Squirell hunting trip near Stratton mt in VT few years back. The Appalachian Trail is a community which serves an important role of support. My recent article for Appalachian Trials, How to Avoid Creeps on the Trail, was such a success that I’ve decided to write a part 2. As November approaches hikers may experience cold weather and snow in the southern Appalachians. This can be most easily accomplished by visiting a local outfitter. While a venomous snake bite is possible on the trail the odds of suffering such a bite are exceedingly low. Still, you learn to tolerate the unholy noise with earplugs and your head stuffed deeply into your sleeping bag – at least he keeps the bears away. For this reason most thru-hikers get shoes one size larger than they currently need to project for this change. Northern Terminus of the A.T. atop Mount Katahdin. ARTICLE: 10 Reasons You’ll Love a Flip-Flop Thru-Hike  Outdoor Research MicroGravity AscentShell Jacket Review. Much of this comes simply from inexperience and the spread of misinformation. Please hurry and buy it I need the commission I get to buy food cuz I spent all my money on gear and haven’t eaten in 3 days. Windrock Park and Campground is the perfect place to set up camp to do just that. ARTICLE: How the AT Works: River Crossings. If an established shelter is full for the the night or if shelter life just isn’t your thing, then you must rely on traditional camping. In most cases they are actually very timid creatures more prone to run from you before you even get the chance to run from them. The high southern mountains in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and southern Virginia can still experience freezing temperatures and deep snow as late as April. There are a lot of factors to consider when trying to determine how much your thru-hike will cost you. AWOL on the Applachian Trail by David Miller. Ticks HYOH is meant not only to help you improve your own A.T. experience, but also help other hikers to do the same. They liven up the shelter scene with antics and jokes that make the hiking experience feel more like a wild vacation than a grueling march. If at all possible it is desired for hikers to reuse existing campsites as opposed to clearing new ground to establish a new sites. Be prepared for potentially muddy trail conditions and high stream crossings. I agree with earlier posts. Before you can get to working out a rough plan for your hike there are a couple foundational questions you should answer first: Having the answers to these two questions will provide the foundation for any and all of your future pre-hike planning. Hikers can get through the Mid-Atlantic states before peak summer temperatures arrive. My name is Maggie, but I'm known on trail as Chuckles. Then with the onset of World War II, progress on the trail was more or less halted for much of the decade with many volunteers’ efforts focused on the war. Lol Thanks so much for this list. Undergoing a southbound hike is less popular as it requires hikers to start their journey with the most difficult terrain. I heard a story on the trail a few years back about a girl who got knocked up after a trail hookup and had no idea who the father was, because she only knew his trailname. waterproof) down are well suited for the AT’s damp environment. At the same time, being unable to alter or adapt your plans throughout your hike may lead to the same end. And you know that before you’ve even considered crawling out of your smelly bag in the morning he will have already shaved with cold water in his WWII helmet, taken a spoon of cod liver oil, and hit the trail. Always a bottle neck especially around the one who has “fallen and they can’t get up.”, The Day Hiker. Most thru-hikers are expected to spend anywhere between 4 to 7 months out on their adventure. While everyone’s specific gear will vary, there are a few things that every hiker needs: a backpack, a sleep system, a shelter, and footwear. 700 loft is good, 800 is great, 900 or more is excellent. ARTICLE: Water Treatments for Backpacking and Hiking Fall colors are in full swing by the time hikers reach Virginia and the southern Appalachians. A northbound hiker starts their adventure at the A.T.’s southern terminus on Springer Mountain and hikes north toward the northern terminus atop Mount Katahdin in one continuous trip. These hike will help you to start identifying your physical limitations, test your gear, and gain you other valuable on-trail experience. While the heart of the A.T. takes you through the Appalachian wilderness, it also takes you within practical distances from numerous towns and communities along the way. This tends to manifest as a feeling of extreme fatigue, headaches, and dizziness on top of other potential symptoms. Broken down, the trail can be split into four distinct sections, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. Whatever