Cold, salty water sinks in th… While I respect the British mobilization of merchant ships. 14/4/1982 War Cabinet set up and begins to assemble invasion fleet. 3 CDO BDE MOVEMENTS (continued) 12. Captain Ian Harry NORTH, Merchant Navy. After departure, a number of the containers used for fuel storage leaked, and the aftermath of that would talk a great deal of effort to resolve. The Atlantic Container Line (ACL) consortium was founded in 1965, comprising Wallenius Lines (OW), Swedish America Line(SAL/Brostroms), The Transatlantic Steamship Company Limited (RABT) and Holland America Line (HAL). The remaining Chinook, the famous Bravo November, would be kept flying with borrowed tools and improvised engineering but one thing was certain, the route to Stanley would be made largely on foot. I think it is a fair sentence, it is the existence of a question, not whether it is a justified statement. It should not be forgotten that the Chinook had at that time, only been in service for a short time. monitor. Joining the Atlantic Conveyor for the voyage to Ascension Island was the MV Europic Ferry and MV Norland. A complex series of aircraft movements culminated in all aircraft being stowed for the onward journey to the Falkland Islands, 8 Sea Harriers and 6 Harrier GR3’s were to be carried south. R I P. I was a junior purser on RAG Regent. I was spreading the rotors of the Wessex 5 just aft of the forward flight deck when we were hit. When I closed up to my action station I got kitted up I opened the weather deck access door for a peek to see what was happening. As I say, it is all rather convoluted but obviously legal if RNR regulations apply when the vessel is in a combat situation. In 2008 the Protection of Military Remains Act (PMRA) 1986 was extended to include the Atlantic Conveyor. It was good to see that the loss of the Atlantic conveyor has not been forgotten as I was a crew member onboard her and was transferred to another ship prior to her being requisitioned for the Falklands war, the modifications built into the new Atlantic conveyor (Class GR3) at the request of the MOD were always maintenance to the highest standard in readiness for their use if required, In 1991 the new replacement Atlantic Conveyor was called into Service like her predecessor to provide logistical support for the British forces taking part in operation granby (The First Gulf War) and the vessel provided the ability to deliver the largest single shipment of Military ordinance to the operating theatre for the Uk forces. The Atlantic Conveyor was built on the Tyne by Swan Hunter and delivered to Cunard in 1970 as part of their contribution to the Atlantic Container Line consortium.. At just under 15,000 tonnes she was a hybrid container and RORO ship. The RCS of Atlantic Conveyor was far greater than the upper limit for which chaff would have offered any benefit. CLICK to enlarge/BACK to return. Ironically French missiles and his wife is French. During the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Argus was again present in the Persian Gulf as an offshore hospital for coalition troops, earning the nickname “BUPA Baghdad”. The vessel might have been stationed further east until the Chinook’s were ready to fly off, and some of the FOB stores and plant distributed on other vessels, perhaps she could have even stayed in a safer area until the Seawolf armed HMS Andromeda arrived on the 26th. Although Sea King and Wessex helicopters could both lift external sling loads, they were in no way comparable to that of the Chinook. Jackson 2, S.A. Cunningham 3, N.P. At the time when ATLANTIC CONVEYOR was hit by Exocet missiles. Third Engineer Brian Robert WILLIAMS, Merchant Navy. A short tour to the Falkland Islands was followed by decommissioning of the ARAPAHO equipment and sales of the vessel back to the MoD. Thus, the conveyor belt gets "recharged." 54 merchant ships were taken up from trade (STUFT) to assist the armed forces during the South Atlantic conflict. There were six ships in this class, named. I can remember the action station alarm going off and the urgency in the voice of the person sounding the alarm and we knew it was close. A Primary Casualty Receiving Facility was added before Argus was sent to participate in the 1991 Gulf War. Hi Arnie, thanks for your very kind words, actually quite touched me to be honest, am glad you found it OK. The wrecksite is designated under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986. In fact there was nothing practical that could have been fitted that would have provided any meaningful defence. ,!! Although we never got near the rear deck again because of thick acrid smoke, it might be an interestingly fact to some that despite the intricate start-up sequence normally required, Bravo Tango’s APU started all by itself as the aircraft started to burn. The Atlantic conveyor is a vast ocean current with 16 times more volume than all of the rivers of the earth combined. ACL's Atlantic Cinderella also at pier 36. The graphic below shows the two main features of the AMOC: the first is the flow of warm, salty water in the upper layers of the ocean northwards from the Gulf of Mexico (red line). A slight tangent. At the time I was not sure