly on our list is another Dorsey creation: the Black Beauty. Moving to Jackson County, Colorado, was a major step in my fly-fishing career. Immediately your line goes tight to […], The Ups and Downs of Strike Indicators Some fly fisherman will not be caught using a bobber. It can imitate everything from scuds to mayfly nymphs. The worm is good Other nymphs in your fly box should include Chironimids (large midges), scuds and worms. Fish the copper john under an indicator in choppy water and let the wind and waves impart natural movement into your presentation. Try the Eagle River around the town of Gypsum or try a sneak attack on the hot springs area of the Colorado River just upstream from Glenwood Springs where you’ll find warm water and the possibility of rising fish from late morning through late afternoon. Rubberleg Stimulator. our members. Spring runoff has begun in the Colorado high country and anglers looking to put a bend in their rods would be wise to look towards many of the stillwater options that provide excellent fly fishing for large trout. Anglers lookin… Best Streams (and Lakes) for Colorado Fly Fishing When it comes to fly fishing, Colorado streams range from easy to find to a near-vertical hike down one of the steepest canyons in the country. 4. This is a big fish fly and works great for bass and pike too. Here is a list of some of our favorite fly patterns for fly fishing success in Colorado stillwaters: I probably use some variation of this pattern more than any other nymph pattern while fly fishing in Colorado lakes. The lower Colorado River flowing west from Glenwood Springs to the Town of Rifle stays ice-free during winter months, and is one of my favorite winter fly fishing destination. Sprawling south and west through Grand Mesa National Forest, the Grand Mesa Lakes are a diverse group of 300 finger lakes … 2. Bring up the subject to serious anglers, however, and they will think of ice-out brookies or summer dry fly fishing at one of Colorado’s high country lakes. Furthermore, before you go fly fishing in any of the waters in Colorado, you must first get a fishing … The Mercury Midge has Colorado writ­ten all over it. South Platte Dream Stream Photo Credit David Knapp. In addition to all the basics like the Adams or the Copper John (which you should still definitely bring), midge larvae, scuds, beetles, and ants can be especially deadly on alpine lakes. Colorado table country offers some of the best stillwater fishing in the western half of the state. Slim, sparse damsel #10-14 nymphs in olive seem to work the best. the traditional, smaller foam, dubbed or thread ant continues to be especially effective, even if not as versatile. It can even serve as that stonefly or caddis nymph, which didn’t specifically make our list. You can check the hatch charts for the area you are going to fish, but these are some favorites that are popular on many of the rivers, streams, and lakes in Colorado.. Click on the links to see recipes for some of Colorado… Few flies are as pretty with a soft cast to a rising fish. the first response I got from almost everyone was “an egg.” The guys also had some ideas about why one wasn’t on the list. the black or the olive Woolly Bugger, which imi­tates either a minnow or a leech, Finding the best trout flies isn’t always easy. CDC Callibaetis Spinner #18-22. You voted on what should be the dozen flies any serious angler should have Lakes, ponds and reservoirs hold a lot of big trout and choosing the best stillwater fly patterns can be a challenge for many anglers who normally fish moving water. It is also a buoyant pattern that suspends nymphs well. thought of it, I didn’t realize two of his own creations had been picked. When the water turns cooler, the the majority of mayflies and caddisflies cease activity, which … The soft-hackle gives it plenty of action while the bead helps the fly sink with a jig-like movement. 1 choice in our 14 Best Places to Fly Fish in Colorado: MAPS INCLUDED. seems to be a preference. Best Fly Fishing Flies For Colorado in 2021 Colorado Anglers Z797 Wooden Fly Tying Standard Tool Kit, Fly Fishing Vise, Bobbin, Threader, Bodkin, Dubbing Twister, Hackle Pliers, Scissors, Whip Finisher But, we did specify that this was for “Colorado streams.”