your responsibilities are, to plan a thru-hike requires patience – and flexibility. It is a realistic scenario for hikers to have to continue on to the next hut, shelter, or campsite down the trail. When most people speak of water-borne illness on the A.T. they are likely referring to giardia: a microscopic parasite that can cause severe nausea and diarrhea among other symptoms dangerous in wilderness settings. However, work was far from over. Miss peak mosquito season in the Mid-Atlantics and black fly season in Maine. In the A.T.’s entire history there have only been a handful of murders associated with the trail, most all of which were carried out by non-hikers. These options are often better choices than the post-office itself as it also frees the hiker from the strict operation hours of the US Postal Service. But, to their credit, they often share their wealth of food, and might even let you sit in one of their camp chairs. To learn more about how you can become an A.T. volunteer visit the ATC’s volunteer page here. Yes, these people are out there. Figuring out gear for your thru-hike is one of the most fun—and time-consuming—aspects of your preparations. Maintenance sections can be as small as the Wilmington Trail Club’s 7.2 miles or as large as the Maine Appalachian Trail Club’s 267 miles. ARTICLE: The Path Less Traveled  Usually, the stoner is pretty funny. Much like shelters they are often positioned close to a water source but tend to lack other amenities found at shelter sites. A general estimate is that hikers will have to carry anywhere between 1 – 2 liters of water. The chain runs North and South, East and West. Heavy weighting it, taking a quick break, and now some things coming at us quick. He’s the one who pedals past you uphill, ignoring the popping of his own joints. Hooking up on the Appalachian Trail.. ARTICLE: Kennebec River Ferry Service As weeks and months pass during your hike your body will adapt into a full blown hiking machine with the calf muscles of an Adonis. The surround-ing area and additional side trails are also included. What is that horrible animal? In summation: while black bears are a seemingly threatening animal, they  prefer to leave you alone and be left alone in return. Human danger on the A.T. is extremely uncommon and, in a community that polices itself, evaded quickly. They need to be light and packable. ARTICLE: Keep Your Warmth: How to Avoid, Recognize, and Treat Hypothermia Hypothermia describes the event when your core body temperature falls dramatically enough to begin to impair bodily functions and eventually lead to death. The trail is uniformly marked with a 2\" x 6\" white-painted, vertical blaze. Crossing fewer water sources necessitates carrying greater amounts. This also means that the highest concentration of hostels are located in the southern portion of the trail, thinning out in the Mid-Atlantic, and resurging again somewhat in New England. The best thing you can do is research. This was hilarious. Most people report their itineraries going out the window within the first few days on trail. If you find out a piece of gear isn’t working for you, replace it! It’s not easy for most people to find a spare $5,000 or put their lives on hold for six months. The Appalachian Trail, also known as the A.T., runs for more than 71 miles through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Do you need a bag liner? Yet, there are some that require a small fee. Though all backcountry water sources may be potentially harboring giardia cysts, lower-lying water sources near farmland or in areas with higher access to animals and runoff may pose a greater risk of contamination. One factor to consider is that your foot is going to change during the course of your thru-hike. It is important to note that water sources listed on maps or guidebooks can sometimes dry out in drought conditions. 4 Things You Should Consider First, A Thorough List of Outfitters on the Appalachian Trail, How the AT Works: What Happens AFTER You Poop in the Woods, 75 people killed by black bears in the last 115 years, Tiny Terrors of the AT: Everything You Need to Know About Deer Ticks and Lyme Disease, Report: Tick-Transmitted Powassan Virus “Worse Than Lyme Disease”, Deer Tick Virus May Be On the Rise Near the AT, Keep Your Warmth: How to Avoid, Recognize, and Treat Hypothermia, Three Actual Threats on the Appalachian Trail (and how you can protect yourself), Heat Cramps, Heat Exhaustion, and Heat Stroke First Aid for Hikers, Seven Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Guns and Bears, 21 Fascinating Facts About the Appalachian Trail, 10 Fantastic Hiker Traditions on the Appalachian Trail, Backpacker Radio 92 | Andrew Skurka Returns, How I Saved Hundreds on My AT Thru-Hike Gear List, The 2020 AT Section Hiker Survey: Motives and Logistics, 2021 PCT Long-distance Permits Will be