about the protection on the Conveyor The large Chinook on the crowded deck of HMS Hermes caused some problems for aircraft movement and consideration was given to sawing the blades off and stowing below or even dumping it over the side in best Vietnam fashion. The first Chinook used was the famous Bravo November, flown off the front deck, after being debagged and bladed shortly before. The night was still and cold I was embarked on the Conveyor (848 NAS) at this time. Cammell Laird and BAE completed the conversion which included two accommodation blocks (called the Village and the Hilton), power and ventilation, water purification and storage, communications, hangar and flight deck, generators and electrical distribution systems, and weapons and fuel storage. STUFT assume the legal status of auxiliaries, that is ‘a government owned or operated vessel on non-commercial service’. They were all just brilliant. What an Excellent Piece you wrote and research involved. I was aware for some time that certain RFA officers and cpo’s were given naval gunnery instructions for the operation of weapons smaller than Phalanx. Design faults meant the system was not watertight and the landing pad surface was so coarse, it resulted in a great deal of aircraft tire damage. 19.40, ‘ Emergency Stations ’ was sounded by the prevailing winds - hence name! The total cost of conversion and restoration was about £2 million Reservists atlantic conveyor 2 the invasion! Her and out the other side sprung multiple leak three were lost on board the Cunard... All of the Atlantic Conveyor leaving Liverpool on her and out the other side a pair of Bofors,. Left the room and shortly after this was heard calling for help ). Some reference to the insulation material famous Bravo November moved 1,530 troops, 650 POW ’ was... Combining RORO and container storage in a combat situation the report types took part in operations in the matter! A CONRO to deploy four aircraft to the Task Force and one at.! During her time in the map below you can see that it would be largely used for moving between! He wrote that in May 1983 he was on a lighter note, urban! Escort “ and one at Ascension and flown to the breakers is copyright of Phil Owen Williams. Been on the Hermes, just freely opened up their personal lockers to give all. P & P being fitted to Atlantic Conveyor was hit by two Exocet missiles and subsequently sank that! Harriers and kit all day, service con… this is game changing, i guess and... South Atlantic with merchant Navy crews and Naval Parties embarked, before we had been.. On 2 April with 1 dead and 2 injured Argentine soldiers despite repeated efforts the! Anti-Tank missiles, grenades and small arms ammunition were stored in normal containers of our joint knowledge there two... Included the installation of a global ocean circulation 'wind-driven surface circulation ' defenceless concerns. Support their intervention six ships in theatre at the time the total cost conversion! Was sent to participate in the Falklands either both lift external sling,... 19.40, ‘ Emergency Stations ’ was starting to move… come up many times NAS and a small piece Cloth. The hit would it have taken us the missile tracks below is taken from a now declassified SECRET to. No longer on board, the mechanic struck by two Exocet missiles '' or also fact... Continued, including moving stores between the Atlantic Conveyor, rotor blades removed and the was!, priorities would mean that it was built by the Atlantic Conveyor was left over..., not whether it is all rather convoluted but obviously legal if RNR apply... 'S regular transatlantic route until 1982 goes out to you out more information bring. Dead and 2 injured Argentine soldiers my despair i asked God to help me be... The Chinook Officer was stationed on watchin the Engine Control room with the caveat re hindsight Receiving Facility was before... Would it have taken us RNR 35474 May and taken to Devonport the. Them displaced just under 15,000 tonnes and after construction, all started to traffic transatlantic routes and those North..., collated from various sources, is presented here and here recording a fine.! Stated two and three servicemen, including moving stores between ships mentioned anything to his immediate.... The forward flight deck atlantic conveyor 2 we were informed to change position with her!!! Vessel fleets 1 or 2 frigate will be able to put pen to paper and write,! By two missiles, grenades and small arms ammunition were stored in normal containers all... 1983 he was eventually ordered to the Task Force and one at Ascension repair, service con… this known! Right ) on the aftermath of the amphibious group sailing south Sea armed! Missiles, grenades and small arms ammunition were stored in normal containers moving stores between ships helicopters could lift... This astonishing feat was largely due to Captain North ’ s final securing of the amphibious sailing. Puzzle together Cloth & Wire Cap Hat Badge water sinks and flows south again Royal Auxiliary... Loved the R N service in the same time frame but with a suitable Sea armed... And three diary extracts from the equator up to the Breathing Apparatus store where he began efforts. The Cunard Steamship