. The best way to have a successful fall fly fishing trip is to choose the right flies for the time of the year you are heading out. z-lon or sparkle wing. size and how it is fished. close to one mind about these, especially since we didn’t specify size or color: So, why 13 flies? It’s not hard to catch fish in Betty Lake, which is why it’s one of Colorado’s best kept fly fishing secrets, but we put a list together of flies, sizes and colors you should bring to be safe. What is the Best Strike Indicator for Trout. Rubber legs add extra movement while the rabbit fur pulses even when not in motion. Find deep water and fish it slowly and thoroughly. South Platte River. The best fishing is in the upper 3-mile special-regulations area between Strontia Springs Dam and 300 yards above Marston Diversion. In the cold tailwaters we find in many areas of Colorado, small midges are Baetis. Photo: AJ Schroetlin Worst fishing locations in Colorado. Black Beauty. These streamers are hands down my favorite lake searching fly. But where can you catch Kokanee Salmon in Colorado? The red Copper John, a great multipurpose nymph, ranks Copper John. The Mercury Midge imitates a midge pupa just before emerging as an adult and (Tying instructions avail­able on the ETU web site.) Keep a few bigger ones around if your lake has some pike! When I asked him what he in various forms. Fish it as a dropper off your favorite big dry fly on the list if you simply can’t stand to be totally under water. Top Fly Patterns for Betty Lake. 3. It is so good, in fact, that it was the No. Then there’s always the traditional pat­tern shown here. Links, ©2000-2020 Evergreen Trout Unlimited. Donate | normally is fished just below the surface. It also works great as a midge pupa during the winter months. Mini Leech… When it comes to dry flies, I can say, without hesitation, that I’ve caught more Colorado mountain... 2. Stillwater trout seem to have a penchant for red and the Copper John is solid lake pattern, especially when trout are suspended deep. “ Sometimes people are a little afraid to fish the egg,” he said, “but fish are spawning in the streams Best Fly Fishing Lodges in Colorado Easy Access North Fork Ranch. Small sizes mimic ants and even midges while bigger versions suggest hoppers. More recently, it has been the Black Beauty. Besides, who wants to go fishing without either a San Juan Worm or a Prince Nymph? With the seemingly endless mountains of the Rocky’s that provide waterflow to the productive waters on either side of the continental divide, the fishing … because of the number of midges chosen. I prefer small Renegades in #18 and #20. Woolly Bugger. DRY FLIES: 1. May and June, the two months when Colorado rivers generally run the highest, also happen to be the best time to fly fish in lakes around the state. I read a post about a new Fly Fishing company from Boulder, Colorado named Riversmith. September marks one of the most exciting times for anglers in Colorado — the Kokanee Salmon run. One of the lesser known fly fishing destinations in Colorado, the Uncompahgre River can be found in the Ridgway State Park about four miles outside of Ridgway, Colorado.. Comparadun /Sparkle Dun (12-22): different profile for mayflies of all sizes, midges in small … This fly is a great pattern that works well for spookier fish sipping small midges. Your “Must Have” Flies for Fishing Colorado Streams. The region’s freestone streams and sagebrush lakes were a major contrast to the tailwaters I was used to fishing, so I made it my mission to learn how to fish the highly pressured Delaney Buttes lakes… Check out our top 3 fall flies to use in Colorado this year. Pick your color. Late fall into early winter provides those who know some of the best Fly fishing of the year. Colorado is one of the best fly fishing destinations in the country. He should have loved it. Schroeder's Parachute Hopper floats well, and still has one of the most realistic profiles of a natural hopper I've seen. This Gold Medal trout … Colorado is blessed with much milder weather then our nieghbors to the north to go along with the incredible diversity of fisheries. 25 Best Dry Flies For Colorado Fly Fishing 1. I have been fishing for nearly fifty years; and yes, when I started I messed about switching fly patterns, always looking for the best … Newsletters | The Best Fly Fishing Trips In Colorado with Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides .

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