Issued; Portal to Open January 19, A Complete List of Individual Permits Needed to Hike the PCT, Yellow Finch Tree Sitters Continue to Defy Mountain Valley Pipeline, 6 New Year's Resolutions for Backpackers and Thru-Hikers, Backpacker Radio 91 | New Year's Eve Sh*t Show Spectacular. If all else fails walk around your neighborhood or local parks with all of your gear slapped onto your back. Visit outfitters and ask questions. Companies like Osprey, Gossamer Gear, ULA Equipment, and Granite Gear all make great packs for thru-hiking. However, this estimate does not include initial gear purchases and other financial commitments outside the scope of the A.T. It’s very possible to spend far less or to far exceed this range depending on your specific needs and desires. However, this method is not recommended because if done improperly it runs the risk of being toxic to the drinker. Both maps and guidebooks are invaluable resources for any thru-hiker, each with their own pros and cons. Understand that drinking unfiltered/untreated water does not guarantee you will become ill. The Mid-Atlantic region is home to the lowest elevations on the the A.T. Most drivers near towns around the trail who would stop do so because they are accustomed to the sight of hikers near A.T. intersections. However, venomous snakes can also be encountered on the A.T., the most common being copperheads and timber rattlesnakes. Also, think twice about complaining or trying to haggle down hostel prices. Hikers can expect to do a couple of hours work to earn their stay whether it be sweeping, washing dishes, scraping ice out of freezers, or any other chore the crew deems necessary. An historic stone shelter, built in 1934 by the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) is perched on the summit.Mountain Crossings Outfitters at Neels Gap is t… There are two prominent guidebooks utilized by most A.T. hikers: The A.T. Guide by David “AWOL” Miller and the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers’ Companion by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association (ALDHA). ARTICLE: Seven Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Guns and Bears. While not a necessary to stay supplied on the A.T., mail drops are still a common practice some thru-hikers utilize for resupplying. Safety Concerns for Women Many big box outfitters are going to try and talk you into a larger pack than you need. On average hikers can expect to spend anywhere from $10 – 50 to stay at a hostel depending on the location and services available. Funny! Some hostels even keep themselves stocked with basic supplies for hiker resupply. Baxter State Park (BSP) This act would set in motion the long and arduous process of officially acquiring and placing the A.T. along federal lands–a process that would not be formally completed until 46 years later in 2014. If you’re a cyclist or runner, you’ve probably seen this guy already. The concept is essentially a hiker packs desired supplies into a package and then mails said package to a specific destination ahead of them on the trail. It’s your hike after all. For a thru-hike you won’t need a pack weighing much over 3.5 lbs. The Best Gear Guy – I was sitting having my lunch with some others at a shelter and this guy keep looking at my feet. Trying them on in-store can only do tell you so much. This is why a high-quality tent is crucial- to ensure your shelter remains dry at night, whether it be from condensation or shielding off rain. Try gear out in the store. Somehow, his wiry old frame is just killing the free weights at the gym. That being said all towns are not created equal when it comes to resupply. Additional amenities at shelter sites vary as well. It is not uncommon for hikers to pass multiple water sources in a single day. When to Start ARTICLE: Backpacking Tents: How to Choose In the end your hard work is rewarded with whatever delicious food the paying guests did not eat and a warm spot on the hut floor for the night. As a result they tend to become social hubs for hikers, particularly if you are traveling a typical northbound hike. Nearby outfitters become more scarce in the Mid-Atlantic region and once again become more frequent in New England. This resource is designed to help you understand everything you need to know about thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. . An estimated 165,000 white blazes guide hikers along the 2,189 miles of trail. Random water releases from a dam located up river can cause water levels in the Kennebec to rise quickly and unexpectedly. It has stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Although they do add insulation, ideally a hiker is carrying a sleeping bag suitable for the coldest conditions they’d encounter on the trail. From there, the mountains begin to transition from high-rising peaks to the more modest ridge lines of central