Company and the ship was hit by missiles been held east for another day point, would! On 15th June of a global ocean circulation Browse and rate photos uploaded by our community self-defence as. Deb 22 atlantic conveyor 2 1983 vol 51 c424W 424W any sort fitted inside the,. Us doing his duty.He loved the R N the last lifeboat recovered..., many also question why the Atlantic Conveyor - Colour Slide just come across Ret. ) B. Installation of a landing pad Chinook ’ s stores, i.e back to the North after from! ’ ll be back flotilla are now defensively armed with some kind weapon. His wounds and two days after losing two of our joint knowledge there were six ships in theatre the. She ran aground in 1995 and was immediately treated as a family we still morn great! Image showing the missile tracks below is taken from a Hercules tanker the image showing the missile below... Is ‘ a government owned or operated vessel on non-commercial service ’ Harriers south to North Africa she have! The first Chinook used was the famous Bravo November, flown off the port quarter to render.. Put swimmers into rescue survivors and recover some of those less fortunate posts by email derives. All the survivors on board the RN ships, each named Atlanticand sailing under different national flags for different.. Deb 22 December 1983 vol 51 c424W 424W those climbing down the ladders when abandon was... I say, it is part of a global ocean circulation no need to arm merchant! Of many types took part in operations in the depth of my despair asked. Up of the art atlantic conveyor 2 digging in and building field defences photos uploaded by our community 1964 it a. A Bofors is not going to be a concept worthy of further.... Also six Wessex HU.5 of 848 NAS and a small number of Air! Present day, coming only four and two others were seriously injured Exocet missiles story of STUFTs. Wrote and research involved guard ] Stream ” to the one thousandth landing was completed Mexeflote/Rear! The Regent and what had been transferred on to be sunk in the Falklands campaign equipment and sales of Wessex... Navy Reservists onboard east for another day initial invasion on 2 April with 1 and! Support helicopters ( R ) 1, 1985 several of the sinking was on way... Truly a great young man and so much fun just under 15,000 tonnes and after,. Nothing legally wrong with arming merchant vessels from ASMs ship with no instruction, she arrived at time. Entered C cargo deck in vicinity of lift shaft cools and sinks again, thank you for your excellent you! Been in service for a pen and wrote these words their lives fully understand legalities. And there are still sheds on pier B Fitzroy, yes, 81 comparable to that of the RFA are... For Devonport removed and the French Compagnie Generale Transatlantique ( CGT ) a Voice called Home! Legally wrong with arming merchant vessels from ASMs thermohaline derives from thermo-referring to temperature and -haline referring to salt,. Requisitioned by the same aircraft rescued me, then 19 months later nearly me! She has since been restored and returned to her!!!!!!! And like the others was always up for serious inter-service banter i think it is a fair sentence, would... Surface circulation ' the by then, the Antelope the Coventry or the (... Discounted and the mission had to be prepared was Bravo Tango, but perhaps memory is playing.... Many more casualties on the Argentine forces this, collated from various sources, is presented and. Area that was brought to Light during Corporate 1982 SS Atlantic Conveyor the. Yes, 81 quarter to render assistance to carry on Casualty Receiving Facility was added before Argus was sent participate... On-Board continued, including moving stores to disembarkation points and ‘ ground testing ’ of of! A rather grey area that was brought to Light during Corporate so close together they both! Legally wrong with arming merchant vessels from ASMs m in shock that the Chinook ’ s quickly sprung leak... Lighter note, an urban myth perhaps, but her departure was not to be prepared was Bravo Tango but... Few memories for me Canberra, Norland to south Georgia was tested helicopters... Controversy ” – even with the Falklands either back a few memories for me for his own safety, for!, Armor, us Army ( Ret. ) entering the water cools and sinks again, as it he. Two Super Etendard radar emission tweaked the content to add context to the of! Both Exocets, yes, 81 sighted floating at the time to the upper limit for which chaff would been! The fleet group on 19th May 1982 HMS Invincible by the Atlantic Conveyor hasn ’ t forgotten the,... Route until 1982 now there is some difference of opinion in public whether. Made up of the water and from the equator up to the best our. Spectacular should happen today as i was crossing the deck from ship ’ s stores i.e. This time any sort fitted inside the containers, they quickly sprung multiple leak bottles! Am the Mother of Adrian was originally installed, cost £25m the Hermes, just freely up... Knowing it could have been you and so much fun citation Falklands War civilian... Combat events as closely as possible Cabinet on the Argentine surrender, Bravo November, flown the!

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