Virginia, where hikers see woodland and farmland collide in the valleys below. Sometimes skipping some distance up the trail is even the safest course. This hiker may also have a small “backup” pepper spray on their keychain, an emergency whistle, and a bottle of cover scent to mask their own smell from forest beasts. Notable Locations: Washington Monument | Pine Grove Furnace State Park | Lehigh Gap | Pochuck Boardwalk | Bear Mountain | Trailside Museum & Zoo | Great Falls | Upper Goose Pond | Mount Greylock. ARTICLE: Katahdin Thru-Hiker Alert Baxter State Park. The Appalachian Trail, known lovingly by hikers as the A.T., runs from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine, a distance of about 2,160 miles. Get used to what it feels like carrying a pack everywhere. Sleeping in a crowded shelter can be aptly compared to sleeping in a sardine can. Distances between shelters vary, but hikers will typically run into a shelter every 5 to 15 miles. According to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, more than 3,000 thru-hikers each year attempt to complete the AT – and roughly a quarter succeed, most in five to seven months. Although thru-hiking very well can be the most exciting half-year of one’s life, there will be many days which are the furthest thing from fun. All it takes is a kind heart and a willingness to help a hiker along their way. ARTICLE: The Virginia Blues Then makes sure you can fund such ventures. Just when you think the last hiker has reached camp that night, you get a whiff of Bengay on the breeze. Due to recent tensions between the thru-hiking community and BSP it is imperative that hikers understand and comply with the rules and regulations associated with the park. Get our full thru-hiker’s suggested gear list here. Also many, but not all, shelter sites are equipped with additional space for tent camping should the shelter itself already be full for the night. found within the Whites hikers can utilize. Most snakes will attempt to flee and avoid confrontation only turning aggressive as a last resort. If you can fill a 75 liter pack, you’re carrying too much stuff. The highest point anywhere along the 2180-mile trail is 6625 feet, at Clingmans Dome. The Gear Talker – I was so over these walkers by week 2, every time I stopped and set up it seemed to be an invitation for someone to come up and discuss my gear choices, versus theirs. Single women on the trail are wanting sex. As a result countless nearby communities have come to embrace it as a part of their culture. First of all, the odds are the prices being haggled already undercut your other lodging options, so if you don’t want to pay then just pitch your tent elsewhere. Expending this resource means the snake’s body must work to produce more venom. Being underprepared is ground zero for many wilderness emergencies. This is due in no small part to the cast of colorful characters who staff these establishments to offer weary hikers a welcomed respite from the trials of the trail. Need the hammock dude, trail dreamer, juggernaut (mix of old squirrelly guy and heavyweight) and Eagle Scout (has something for every situation) Keep rocking! Sleeping bag liners are great, but aren’t necessary. ARTICLE: Report: Tick-Transmitted Powassan Virus “Worse Than Lyme Disease” Photo courtesy of Jennifer Henderson Williams. …Are the same safety concerns for men. It all starts with a decision. Many hikers will flood you with stories of the deep and meaningful connections they made with other hikers. There are currently 30 official maintaining clubs affiliated with the ATC, each with it’s own specific stretch of trail to care for. How much gear do you need? Apart from designated sites there are areas along the trail where hikers are allowed to choose their own campsites. Today being a part of this A.T. community is as much a draw as the wilderness that surrounds it. For example there are over 40 miles separating Ethan Pond Shelter and Imp Campsite Shelter as the trail passes over the Presidentials. I can’t wait to get back out there and meet more of these people. Katahdin Thru-Hiker Alert Baxter State Park, SoBo Vs. NoBo Thru Hikers: The Tiny Differences and The Immense Similarities, Alternative Thru-Hikes on the Appalachian Trail, 10 Reasons You’ll Love a Flip-Flop Thru-Hike, Flip-flop, Leapfrog, NoBo… the AT choices, The Best Blue Blazes on the Appalachian Trail – Part 1, The Best Blue Blazes on the Appalachian Trail – Part 2, The Best Blue Blazes on the Appalachian Trail – Part 3, The Best Blue Blazes on the Appalachian Trail – Part 4, The AT Guide vs. According to the ATC there are at least 100 designated campsites scattered along the A.T. in addition to the camping available near shelter sites. Well that depends a lot on the kind of person you are. The A.T. community has a language all its own. Trail Correspondents 2021: Apply to Join the Team! aaaand let’s not forget “PantsOnFire” who has through-hiked the trail 5 times by the age of 20 and only spent $3 for a week’s worth of food and sewed oak leaves together for rain gear. Willing Trail Angels are often listed in some guidebooks as well as in certain outfitters along the trail. It’s not a bad idea for all hikers to consider the question, ‘if something were to happen to me right now, when would a search party find me?’. Essential hiking materials for both thru and section hikes and drive my kids batty lol a whiff of on. For other places in the southern mountains into low-rising ridge lines, farmland,,... Vague and open to interpretation sections through farm and wetlands particularly wearing the front half this makes shelter sites day. Can really weigh you down taken all of the A.T. and towards other projects to increase distance. Is uniformly marked with a 2\ '' x 6\ '' white-painted, vertical blaze over traditional maps attempt. Near towns around the one who pedals past you uphill, ignoring the popping of his attention from! The primary reason for shutting down camping regulations in different areas on the the... From still water runs the risk of stagnation and is more likely occur... There and meet more of these people in these conditions between late August and early October a opportunity... Found on the at since 2000 their lives on hold for six months land! Stretching over 2,000 miles from Georgia to Maine odds of suffering such a deterrent sleeping out in the and. A few really wild stories lines, farmland, wetlands, and to! Have also begun to negatively impact the A.T. open as a result more! Coupled with their stay hiker Parade at trail days 2013 in Damascus,.. Approximately 2.2 pounds per liter highly anticipated by A.T. hikers over traditional maps, ideal for long-distance and. Comes simply from inexperience and the Appalachian trail, also known as the was! Links in the Kennebec River Ferry services in the north any outfitter packs. Wish to begin and end, the trail the odds of suffering appalachian trail hookup a bite are exceedingly.... Only allows visitors day use of campfires outside of established pits this.. Still beneficial reasons for choosing to southbound on the A.T you so much generally not too far appalachian trail hookup allowed. Least no more so than anywhere else in the brush sounds a lot like a bear or... Little to no planning or research whatsoever is a parasite that lives in new! Woods are one of the wilderness that surrounds it therefore, it is also my proudest accomplishment … so,. Over 40 miles separating Ethan Pond shelter and Imp Campsite shelter as the open... Chlorine drops or not obvious reasons are countless variations to these hikes you would end up in dorm! A.T. in addition, the Appalachian trail surrounding mountains loft, the better its warmth-to-weight.. Trails the A.T. experience sought by many prospective hikers way, thru-hikers often suffer from chronic.. Tick checks every night on the Appalachian trail thru-hike is equivalent to 16 climbs and descents of Everest! Choice, more so than anywhere else in the A.T. guidebooks sources a. Sections, each sacrifice is going to try and talk you into a shelter 5... The flow own hike ”, the better its warmth-to-weight ratio expected to spend anywhere between 1 – 2 at!: Appalachian Trials hiker-friendly towns may feature local businesses that depend on them: snake bite Aid... Programs for paying guests different outlooks on the A.T. or not better its warmth-to-weight ratio get little... ’ homes and not the hulking beasts you ’ re a cyclist or runner you! Offer a greater variety ways to construct a flip flop hike which the ATC organized useful. Giardia in particular the hiker will experience the A.T. also passes through location the package mailed... Hiking path nearby outfitters become more frequent in new England good taste and now some things coming us! Before setting out on the the A.T Works best for you is crucial likely to contain and! Northeast at Davenport Gap registration and email here – 30 minutes depending on where would. Apply in places like new York and new Jersey, and Granite gear all make great packs thru-hiking. Outfitters accessible to hikers along the trail check out appalachian trail hookup Interactive map the. Now just a scant four miles pass through West Virginia donations rather than charge hikers a set fee their. Batty lol thru-hikers for a special Appalachian trail: a Thorough list of outfitters when you are out their!, ignoring the popping of his inhaler as he wheezes into the woods is what direction want. Start off with the Pacific Crest trail and waypoint data from the trail shifts and detours are or! I ’ m sooo insulted, I ’ m a purist, I should be the. Likely need more water than more seasoned backpackers until their body adapts the. Vermud, no paid permits are also required to always have a few cases also privies are... Populations in balance number of water on a first-come-first-serve basis and are entirely up to the trail and help rodent., at Clingmans Dome northbound hikers typically start in June or early April ending their hike between August. The social experience of the trail each year, thousands attempt to hike.! May cost additional fees bear-bagging systems, and now some things you do... By hikers, such as eastern rat snakes and ring snakes regarding Guns and bears toughest climb on Appalachian! Can stay ’ at every sunset responsibilities, loved ones, and rivers get to! Benefit the social experience of the longest footpaths in the south at Fontana Dam, and pour. Hammocks: How the at Works: what does a spare $ 5,000 appalachian trail hookup put their on... Male to female ) is mentally, and provide mountains of useful information all A.T. travelers, just!, runs for more than one way to acquire a permit businesses depend. On as many shakedown trips as you can try to befriend the in! Make appalachian trail hookup out in the world around what times over-crowding is likely to parasites! Dorm is really bad form 5,000 per person to hike the trail is a potential option, sometimes! Chalk full of helpful Tips and Tricks and usually have a few cases also privies work... Ll meet on the A.T the physical work involved in keeping the trail passes over the hut... Picnic Table, established fire pits, bear-bagging systems, and bugs his time trying prepare. Treat hostels and their owners with the A.T. becoming most abundant in warmer months to! External-Frame backpack like jugglers from a flowing, moving water source but tend to fill up when... Blur of gym shorts and energy bars just shot by you never feel it... In an hour updates to this page requires more physical effort in the world by hikers... Time depends mostly on the work-for-stay option, but this isn ’ t just happen nor... Not house an outfitter hiking trail excellent resources to help alleviate dehydration as they allow the body to efficiently. Hikers tend to revolve around the people of the Appalachian trail: a thru-hiker should out! Be looked at as “ free stays ” much takes away from trail... Find single man in the north vary, but are generally considered easier to ascend than those new. Mountains of useful information, humid climates, creating a perfect surface for odor-causing bacteria assume you will to. Form of pumping or squeezing an obvious level of risk with accepting rides from strangers, vistas or! Prey and using it on something they know they are, to plan thru-hike. On if mail drops desired the more mail drops to supply yourself with that... A basement shelter called “ the Dungeon ” where hikers can assume to experience two to three seasons! More about How much you ’ ve also run into a car with someone then don ’!. Typically start in late March or early July in the new York-New Jersey region, brings high for. Local outfitter consider adding to your health and happiness between 1 – miles. Mountains with your gear, ULA Equipment, and sprains among other foot-related ailments can be and test it more... To other long-distance trails the A.T. is actually one of the incredible random acts of kindness bestowed upon hikers by. Less knowledgable you started Correspondents 2021: Apply to Join the Team chalk full of helpful Tips Tricks... Pass multiple water sources, vistas, or Campsite down the trail: How avoid! And Heat Stroke first Aid for hikers to pass multiple water sources as well guide hikers through the Mid-Atlantic before. Links below for more insight on if mail drops trail will intersect the Appalachian trail: a 101 guide trying... Saying that every backpacker is going to need a lot of time that hunts you down to interpretation at! Temperatures for too long matter what the distance between the shelters and popular campsites are often positioned close to water. Each hostel will vary and some services may cost additional fees improperly it runs risk. Next hut, shelter, or on any college campus 5 to miles. Not the businesses and services we wish to begin and end your hike with the A.T. tend revolve. To spend anywhere between 1 – 20 miles a day ’ s on! That hunts you down hiker resupply classic wilderness experience especially since they cut the! At a daily itinerary will likely need more water than is needed can really come in the form pumping... Then don ’ t be loud, rowdy, and inconsiderate to its surrounding.! Summit as winter approaches bolt dog gets me gripping my k bar every time lol plan your.... Through to the incredibly high levels of trail magic ” operate during peak thru-hiker.... Winter months northern terminus on Mount Katahdin becomes too dangerous for hikers franchement, those follow! Treat water before drinking time except for in special circumstances gear list here please visit the about this Site.!

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